Cancer Does Not Rule Miranda

17-yr-old Miranda's cancer has recurred again after recording this song, but she refuses to give up & is fighting for her life. Please help her win this battle.
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My dear young friend, 17 year-old Miranda, is fighting for her life and she needs your help...


Miranda Ram-Nolte has been battling Osteosarcoma, a rare and aggressive bone cancer (and the same cancer which recently took beautiful Zack Sobiech's life), since she was 12 years old. At that time, she had part of her leg bone removed and replaced with a metal prosthesis.  A recurrence at 16 resulted in more chemotherapy and part of her lung being removed.

Recently, Miranda learned that her cancer has recurred once again -- in her spine, chest and kidney. Her doctors at her local hospital in Wilmington, Delaware said there was nothing more they could do except relieve some of the pain. Miranda told them that if that's the best they can do, she would go somewhere else that offered hope. 

Miranda and her family decided to go to M.D. Anderson Cancer Clinic in Houston where the doctors have not only offered her a treatment plan, but also... HOPE. But, it will be expensive.  Cancer is not only devastating physically and emotionally, but also financially. 

How I came to know and love Miranda

My name is Elizabeth Daro. I was blessed to meet Miranda through a wonderful actress, Tara Strong, who had worked with her on a movie through the Make-a-Wish Foundation.  After hearing about Miranda's passion for singing and voiceover work, I cast her in an animated movie that I was producing.  I was completely taken with her incredible spirit.  Miranda is wise beyond her years and has a wicked sense of humor despite everything she’s been through. She is truly one of the strongest and most courageous individuals I have ever met.     

I love Miranda and pray everyday that she will live a full life and realize all of her dreams. She is my hero.




We want to raise $50,000 for Miranda's continuing (and we pray, life-saving) treatments.  She has already undergone surgery in Houston to remove part of the tumor from her spine. Now, she must spend another three to four weeks (none of the travel/hotel costs are covered by insurance) to undergo chemotherapy, radiation and more surgery. Afterwards, she will need to travel back to Houston once a month for follow-up care.  (When Miranda had to have part of her lung removed, she and her family had to travel two days by car because airfare was too expensive.)  There are many other costs not covered by insurance - i.e. $5000 for a test to check tumor sensitivity so the best treatment can be given.  The costs are endless.

Every donation helps. Every single dollar counts -- Whether it's 50,000 1 dollar acts of kindness, 10,000 5 dollar acts of kindness or 5000 10 dollar acts of kindness... it all helps to reach the goal of helping Miranda.

Although money doesn't cure cancer, your donations will give Miranda and her family the support and encouragement to pursue the best possible treatment. It will also give them a break from the constant financial stress they have been under. (Miranda’s Mom, Diane, is attending nursing school so that she will be able to help support the family.)

Please donate whatever you can and share this story so that it reaches as many people as possible. Your prayers and words of encouragment are also greatly appreaciated. 

With deep gratitude for your support, generosity and caring...

Elizabeth Daro and the “Cancer Doesn't Rule Miranda” team!


From Miranda's Mother's (Diane) Caring Bridge Journal...

Miranda has grown into a person that I admire. She has developed character, grace and strength. Of course, she has caused me more worry than one parent should ever have, but I would not change a thing.

I have learned a lot from Miranda. Every day when I think about what she has gone through and what she has accomplished, I think to myself that she is an amazing young woman. Few of us could walk her walk with such grace!

Fighting cancer is hard, emotionally and physically.  I don't know why cancer has decided to get ahold of my daughter again, and I certainly don't know why it had to grab her this hard.  This is her last chance, her last effort to have a life.  And she wants this life, here on earth for a while longer with her friends, and family.  She would like to do normal things, like have a boyfriend, and someday have a family.  She wants to go to college and go to a prom. She'd love to take a trip for fun.  She wants to look cool in her clothes.  She wants to feel whole and not sick.  She wants to know what God's plan is for her and what he has left for her to do.  She wants to hang out, go to movies, shop, and laugh. So many things that are taken for granted that Miranda has not experienced.

I want to help my daughter have the chance to live, because she wants to try.  I will need help with this, so I am very grateful for every person that has offered.  



  • She is the beloved (and occasionally tormenting) big sister to Rebecca and Matthew.
  • She sang practically from the moment she was born.
  • She’s like super smart.
  • She’s a chocoholic.
  • She has a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do.
  • One of her goals is to teach self-defense to battered women.
  • When getting her driver’s license (and still bald) she wondered if she should put “clear” for hair color.
  • She’s had voiceover roles in two animated movies, Twinkle Toes and Barbie: Princess Charm School.
  • She has a mega metal prosthesis where the doctors removed part of her leg bone.
  • She named her IV pole, Lindsay.
  • Cancer doesn’t rule her! 





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