Carolina Digital Story Lab

interdisciplinary, service-oriented, student-led digital storymaking at UNC-Chapel Hill


Carolina Digital Story Lab (CDSL) is a student organization at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill which has been founded for the purpose of empowering community members to make, share, and preserve digital stories of all kinds.

Our objectives are to:

  • Increase the number of digital stories made by community members
  • Involve our community in academic work around digital storymaking
  • Provide opportunities for creative collaboration between disciplines
  • Strengthen the connections between the physical and online worlds
  • Raise awareness about issues related to digital storymaking

We are an officially recognized student group at UNC, but we have not yet received any funding from the University. We are trying to raise $1500 in matching funds for an Arts Program Grant from the North Carolina Orange County Arts Commission.

This money will be used to fund several projects we’re planning:

  • an audio public service announcement (PSA) program where we help community members write and record PSAs that will be played on WXYC, the UNC student-run radio station.
  • teaching digital storytelling classes in area public libraries through the Community Workshop Series.
  • working with the Campus Y HOPE program to do a digital, multimedia version of Talking Sidewalks, a literary magazine written by members of the area’s homeless population.

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