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Broken Back, Broken Neck, Broken Collar Bone & Ribs. Still holding on. Meet the Flint's. Click to hear their story and see where they found hope.
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Meet The Flints


Help the Flint Family on the path to recovery.

Dan Flint: Operated his own contracting business. He was securing a ladder at one of his jobs when it unexpectedly fell, resulting in a broken back. He is now paralyzed from the waist down. Before the accident he was very active beautifying his surroundings. At the family house he built a self supporting eco pond, which was so clear it was swimmable. He now takes 47 pills per day to be able to deal with his injuries.

Sherry-Lou Flint: Sherry-Lou was an aspiring singer. (She has her own CD which is available as a perk). She was the primary caretaker for Dan after his accident, until she had an accident of her own which resulted in a broken neck. With months of therapy she was (luckily) able to get back on her feet. Not long after, she fell off of a horse and fractured her collar bone and broke several ribs.

This family does not believe in giving up. Even after all they’ve suffered through, they still want to be able to make a difference in the world around them. Your contribution will help provide a solar system for the Flint’s, which will provide them with the ability to:

-provide income from sale of electricity

- decrease the amount of their electricity bills by up to 90%

With ever growing electricity prices in Ontario they now have a $476 monthly bill, which is unaffordable in their condition. They are at a point where they are running out of things to sell to be able to afford the basics. With your Contribution they will be able to have a solar system installed that will significantly reduce their stress load. They will be able to provide for their family as their kids find their careers. The overall savings for The Flint’s will be $400,000 over the life of the solar panels.

See the CHEX TV boradcast below:

What We Need & What You Get


Dan and Sherry-Lou will be receiving:

-a new metal roof. The existing roof is 19 years old and needs to be replaced.

-10 kW in a microFIT roof mount system to connect to the grid in order to generate an income of approximately $7000/yr.

-if sufficient funds are raised: an additional 10 kW in a net metering system which will go directly towards reducing their electricity bills by up to 90%.

With these systems the Flint family will cut out their biggest source of stress. Hydro is hard enough to afford these days, even with a full time job. Whether you contribute $1 or $100, each and every dollar helps.  


The Impact

By providing the Flint’s the opportunity to reduce a major stress load this will greatly improve their quality of life. Less stress leads to faster recovery times, which this family is in need of.

Copperhill Solar is a premier provider of solar installations in Ontario for the past 10 years. They have helped 260 families offset their hydro bills and supplement their income. They have one of the only large scale solar showroom/solar parks in Ontario.

The live monitoring system will allow the benefits to be viewed online by the Flint’s and contributors alike.


Other Ways You Can Help


If you’re unable to contribute financially, that is absolutely okay! We just ask you to spread the word, share share share! Don’t forget to use the Indiegogo share tools to post this link to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Thank You for your contribution!

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