Campaign for Boris Gerus's Medical Needs

Help ease the financial burden of celebrated poet and translator Boris Gerus, who suffers from the rare and chronic Takayasu's Disease.
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is an internationally-acclaimed and award-winning essayist, poet, musicologist, scholar, and translator of Polish, Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian literature. He's widely published in Israel and has translated works by important authors such as Marek Krajewski, Jacek Dehnel, Julian Tuwim, Adam Zagajewski and Ewa Lipska and as such has helped bridge together Polish and Israeli cultures, among others. An Israeli of Polish origins, he currently resides in Warsaw, Poland.



because he suffers from a rare, chronic, and fatal illness of the blood vessels known as Takayasu's Disease. This disease causes a serious disturbance to the body's blood circulation, especially to the limbs and internal organs, and can lead to amputation of the limbs, loss of eyesight, and in its final stage, death by stroke or brain hemmorrhage. Takayasu's is also physically painful, causing arm and leg weakness or pain with use. Over a year ago, Gerus took a turn for the worse, and he is no longer able to walk; he has also had trouble with his kidneys and heart, as well as diabetes. He finds himself living away from his family because doctors informed him the climate in Europe is better for his illness:

“I live in Warsaw by necessity, not because I deal with Polish culture,” he says. “I am completely alone. I have no family. I need all the help I can get. I find myself in a situation of total helplessness. Most of the time I’m unable to leave the house” (Ha'aretz).



associated with Takayasu's are enormous at over $3,000 per month. This figure includes Gerus's medical care, medication, and in-home assistance. It allows his illness to be stabilized and prolongs his life such that he can carry out his important work that has seen no equal in Israel and the world.



beyond easing the symptoms and extending Gerus's life, your donation benefits first-rate cultural, artistic, and scholarly endeavors. It is especially important with regard to strained Polish-Jewish cultural connections.

Gerus writes: "The initiative, addressed to all people of good will, does not only consist in activity in my own favour, but represents a contribution to the development of Polish and Jewish culture and to its popularization outside Poland, which is not without an impact on Jewish culture either."

Any monetary donation you make or help you can offer (e.g., spreading awareness through social media) is an affirmation of life and the importance of humanistic endeavors.



On Boris:

On Takayasu's DIsease:

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