Calligraphy. A musical flight over the Butter Side of Life.

Help publish Papillon's new album "Calligraphy" and its first animated short film. Pre-orders for the vinyl LP and a 3D-printed USB sculpture now available.
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I would love to welcome you to the ButterSide

I’ll be your guide.  My name is Papillon.  Please come inside.

“Take short breaths while the air is thin.
Reach in before you reach out, continue then begin.”
(Lyrics from “Regardless”)

I have always been blessed by fabulous support from my community, family and unnumbered music lovers.  Hope and help have come from all sides.

While at times, I did not know what kind of help might be truly useful, today I have decided to offer something specific for which my people’s support is essential. 

Today, I feel I know how to use all this Love. 

(photo from Papillon's "Bodies of Light" series)

This summer, I have completed the recording of a new opus of my works: 


Over the past few years I have traveled to many places, through many cultures and created music with many people on our planet.  This resulted in the Calligraphy collection to be released on a double album later this year.

The next few steps of the way will require a small push from my community of dreamers, makers and supporters. 

“You want to know my tricks?  How I keep from losing my mind.
Basically, I just remember I’m not one of a kind.
I connect to as many artists as I can find that are genuine
And that know our mission’s divine.”
(Lyrics from “My Truth”)

"MY TrutH", the first video from CALLIGRAPHY


The plan is to press this “Calligraphy” on vinyl (my all-time favorite way of enjoying sound), and address the digital cosmos as well (in my own way). 

Inspired and intrigued by technology, I have started to design my own digital way of experiencing Art. 

To begin the process, I created a sculpture of my favorite hybrid creature:

the Peanutbutterfly


(photos of plasticine sculpting and 3D capture)

I then imported this into my computer and refined it with 3D modeling softwares.

(3D printing the first prototype for the PeanutButterFly USB case)

Eventually, with the guidance of maker Alex Hatch, I made a number of 3D printed prototypes.

(Peanut Prototypes 1 & 2)

We are now tackling the mechanical aspect of the device.  The icon is designed to be an elaborate case for a usb drive on which I will be able to upload a high quality “Calligraphy” and other ButterSide gifts.  

Now that sounds fantastic to me.  The science-fiction of my youth has taken over our reality, and we are using the tools our ancestors manifested from their dreams.  It is our turn to put what we have to good and honorable use so that our children may enjoy the sweetest of our dreams.

(Peanut Prototype 3)

“If Life is elsewhere, I guess that’s where my mind is at.
I’m gonna find it and tuck it back inside my hat”
(Lyrics from “The Sun Inside”)


Feeding off this same energy, I have been collaborating with film-makers and special effects veterans to bring the ButterSide universe to the screen.  We are looking forward to completing the production of a number of short films illustrating some of  Calligraphy’s musical tales. 

”Show me the crust and the core.
You know we all got more than we bargained for.
Again, give in.  You know I know you can spell.
Anyone who once fell has got a story to tell.”
(Lyrics from “What’s on your Mind?”)

(photo from Papillon's "Bodies of Light" series)

In a few words: there are a lot of collaborative works based on this Calligraphy concept, and we are in the middle of getting them all done!

Divorced from the record industry, I have been doing my best to shoulder the development of this album with my own wings.  Guess what.  It’s getting heavy!  I am determined to spread this project to the 4 corners of the World, so it can reach back to the countries of all the artists involved and as many open souls as possible.


“Do you realize the quantity of Souls it takes to make an Entity?”
(Lyrics from “Man in Me”)


(photo of the PeanutButterFly on wax)

What is your support going to enable?  Here is how Calligraphy will come to be, and what you will get for your support.

  • The first step is the mixing and mastering of the album for the digital version, as well as for the vinyl version (some of you may be aware that vinyl demands a very specific and meticulous process for optimal sound quality.  If you have never seen this, you should research the whole process, it’s pretty amazing!).
  • Second is the pressing, designing and packaging of the vinyl.
  • Third is the final design and manufacturing of the PeanutButterFly USB drive.
  • Fourth is promoting the finished project.
  • The stretch goal is the completion of the animated short “In Winged Words” (an epic tale inspired by a song from the “Calligraphy” repertoire.)
  • The post-stretch vision is orchestrating the live multi-media Calligraphy tour (in the areas of the World that shall be most supportive during this campaign.)
  • Oh yeah, and there are a whole lot of bureaucratic, legal and artless fees throughout the process!  (Still, we try to flip most everything butter side up, so there may be something artistic in anything.)

“Take it from the top and distribute it to the lower level.”
(Lyrics from “Distribute it”)

(photo from Papillon's "Bodies of Light" series)

If you help this happen, some or all of this can be yours to dance to, play with or share for the rest of your Life on Earth!

It is very inspiring to consider how an outreach such as this can keep the wheels moving for so many people in so many different ways. 

I know I speak in the name of all collaborators on the Calligraphy project when I say your support has already bettered our Lives.

If you are not able to donate to or pre-order Calligraphy, your help spreading the Butter will be of great use.  Please copy the short link for the campaign, and share it as much as you will an help me pollinate.

Not much more I can say, other than thank you for taking the time out to read this.  We will work hard at honoring your support. 

“All is in you, All is in One.
All travels through all we’ve become.
All has been True.  All has been you.
This is Day One.” 
(Lyrics from “All is in One”)

(Photo from Papillon's "Bodies of Light" series)

Blessed Love,

Papillon, the Peanut Butter Fly

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    Welcome to the Butter Family

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    Bienvenue dans la Famille

    Qui a levé la main? Merci! Vous recevez les titres entendus dans la vidéo de présentation.

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    Vinyl signé par Papillon

    A partir de $35: Connaisseur! Vous recevez une copie signée du vinyl. Et pour ceux qui n'ont pas de tourne-disque, pas de problème, ca vient avec une version numérique. A vos platines!

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    PeanutButterFly USB FlashDrive

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    Clé USB PeanutButterFly

    A partir de $50: Vous avez droit a l'album intégral sur une clé USB de 4GB, sculptée et rematerialisée par imprimante 3D. Le tout confectionné avec Amour par votre très cher Papillon.

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    Papillon collection?

    $100 and up (shipping not included) So. You get a signed vinyl and a PeanutButterFly USB FlashDrive with "Calligraphy", bonus material AND my previous album "The Amber Dawn". Also got a shirt for you. Make it look good!

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    Une collection de Papillon?

    A partir de $100: Alors. Vous recevez le vinyl signe ET la cl2 USB PeanutButterFly, contenant "Calligraphy" et mon precedent album "the Amber Dawn" ainsi que d'autre cadeaux. Vous revecez également un T-shirt. Portez-le fièrement.

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  • $300USD
    Art collector?

    $300 and up (shipping not included) Along with all the music, you will receive a signed print from the "Bodies of Light" collection photographed by Papillon. This series was inspired by and features the hand-written poetry of "Calligraphy"

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  • $300USD
    Collectionneur d'Art?

    A partir de $300: En plus de toutes la musique, vous recevez un tirage d'une des photos de la serie "Bodies of Light" par Papillon. Cette serie est inspiree par les textes de "Calligraphy".

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    What can I say?

    $1000 and up Looks like we need to hang out. I will deliver the "Art collector" perks (and a little more) to you in person and cook a little something for you and a few friends. We will have our own pre-release listening session! Now, if you're too far outside the US, we may have to make bigger plans and organize a full tour. Like I said: we need to talk (regardless, you're in for a ride!)

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  • $1,000USD
    Que Dire?

    A partir de $1000: Il faut qu'on se parle! Je vous livre moi-meme le lot "Art Collector" et cuisine pour vous et quelques amis. On se fera une séance d'écoute privée. Loin des US? On trouvera le moyen! (Quoi qu'il arrive, on va bien s'amuser)

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