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Let us craft an epic story that spans from ICE AGE to MODERN DAY AMERICA.
Magus Tor
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Do you want to be a part of an epic story in the making?

Join me, Magus Tor, an accidental writer, in the making of an epic story about dragons, dragon magic, vampires and werewolves from ICE AGE down to modern day America through historical times such as Medieval Scotland, Pirating in Caribbean, romantic Wild West and World War 2. A total of 5 books.
Tentative titles
Book 1 : Genesis
Book 2 : Exodus
Book 3 : Ruth
Book 4 : ACTS
Book 5 : Revelations

Pre-order now to help me fund this EPIC project!

Choose the perk you'd like on the right. Worldwide shipping is always included. 

Funding will be used to pay for the following (Cain and Abel Book 1: Genesis):

1. Editing ($1500)

2. Re-editing ($1500)

3. Cover Design ($500)

4. Layout and Formatting ($500)

5. Marketing and promotions ($1000)

6. Printing of LIMITED EDITION Hardcover books ($1000)

Extra - if fundings go beyond $6000, any left over will be donated to help fund others.

    Who am I and what am I doing?

    My name is Jonathon, pen-name being Magus Tor, and I am a freelance medical doctor who decided to join the rank of self published writers. 

    In 2007, I decided to give myself a challenge. To write a novel. Why is it a challenge? The simple reason is that English to me is always a second language and I managed to scrape through with a mere passing grade in schools. To cut the story short, I did managed to complete the manuscript of my very first novel, with helps from friends and colleagues. The book New Dawn is published in 2008 and available on Amazon.com (self-published through iUniverse). 

    Ever since completing the first book, I continued to write but didn't manage to finish any manuscript until 2010, when I was designing a new kind of playing cards (Dragon Nine Playing Cards). I decided to write a novella to promote the playing cards and the book is titled D-Nine: Protectors of the Crown (self published on Createspace.com and Smashwords.com). 

    After finishing D-Nine: Protectors of the Crown, I wrote a few more books. By then I realized that I have more ideas than time and money. Apparently, self publishing is a very expensive business. 

    So as I embarked on the creation of this epic story, I decided that I will seek funding to help me get this book done more professionally. 

    Status of the project

    • First draft completed, awaiting first edit.
    • Book should be available for purchase in August 2014.

    Other Ways You Can Help

    If you can't support the campaign financially, or aren't sure yet, or if you have already pledged a donation but are so awesome that you want to do more – you can! If you're as excited about the project as I am, or know someone who might be interested, get the word out! Best use the Indiegogo or Facebook share buttons, so that others can learn of the project. Exposure is the best thing that can happen to the project, so let's make sure it's seen by many!

    You can support me by visiting my amazon page (http://www.amazon.com/Magus-Tor/e/B00HK58FTG), follow me for updates on all the books that I may be writing in the future. Without readers, writers cannot survive. 
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    This campaign ended on July 17, 2014
    Select a Perk
    • $1USD

      Even though it is a small number but it goes a long way. Thank you for your help and it will be remembered. Your name will be honored on my website and in the book. (a 'Thank you' page will be created on http://magustor.weebly.com). This goes to all subsequent perks as well.

      0 claimed
      Estimated delivery: June 2014
    • $5USD

      A big thank you for your help. You will be receiving a PDF copy of D-Nine: Protectors of the Crown. It has an average rating of 4.8 based on 26 reviews so you won't be too disappointed. This goes to all subsequent perks as well.

      0 claimed
      Estimated delivery: June 2014
    • $10USD
      eBooker plus

      Wow, you will have a copy of Cain and Abel eBook in PDF or Mobi format when it is available. This goes to all subsequent perks as well.

      0 claimed
      Estimated delivery: July 2014
    • $25USD
      Beta reader

      You will have a preview copy of the eBook in pdf.

      0 claimed
      Estimated delivery: August 2014
    • $100USD

      You are the badass, I will give you a LIMITED EDITION Hardcover book (signed).

      0 out of 200 claimed
      Estimated delivery: November 2014
    • $1,000USD
      VIF (Very Important Fans)

      I love you for you loved me! You will have a copy of all my eBooks, past, present and future works on top of all the previous perks!

      0 out of 6 claimed
      Estimated delivery: September 2014
    • $5,000USD
      Ultimate Collector

      You are the one and ONLY special person. On top of all the previous perks, you will recieve a special book project titled '666', with 666 pages and selling for USD 666. It will be available from 6th June 2016. It will be written by Joyce Koh, a precious friend of mine.

      0 out of 1 claimed
      Estimated delivery: May 2016
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