Can't is Merely a Contraction for Can Try

Travel a metaphorical journey in a little red car, along with a mother and the daughter she hopes to empower through life's difficulties.

Who is Nelladet?

I am a wife, mother, friend & educator who is an an empty-nester on a quest to create, author, originate, or make anything that inspires—which could be dangerous at my age!  After surviving breast cancer, several major surgeries, and PTSD symptoms brought on by my mother's death during chemotherapy treatments, I wanted to create something healing. It is said writing can be the catalyst. While pondering for quite some time on the topics I wished to write about, I awoke in the morning hours with the idea of this book—the first of many short inspirational books to come. 


Can't is Merely a Contraction for Can Try is about lessons of courage, hope, and love. I hope readers will find strength and inspiration through its message as they travel a metaphorical journey in a little red car, with a mother and the daughter she hopes to empower through life's difficulties.

As Nellie flies over bumps, maneuvers around corners, and scrambles up hills in the little red car, her mother is always there to remind her about the importance of trying. But then, suddenly, Mother is gone and Nellie must face a steep, jagged mountain alone. Through her grief and despair, she remembers her mother’s most important piece of advice, and through it finds an even greater source of strength.

As a new writer, I have learned that as we notice and pay attention to the details of life, gratitude can grow in our hearts.  And when we revisit or remember our experiences, we can find ways we have been blessed, even in an unexpected and difficult journey.

It has always been my goal to reach out, telling a story that can generate understanding and love. I care about people and throughout my life I have dedicated my time to build my community, contribute to my church, and expand knowledge through education.

What YOU Get!

Can't is Merely a Contraction for Can Try will be released in April 2013 and available just in time for Mother's Day. The book is illustrated by award-winning artist Brian Hailes. 

The book will be a great gift for any person in your life who is traveling an unexpected journey or needs a little encouragement. It will make a fabulous Mother's Day gift too. You will also get the perk promised for whatever pre-ordered reward you sign up for. Please see the list to the right of the screen.

The Impact

Many women face the adversity of having to deal with breast cancer—1 in 3 before their lifetime is over. This book contains a timeless message of triumph over adversity. In the spirit of giving back, ten percent of the profits of this book will be donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation to help fight breast cancer. 

I would also like to set up an arts and humanities memorial scholarship in my mother's name. She passed away toward the end of my chemotherpay. Mom treasured education and although she never had the opportunity to receive a degree, she instilled in her children a desire to be lifelong learners. Between her seven children are eight degrees—a testament to her influence. 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t afford to donate or pre-order, please pass this link along to your friends and join my social media sites listed below. You will not only get updates on the progress of the book as it goes through its production journey, but posts on home, family, education, relationships, techie stuff, and inspirational quotes.  Thank you for your help!

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