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Vote alongside your Member of Congress in real-time, and be represented.
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Capitol Bells

Real Democracy.

In April I first launched Capitol Bells, a free iOS app that tells you when Congress is voting using a radio receiver I installed near the Capitol that picks up signals from their internal notification system. The app has grown to be very popular among Members of Congress and their staff in the House of Representatives since then.

This month, I released a massive update to invite the public to join their Representatives in this new virtual Congress. It lets you watch the progress of live votes, find all the bill details, plug into the social media discussion, and actually vote alongside your Representative on the app.

As a former Hill staffer, I know the frustration many people feel with Congress. Many of us feel like our representatives in Washington aren't listening. I can safely say that we're right; they aren't.

My mission is to make civic engagement addictive and to make public opinion undeniably transparent, right down to the local level.

Members of Congress and their staff are already using and watching Capitol Bells on a daily basis for alerts and updates. Now it's up to you to add your voice to the main screen.

Watch how Capitol Bells puts Congress in the palm of your hand (

With your contribution, I'm going to make it even easier to measure how well your Congressman is representing you, and to spur him to support the initiatives you and your neighbors care about most.

And, first things first, I will port Capitol Bells to Android to make this new kind of democracy available to more Americans.

My Goal

I am asking for $5,000 to continue this project.

With these donations, I will tackle three major steps toward completing Capitol Bells.

I will port it to Android by September 9th, when Congress is next scheduled to be in session.

I will add a new tool to compare your votes to your Member's votes. You will see exactly how frequently your Congressman represents you, and how his votes compare to your entire district's.

I will add a feature to allow you to search legislation and promote the bills you want your Congressman to support, and see if he cosponsors the most popular ones from your district or not.

Check out our perks on the right hand side of the page. Any contribution helps, and we want to make sure its worth your while.

The Impact

Real democracy, by the people. Let's change the equation in Washington. Let's make it easier to represent our will. Let's encourage good government and public service.

By providing accessibility, transparency, and engagement in Congress, Capitol Bells will help create a more perfect union. Capitol Bells will help make every voice count EQUALLY.

Other Ways You Can Help

You can still make a huge difference if you can't contribute


If you have any questions about the app or the campaign, feel free to give me a shout out on Twitter or Facebook.

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