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Campaign Update 12/13: TWO new perks have been added!


Second new perk: $200 ONE-OF-A-KIND Scrapbook + MORE!


Campaign Update 12/12: TWO new perks have been added!





We are CAPTURE THE CROWN, and this is our IndieGoGo. We need you to help retrieve the rights to our EP, manufacture our EP, release the EP and help us get back on the road, touring full time! It's time to give you guys a bigger, better and louder CAPTURE THE CROWN and of course NEW MUSIC!! Capture The Crown has toured over the world and played countless shows but nothing will be as EXCITING as finally releasing our new EP to you, the fans!

We love our fans! Everything we do is because of you, the fans. That’s the beauty of you the fans: your loyalty, contribution, sacrifice and positivity. We couldn’t be happier having you on this journey with us. In saying that, sometimes there are some speed bumps on the road; in this situation we need your help to get through this one. We recorded our EP back in April of this year. We experimented and wrote this EP for you guys. We listened to what you guys wanted and we tried our best to give you that in five very different songs. The issue we encountered with this EP was it lacked a promised deadline, sort of like our debut album, which took three years to release. We were supposed to release this EP twice, before two different tours. Once in the middle of the year and another in September. Then the real shit storm hit, our RV died in the middle of the Scream It Like You Mean It tour and our label told us they would no longer release our music. There was nothing more we could do, we had to drop off the tour and fly to our respective homes. Fortunately there is an upside to this, we are now in control of what we give to our fans. You guys are always there no matter what, we wrote this EP for you!!

Thank you so much for your endless dedication and support, we will not roll over, we will not die, we will not go away. This is just the beginning of a bigger, better and louder CAPTURE THE CROWN!!

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Tell your friends about our new EP, share the link to our IndieGoGo page!
  • Share on twitter, Facebook and Instagram!


  • What sizes are available for the shirt & where do I pick?
    Standard sizes of S-XL will be available. Prior to shipment we'll send you an email and you'll be able to choose your size.
  • When will the EP come out?
    We have not announced a release date as of yet but will communicate that to you at the end of this campaign.
  • When will my stuff ship?
    Just prior to release of the EP (see above). Digital copies of the album will be emailed to everyone at least 24 hours prior to official release.
  • How do I pay for the international or extra shipping?
    After clicking "Contribute Now" and selecting your package you can increase the contribution amount in the field above by $10 or more.
  • I forgot to pay $10 or more for the international or extra shipping!
    No problem, just click "Contribute Now" again and make a contribution that is not for any specific package. Please make sure you make this contribution under the same email address as the original. Thanks!

Thank you all very much, each and everyone one of you are amazing!!

- Jeff, Jye, Blake, Tyler & Kris

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Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    Digital EP Download

    Digital Download of our EP delivered prior to release date.

    97 claimed
  • $10USD
    Physical Limited Edition EP

    EP in Limited Edition Digipack only available through Indiegogo. Includes Digital Download. (Outside of North America? Add $10 for shipping)

    105 claimed
  • $20USD
    Exclusive Poster, Laminate +

    Get an exclusive autographed poster only available here, an exclusive/limited edition laminate, digital EP and Physical EP. - (Outside of North America? Add $10 for shipping)

    76 claimed
  • $25USD

    Limited T-Shirt for Contributors Only! We’ll only be making ONE run of this shirt and it’s for our contributors only! + Signed poster, laminate AND the digital album! (Outside of North America? Add $10 for shipping)

    132 claimed
  • $45USD

    Limited Edition Photo Book Signed! We have so many never seen studio and tour photos and now we’re going to release them in our first ever photo book! Each book will be hand signed & numbered by us! You also receive the poster, digital + physical EP! (Add $5 for shipping inside North American. Outside of North America? Add $10 for shipping) Digital download sends before EP releases, physical EP arrives on release date and estimated delivery on the photobook will be mid/late February

    5 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $50USD

    Exclusive hoodie ONLY AVAILABLE HERE! Also includes EP, poster as well as a your name in the thank you section. (Outside of North America? Add $10 for shipping)

    39 out of 100 claimed
  • $50USD
    SKYPE or Google Plus Hangout +

    You & Your friends will receive a personal Skype or Google Plus hangout with the band. You will also receive a signed poster, laminate, shirt, digital + Physical EP! *If you prefer a phone call, we will allow this as well. Just let us know! (Outside of North America? Add $10 for shipping)

    14 out of 25 claimed
  • $60USD

    Capture The Crown takes over your Instagram account and posts photos and videos throughout the day! Also includes a thank you in the EP thank you section, and digital and physical copies of our EP. (Outside of North America? Add $10 for shipping)

    4 out of 15 claimed
  • $100USD

    JUST RELOAD DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND!! THESE ARE THE LAST 15 AVAILABLE. YOU WILL NOW ALSO RECEIVE 2 BEHIND THE SCENES, ONE-OF-A-KIND POLAROID-LIKE INSTAPHOTO'S OF THE BAND. Handwritten Lyrics from Jeff for a CTC song of your choice and explanation of what influenced the lyrics, also includes Poster, laminate, shirt, hoodie, digital & AUTOGRAPHED Physical EP! (Outside of North America add $10 for shipping)

    5 out of 15 claimed

    Custom Stage Worn CTC Vests

    You receive a very limited custom CTC vest we have personally worn on stage during the ALL HYPE ALL NIGHT TOUR and 2013 Summer All Stars tour, these will be autographed by the band. You also receive the digital + physical EP! (Outside of North America? Add $10 for shipping)

    10 out of 10 claimed
  • $200USD
    ONE-OF-A-KIND Scrapbook

    VERY LIMITED, ONE-OF-A-KIND HANDMADE SCRAPBOOK! That's right, we will be creating 5 scrapbooks. Each includes: behind the scenes polaroid-like instaphotos of us and our adventures, handwritten lyrics by Jeff, hand-drawn art pieces / sketches, show used memorabilia, all access laminates, merch remnants (think patches) and much more! You also receive the poster, laminate, shirt, hoodie, digital & AUTOGRAPHED Physical EP! (North America add $5 for shipping. Outside of North America add $10

    1 out of 5 claimed
  • $250USD
    Stage Scrim

    You will receive an autographed CTC stage scrim we have used on tour. These are the large banners you see on stage in front of our equipment. These will make a nice decorative piece for your wall + poster, laminate, shirt, Digital & signed EP! (North America add $10 for shipping, outside of North America add $20 for shipping)

    2 out of 6 claimed
  • $500USD
    CTC Guitar or Bass from Tour

    Jye or Kris’s Tour Used guitar or Blakes Tour Used bass! + poster, laminate, shirt, Digital & signed EP! 2 Schecter Tempest guitars, 2 Schecter basses are available! (North America add $50 for shipping, outside of North America add $100 for shipping) Upon purchase, email to indicate which you want.

    3 out of 4 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Custom Tattoo

    Jeff Wellfare tattoos YOUR name or your face as a cartoon on his body! That's permanent! For Life! – You also receive a guaranteed guest-list spot for life to any CTC show in your town. + poster, laminate, shirt, hoodie, Digital & Physical EP!

    3 claimed
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