Cait Cuneo Debut Record Release & Music Video

Help fund Cait's first record release "Violet" and the creation of her music video

My mission

Hello music lovers, my name is Cait Cuneo and I am a music artist. Recently, I have been working endlessly on my first E.P. "Violet" I am hoping to release it this fall along with my first music video. "Violet" stands for strength, women empowerment, heart, light, guidance, and individuality. Within the E.P. you will hear the concrete struggle that was necessary in order for me to develop my strength and find my own voice. Each musician, and the production team involved on the record are close friends and family. This has allowed the music to be honest and limitless.

The purpose of this campaign is to get my project off the ground and start spreading this music for the world to hear. My hope is that this music can influence people with its positive message. I believe that everyone has a dream that deserves notice, and that is why I write, sing, and perform music. The necessary steps needed to start this journey is a record ready for distribution, a music video, and a band to bring these new songs to life. With your support spiritually and financially, each of you can be a key part of my personal music goal.


What I Need & What You Get

With every successful goal comes a great story. I want you all to be a part of this story that has brought me to this profession. To get me to this next musical step in my career, I will need some financial backing to make these steps. I have set the financial goal to $10,000, because this will be the minimum cost of making these 3 necessary steps a reality.

1. These funds will first go to mixing and mastering the music on the E.P., which will then be printed to cd, vinyl, and available digitally. "Violet" will first be sent to the people help me get to this goal. It will then be sent to radio stations and other promotional tracks around the world to attract new listeners to my music.

2. The next step, is to release this music with a surprise performance of all the music I have been working on. There are many aspects to putting on a concert that entail great financial backing. Promotions; including posters, flyers, newspaper ads, and radio support, allow new and current fans to be informed about this first performance. I am using all professional musicians that all deserve to be properly paid for their talent, skill, and time spent on making my project come to life. Paying for proper lighting and a sound engineer are necessary to make this performance look and sound great. With your help, you can share this experience with me and be right my side for this whole process. The perks offered will give you physical and mental memories that I hope last for a lifetime.

3. The final step to bring my project to the view of worldwide listeners is a music video. This takes hiring professional videographers that will make one song portray my heart and soul in a several minute video. I believe in making the highest quality video possible because I believe that is what my fans deserve. If completed, all who donated will get a private screening of the video before it is released to the public. Some will have a chance to be in the shooting of the music video

The Impact

If the goal is met, I will forever will be grateful to all who donated or helped spread the word about my music. You will be rewarded with not only these perks below, but my lifetime dedication to making music. If my financial goal is not met, I will use the funds donated to make as many steps possible towards my mission. And, I will reward those who donated for their belief in me as an artist. If the goal goes over the limit I have set, this will only enhance the experience that I hope to share with you.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can or cannot donate, please help spread this word to family, friends, and any person that loves music. Also you can use the various share tools created by Indie Go Go that works for multiple forms of media. Please share this picture below on social media (i.e. facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.) and via email to everyone you can.



Team on This Campaign: