Campaign HOTLANTA! and beyond...


UPDATE 4/24/11: This campaign has generated so much positive response online and in my community. I'm really happy to have followed a trusted friend's advice to do this. Please enjoy the trailer for We Are the Hartmans, plus my video diary under the 'Updates" tab. Thank you.

Q: What's all the ruckus?

C'mon in, thanks for dropping by! I'm Cielito Pascual. If you've got an itch to make a difference for women in indie film who bring comedy to social issues, you've come to the right place! 

Did you check out the movie trailer? Here's the story behind it--exactly two years ago, I walked into a room full of 200 people with a nagging urge to become a film producer. Out of that room, a dozen of us came together to make a film even though none of us had ever made a feature before. On April 30, 2011, the film we made, We Are the Hartmans, starring legendary actor Richard Chamberlain, will have its world premier at the Atlanta Film Festival. [High five here] Yeah baby!

Of course, we're making sure the most important people in the film get their costs covered to be at the premier: Mr. Chamberlain, our director Laura Newman, and our romantic leads "Dell Dude" Ben Curtis and Jennifer Restivo. I'm so proud! But guess what--I'm one of the producers so I've got to executive produce my own butt to Atlanta. [High five here] Yeah baby!

My trusted advisors suggested a fundraiser

...ergo, Campaign Hotlanta! - and beyond. But this isn't just to raise money so I can attend my own premier--this fundraising campaign marks the launch of my commitment to make fabulous independent film happen. I'm bringing together film lovers, filmmakers and film investors who stand for that commitment--especially to support women in film, making stories that make a difference, that make people laugh and that make money! For the price of a movie ticket, can you see yourself taking that stand?

Q: So what's in it for me?

How would you like to make a difference for billions of people? Yep, I said billions. Picture this: you click 'DONATE', and rippling out from your clicky finger is a momentum of energy that exponentially generates more energy, affecting human after human, until it embraces our planet. And you started it! Bottom line is this: if by April 24th, if I don't reach my fundraising goal of $1,977, I will not get on the plane to Atlanta. And all that energy, from you, poised to embrace the waiting billions will have to wait. HUH? NO! UNACCEPTABLE! You see, the world needs you! We need us!

Q: Ok, so break it down--what're we talkin' here?

Scroll down to see a breakout of the budget for the trip. (Couch surfing! Hello!) Funds raised above and beyond my goal will be shared with the other actors and producers who are paying out of their own pocket to attend the festival. Whether you donate $10, $100 or $1,000 you'll get great donor perks!  And guess what, in the end you will get to see, line by line how I spent your money & grew your film community!

Q: I choose not to donate right now but I want to make a difference--what else can I do?

I love that you've read this far. If you like the trailer, if you're moved by what I've shared here, then by all means please share this link with your friends--on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, even taped to your forehead! But first, go to column on the right under donor perks, and click "Feature It" (in tiny pink letters). You're making a world of difference.THANKS FOR DROPPING BY!

--->> THE NUMBERS*--one week in Atlanta: Airfare: $400 Hotel: $0 Car Rental/Transportation/Gas: $310 Meals/Entertainment/Gifts: $280 Film Festival Reception/Networking/Events: $200 Donor Perks/Business Supplies: $300 Gala Outfit: $140 10% Contingency: $170 IndieGoGo Fundraising Fee (9% of goal or 4% when we're successful!): $177: GRAND TOTAL: $1,977 (Good home training [thanks Mum!] has taught me to be a proper steward of resources. Any amount above my actual expenses will go to help the actors and crew who are also spending out of their own pockets to be at the Hartmans premier.) THANK YOU and thanks to INDIEGOGO!

Team on This Campaign: