Cat - A Short Film 35mm

A young woman deals with Schizophrenia hiking through the stark beauty of the eastern Oregon desert.
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Cat - A Film by Eric Lindstrom

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                                  What the film is about...

Shadowed by madness,  a  journey begins.  

What Cat becomes... herself.

     Cat is really about coming to terms with schizophrenia.  Solving something so abstract as a thought process is part of the problem.  Cat chooses the simple, concrete approach.  Walking:  the hypnotic, repetitive, meditation.  The world becomes a much smaller place to deal with.  Being in the present moment, raising awareness, and returning focus, is the subsequent achievement.  

     Removing oneself from the constructs of civilization allows a natural order to occur.  Human animals are part of nature and the wilderness has a way of resetting our parameters.  This is a process involving a matrix of elements which could be discussed endlessly. 

      Which leads to the point of what Cat ultimately figures out.  And that is that schizophrenia can't really be "figured out."  So, she stops trying and regains a part of herself almost forgotten.  Medication plays an important role as well.

     Schizophrenia can be unrelenting.  Every waking moment.  Haunted in dreams, memories.  Ruled by fear.  Reality is always in question.  There is hope...

     I know; I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1988.  I lived in constant fear with every step, every breath.  But one day I met someone who told me her story.  Learning of someone else's success lead me to the path of healing.

     The ultimate goal of this film is to relieve suffering.

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This is going to be awesome!

The Filmmaker

     After attending Southern Illinois University department of cinema and photography, I worked on commercials in Chicago,  Illinois.  Later, moving to Portland, Oregon, I worked on feature films and commercials.  I've had  experience in production, grip, electric, camera, special effects, art, carpentry, and post.  All of my experience has been with film.  One of my films was an official selection for The Architectural Film Festival in Bordeaux, France.              

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16mm film editing project.

   Deborah Jensen is Cat.

View her full profile at IMDb     Deborah is a working actor in Los Angeles, California.     

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Shooting in Oregon.

The amazing diversity of landscapes.                                  Photo by Eric Corbett

The timeless beauty of nature.

The majesty of light.               Photo by Muriel Vautrin

The less traveled road.                                                         Photo by Eric Corbett

Check out the Gallery section for more photos.

Get on board, we're making a great film.

Why Cat?

     This project is close to my heart.  Given my personal experience with schizophrenia, I feel I have an opportunity, even an obligation to give back to the mental health community.  It's not just enough to live a comfortable life of recovery success.  Literally millions of people are living day to day with this debilitating disease.  They suffer to varying degrees, but one thing is for certain.  There is no better medicine than hearing the story of someone who's been down the road you're on.  The struggle, falling down, getting back up, finding insight, and enjoying victory, are all points of inspiration unequaled in efficacy.  

     Cat's story is a parable, yes.  But it's also the story of making this film.  It's about breaking down the common negative stereotypes known as stigma.  It's a human story for actual human people, now.  The fact is, harnessing schizophrenia's "enhanced imagination" aspect is a powerful gift.  With respect to art, music and especially filmmaking,  I am uniquely qualified to craft this film.

                                                                                                      Photo by Eric Corbett

This is superlative!

22% - 35mm

     We are pleased to announce that we will be able to shoot 22% of Cat in 35mm motion Picture film.  Thanks to our cinematographer we will be able to shoot two days entirely on film.  We've been making detailed shot lists and making footage and time calculations.  After crunching the numbers, it looks like good news.  The remaining portion of the movie will be shot with the Cannon Digital camera. We are anticipating mouth watering cinematography, a sweeping score, and an inspiring story.  We fully expect Cat to be an historic, landmark film.

Sam Garr - Cinematographer

If everyone gives just $1 my phone will be blowing up with notifications.

 Cat's story is about giving hope to those whose hope is diminished.                      

              Original Music Score 

 Original music on bandcamp is under the name Pokey Twig.  Some of the instrumental music on the album "Salted Butter"  will be used in the film.  There will be new arrangements, re-recorded to fit the scenes.  FreeDownload.

100% cotton Tee Shirt Perk.

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    "Fountain of Youth"

    You will be taken to a remote area to a natural spring Eric truly believes has "miracle youth properties." Participant must be able to walk 10 miles per day encumbered with 40 pound backpack. Must be sworn to secrecy and be available for several days journey in summer 2015. Exact dates to be arranged. Travel, food and lodging costs are not included. Does not guarantee reversal of aging, arresting aging, or eternal life. Additional rules and guidelines apply.

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