Campaign for Ingrid: Eating Disorder Treatment Urgently Needed



Our 23 yr old daughter, Ingrid, has been struggling with a serious Eating Disorder for the past several years. She has fought with everything in her being to get her life back. She is a vivacious, intelligent and strong young woman with a very promising future ahead of her. This horrible illness has stolen that life away from her. We are asking for your support in order for Ingrid to reach full recovery and take it back. 

Unfortunately, things have recently taken a turn for the worse, and Ingrid is now in immediate need of being transferred from her current placement in a hospital in Ontario to a specialized residential ED program for life saving treatment. 


Unbelievably, our Provincial Health Insurance does not cover residential treatment of Eating Disorders, so we find ourselves facing having to pay for Ingrid's treatment. The costs include four months at an Ontario residential treatment centre followed by months of private aftercare programs; again not covered by insurance. 

We are no longer in a position to pay for Ingrid's treatment. This is one of the worst feelings any parent can imagine. There's nothing left for us to do other than ask for help from our extended community and beyond.

Here are some quotes from Ingrid's recent plea for help:

"Without a program, my eating disorder is becoming stronger and more intense, and I feel increasingly hopeless and consumed by this disease."

"My illness has progressed to a level out of my control. Unfortunately, they aren't experienced with eating disorders here at the hospital and I have continued to decline both mentally and physically.

"It is difficult for me to write honestly about the state I am in right now, as a huge part of my illness tries to minimize and ignore the severity of its hold on my life. But I have to push myself to face this reality, and to make others aware of what is happening."

"This illness is taking my life at a pace more rapid and intense than it ever has in the past. The few people close to me tell me daily how horribly afraid they are of me dying, and as much as I try and tell myself that I am okay, that things aren't that bad, when I take a step back and really look at what is going on... I am scared too. I am barely alive. I have been losing weight rapidly, constantly dizzy, blacking out, and having bouts of severe chest pain. Things have reached a critical point."

"I am in desperate need of help. It sickens me that there are no funded resources available to me, unless I sit on a wait list for months or years on end. This is why so many women are dying every year from eating disorders."

"after meeting with my therapist today I realized that I need to start asking those around me for help. I feel incredibly anxious to do so, as it means vocalizing how greatly I am struggling, and it also means acting as if I deserve help from others. But I feel that have no other options."

Please do what you can to help enable Ingrid to help herself, even if it just means forwarding this link to others. 

thank you in advance

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