Caravan of Comics 2013

7 Australian comics creators are heading to Canada & USA to promote their work at TCAF, ICAF, in-store at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly and Fantagraphics Books.

G’day and welcome to the Caravan of Comics, a metaphorical Winnebago of six Australian comics creators heading – we hope – to Canada and the USA this May. We want to bring North America some of the best comics produced Down Under. We want to spend over 48 hours in planes and airports, and we need your help!

Happily we’ve already secured a grant from the Australia Council to support this trip, but it comes nowhere close to covering the total cost of flights, accommodation, shipping our books over and so on. No one makes much money from comics in Australia, so we are appealing to you – readers, comics lovers, patrons of the arts, fans and friends who might like to meet us: help us get to North America. (And get some great rewards as thanks for your generosity.)


On board the Caravan of Comics 2013 are six cartoonists, and one filmmaker:

  • Scarlette Baccini (Zombolette, Jesus Reloadeth’d)
  • Mirranda Burton (Hidden)
  • Marijka Gooding (Strange Behaviour)
  • Gregory Mackay (Francis Bear, Turkey Comix (France))
  • Daniel Hayward (Graphic Novels! Melbourne!, This Is Roller Derby)
  • Bruce Mutard (The Sacrifice, The Silence, A Mind of Love)

Think of us as the Magnificent Seven, except with pens and paper instead of guns.

You can learn more about us at the Caravan of Comics 2013 website.

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, Patrick Alexander has had to withdraw from the 2013 Caravan. However, this does not change the donor perks; Patrick is still offering art prints and original art to donors, and will still contribute to the Caravan 2013 Comic Book. Please see his update (by clicking the 'Updates' tab above) for more information.


Naturally the six of us have various reasons for joining the Caravan, but broadly speaking, this will be a great opportunity to promote Australian comics overseas and network with cartooning peers and comics publishers – as well as a chance to meet readers and fans from the other side of the planet. We’re looking forward to meeting some of the world’s finest cartoonists, and sharing our own unique creations with the international comics community.

We are also bringing a feature length documentary – Graphic Novels! Melbourne! – which investigates the strange water we have in Melbourne, such that it should produce so many cracking good cartoonists. The film focuses on four in specific: Pat Grant, Mandy Ord, Nicki Greenberg, and member of this tour, Bruce Mutard. Visit our website and Facebook for screening venues and times.


First, there'll be a screening of Graphic Novels! Melbourne!, with a special presentation by Dan and Bruce, on May 8 at the Carlton Cinema, Toronto.

Then we attend the Toronto Comics Arts Festival (TCAF), May 11-12, where we are featured guests. We will be selling and signing our books and doing a range of panels and presentations. Check the expo site for details.

An in-store presentation and book signing at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly in Montreal on May 15. We will also be screening an extended trailer of Graphic Novels! Melbourne! in lieu of an actual screening (which we hope we can still do).

An in-store presentation, book signing and screening of Graphic Novels! Melbourne! at Fantagraphics Bookshop in Seattle on May 18.

Bruce will then go to the International Comic Arts Forum in Portland, OR, on May 23-25, to present his paper: Out Of The Gutter And Into The Panel: Comics closure as qualia of art imitating life. The conference is open to the public and free to register. Head to their site.

There may be smaller drawing jams, in-stores and other things we can fit in on the road as they come to hand. Like most Australian mammals, we are friendly, furry types.


In gratitude for your donations we are offering some special gifts, from DVDs to limited edition prints and original art works. Check out the rewards list to the right for more details.

But what’s the money for? We’ve set an initial campaign goal of $10,000 – here’s our estimate of how that will break down:

$8000 – International transport and accommodation for the Caravaneers: flights, trains, hotels/hostels.

$1400 – Printing, manufacturing and postage costs for your donor rewards!

$600 – Indiegogo’s cut: 4% plus 3% of any credit card payments.

Stretch goals:

If we exceed our initial goal, all the better! We have an Ultimate Super-Goal of $20,000, which will cover additional costs such as domestic travel, meals, and nasty surprises. If we reach this goal, we’ll come up with some additional rewards for our wonderful backers. Stay tuned to our Facebook and website for updates.


...and see you soon!

Team on This Campaign: