Captain Canuck- The Animated Web Series

Canada's Original Super-hero is leaping off the Comic page, trading in his tights, and saving the world in a new Web Series!

Captain Canuck Incorporated and our animation partner Smiley Guy Studios are excited to bring this iconic Canadian Super-hero into the world of animation. We have already invested a lot of our own time and money to develop a new version of Captain Canuck and now you have a chance to help us bring him to a screen near you.

Scripts and enthusiasm can only take a project so far. We want to produce an animated five part web series that truly captures the look and feel we know will make Captain Canuck into the hero that Canada deserves. Combining intense and gritty action/adventure with a distinctively Canadian sense of humour, Canuck will fight to do right in a world not too different from our own.

Everyone involved in the web series is, first and foremost, a Canuck fan. We were the kids that eagerly waited for each new issue to come out. But as great as comic books are, we always felt that animation could take Canada's original hero to the next level. Now, with your help, we have the opportunity to make this a reality.

With character designs from comic book artist, Kalman Andrasofszky (Captain America, G.I. Joe, X-Men, X-23) and animation from renowned animation director Sam Chou (Style 5 Animation) we are bringing a distinctively Canadian Super-hero to the Internet and the rest of the world.

Here’s the catch. Producing animation is labour intensive and costly. Even with today’s technology and our own sweat equity, we still need some help financing the Captain’s return. So we’re turning to you, the Captain’s loyal fans, we want your involvement and participation! With our incentive packages you can truly become a part of Captain Canuck, maybe even square off against him in combat! We need your support and energy to help us bring Captain Canuck back to life. Help get the word out, the Captain is coming! And we want you there with us every step of the way!

Any contribution is a help, from $5 to $5000. But 50 Billion would be nice too...








         All above items plus a Limited Edition 8x10 of the new Captain Canuck signed by our cast members and artists.


         All above items plus a Limited Edition Captain Canuck T-Shirt (please specify size).


         All above items plus a Captain Canuck Logo Patch and Coffee Mug set.


         All above items plus a Captain Canuck Limited Edition USB key with a digital copy of the Series. And a Limited Edition Cast and Crew production journal, featuring storyboards and production art from the all-new Canuck Web Series signed by members of the cast and crew.


         Appear in an episode of the Captain Canuck animated Web Series. Our animation team will base the design of a background character on the photo you provide, and you’ll appear onscreen, as an extra, in an actual episode of the animated Web Series. You'll also receive a limited edition cast print, featuring the animated version of you, standing alongside Captain Canuck himself.


         Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be a cartoon punching bag? Our team will design a character based on your likeness, and you’ll be able to watch yourself get taken down by Canada’s premier super-hero. We’ll also send you a limited edition cast print, featuring you and the rest of the animated cast.


         Do you fancy yourself a bit of a player? Would you like to see your name listed in the credits of an episode of the new Canuck cartoon as Associate Producer? Well, this is what players do. Players pay. We’ve got room for three Associate Producers in each episode, and you could be one of them.


         Have your business appear on a billboard in the Web Series. Canuck will be fighting crime and righting wrongs in several Canadian Cities. Have your own billboard or storefront appear in one of the locations where Canuck will be saving the day!


         This one’s the biggie. In movie language, this is above-the–title placement. You, or your company, could actually be the presenting sponsor of an episode of the Canuck Web Series. YOUR NAME presents, Captain Canuck, in (place episode title here). You’re paying a big chunk of the production cost of the episode, so why shouldn’t you get top billing?





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