Caihong City

Or the Rainbow-Colored Adventures of a Dying Chinese Genius, a Crazy Homeless Russian and a Depressed Romanian Prostitute
Florina Titz
Brooklyn, New York
United States
6 Team Members



We are selling awesomely grotesque baby Kurupuru (a key character in our film) t-shirts. Design by Brooklyn-based artist Sydnie Keeter! Get yours at link above. $22.

Limited Edition Teeshirt Campaign!

Baby Kurupuru t-shirts


*Check out our producing timeline here.

* Want to contribute to the film by submitting your artwork?

We are having an open call for a fictive movie poster design! In Caihong City, inhabitants of the slums are crazy about long experimental films. You can create your own movie posters for these imaginary films and get your artwork featured in our indie sci-fi film. Go here for more details.


*$9 Film (stream) + Postcard


Postcard with character design by Georgiana Toma (our costume designer)

of one of our main characters - Serioja in his youth




THE GALLERY now has a sample of Caihong City Pre-Production Mood Boards.



the GALLERY  now has early CHARACTER CONCEPT DRAFTS by Georgiana Toma (costume designer) 



My name is Florina Titz and I am a director from Romania (b.1986).

I directed a no-budget feature film "TRIP" in 2008 that played in festivals in Romania, United States, Australia, France and Hong Kong. I got an MFA in Film&Video Production from the University of Iowa and made short narrative films such as  - a visceral exploration of Edvard Munch's "The Scream". I'm currently teaching film at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. 

I've been outside of Romania for about five years yet somehow it seems that all my films have, in one way or another, the same embedded city veins of Constanta, this underwhelming metropolis on the board of the lovely Black Sea, where I grew up and lived for 22 years. 

Watch all my films here and see where they've played. 



PRESS RELEASE: "With the help of the digital era, independent filmmaker Florina Titz is continuing her directorial journey with her second full-length feature, Caihong City, a post-apocalyptic fairy tale of a man’s quest to overcome class segregations in an ever-divided city."... READ MORE 

Caihong City takes place on an island on a distant planet. This island is separated in two cities: Caihong City, which is made up of slums, depression and disease and Furui City, home to the rich upperclassmen and the disease-free. The only way for inhabitants of Caihong City to gain access to the upperclassmen’s society is to complete Supertasks - impossible to accomplish genius chores delegated by the Committee of Furui City. Upon completion of said Supertask, a slums inhabitant is granted citizenship to Furui City. 

In the midst of the slums of Caihong City (Rainbow City) a dying Chinese genius named Liu Junjie is working on a Supertask: a perfect virtual replica of Caihong City in hope of gettin access to the perfect world (Furui City) and saving his own life. 

However! A glitch appears in his virtual city and just when he’s about to lose all faith, he becomes acquainted with an uncanny homeless Russian kid named Serioja, and a chronically depressed and ruthless Romanian prostitute named Lavinia, and together they depart on a dark adventure through the rainbowed slums to find the answer to Liu Junjie’s glitch but also to unveil the city’s darkest and most well kept secrets. 

A sci-fi fairy tale with glitches, unicorns and filth. 




Most of the production budget is going into bringing the crew (and their ideas, colors, characters) in New York for the two weeks of production (starting July 10th). This film includes the participation of some of the most amazing artists I have ever encountered. These are humans from Romania, United States, Canada, China and Australia that I have met while growing up, or completing my Masters at the University of Iowa or while working and teaching at the Pratt Institute in New York. Artists, industry professionals, film educators. 

By donating to this film you will fund: 

- air fare for the crew (shoot happens in New York, crew and cast needs to be flown in from Romania, various parts of the USA, and Canada)

- accommodations for the crew (in New York)

- meals for the crew and catering services (for the two weeks of production)

- camera equipment (renting a Red One Package and grip)

- production design, props, costumes, all art direction 

- location permits



Story - Florina Titz, Zhao Lewis Liu, Sophia Lou

Script - Florina Titz, Zhao Lewis Liu, Veronica-Jordan Sardi

Script Contributors - Mirela Ungureanu, Dan Faltesek, Chris Renaud

Caihong Linguist - Mirela Ungureanu 


Zhao Lewis Liu (

Lana Moscaliuc (

Marian Adochitei (]

Christina Gulick (


Producers - Zhao Lewis Liu, Veronica Jordan-Sardi, Florina Titz

Line Producers - Katherine Lodge, Christina Gulick, Zardon Richardson

Transmedia Producer - Daniel Faltesek (

Social Media/Associate Producer - Stacy Eriksson

Social Media Team - Shangguo Zhu, Na Lin

Director - Florina Titz (

Assistant Director - Eric Trenkamp (

Script Supervisor - Veronica Jordan-Sardi (

Director of Photography - Chris Renaud (Assistant Professor at University of West Georgia,

Additional Photography, Second Unit Director - Jeffrey Palmer (

Second Unit PA - Candace Curr

Assistant Camera - Max Moore (

Second Assistant Camera - Scott Lahn (

On-Set Photographer - Juliana Jimenez

Focus Puller - Stephen Crompton (Media Production Coordinator at The University of Tampa,

Production Sound - Maia Melton ( )

Production Designer - Laura Cechanowicz (SA At Official USC John C. Hench Division of Animation & Digital Arts, ) 

Assistant to Production Designer - Steven Mondics 

Illustrator - Sydnie Keeter

Special FX - Jesse Walker (])

Costume Designers - Georgiana Toma (

Ellie Lindholm 

Visual Effects Supervisor - Matt Pascuzzi (

Digital Matte Painter - Fabio Pires (

Editorial - Sophia Lou (

Original Score Compositor - Silent Strike (




*$7 Film (stream) + Postcard



Postcard with character design by Georgiana Toma (our costume designer)

of one of our main characters - Serioja as child 

*$99 Enter Caihong City: 

- You can choose between:

1. A Caihong City tulip (a special yellow tulip that grows on the outskirts of Sektor Rogvaiv)

2. Sertra-X Cigarettes (sertraline-boost anti-depressant cigarettes; the most valuable posession in Caihong City's Slums)

3. Caihong chocolate (frozen block of chocolate; incredibly toxic but delicious, regarded by Caihong inhabitants as the last thing to eat before killing yourself) 

4. Caihong oranges (a symbolic object in the film, noone knows where they come from as noone has seen them grow in Caihong, but Furui City people have them somehow.)

5. Liu Junjie's kidney in a jar 

6. Liu Junjie's pod (usually attached to his wheelchair, the main character would go nowhere without his trusty pod, that displays the beautiful Virtual Caihong City)

7. Liu Junjie's wheelchair (with a Blood Purification Machine attached)

8. Sektor Rhania's sertraline-contraption (a recently developed contraption that has an accurate way of quantifying sadness)

9. Serioja's magical herbs (that he uses to keep the Devil's Headache away)

10. Roasted Plums (one of Lebrac's favorite food, these goodies provide a lovely slums home-cooked meal). 

These come on a first come first serve basis. Or you can choose to make your decision after you've seen the film. We'll serve a spot for you. There's only one of each, of course.

 *$199 Penetrate Caihong City

 1. Caihong City Dictionary: In Caihong City, people speak the language of Caihong, which sounds like a combination of Korean with Slavic influences. This dictionary will include certain words, phrases, expressions in Caihong with their English-translation. It will also explain some of the root words and talk about the process of making this language. 

 2. Caihong Cartoon Book: a comic book strip with the events of the film, from a side character's perspective. Hand drawn by the director. 

These come on a first come first serve basis. Or you can choose to make your decision after you've seen the film. We'll serve a spot for you. 

*$499 The Secret of Caihong City  

Kurupuru ("unicorn" in Caihong language) is one of the main mysteries of Caihong City. Her fate seems to be strangely connected to the fate of the glitch in Lou Junjie's Virtual Caihong. Her giant unicorn mask is built by Romanian costume designer Georgiana Toma and our special effects guy Jesse Walker.

*$699 Serioja's notebook of poems

Is it gibberish or prophetic poetry? You can never tell with Serioja. This is the notebook of poems that he keeps in his totem bag at all times. A significant object in the film and a beautifully hand written notebook.  

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  • $9USD
    Film (stream) + Postcard

    Secret link to a live streaming of the film and an amazing postcard with character design by Georgiana Toma. (see left)

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    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $19USD
    The Film

    A digital download of "Caihong City" + "thank you" credit in the film

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  • $39USD
    Film, Music, Sound, Diary

    A digital download of "Caihong City" + a digital download of the OST (Silent Strike) + soundscape + "thank you" credit + an exclusive download of the Production Diary written by the Director (a day by day account of on-set drama)

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    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $59USD
    Screenplay + Digital Kit

    The full digital download kit (everything above) + exclusive printed Pre-production and Production Diary (immersion into the process of making this film, sketches, drafts, images AND day by day account of on-set drama) + Screenplay (invaluable production material!!) + "thank you" credit

    11 out of 150 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $79USD
    Map + Full Digital Kit

    The full digital kit (film, music, soundscape, diary, screenplay) + a large printed Caihong City Map + "thank you" credit

    6 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014

    Enter Caihong City

    One of the amazing unique Caihong City props (see description on the left) + full digital kit (film, music, soundscape, diary, screenplay) + "thank you" credit

    10 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $199USD
    Penetrate Caihong City

    Caihong City Dictionary / Caihong City Cartoon Book + full digital kit + "thank you" credit

    5 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $699USD
    Serioja's Book of Poems

    A unique, hand written book of poetry from Serioja's totem bag that gets used in the film + full digi kit + "thank you" credit

    0 out of 1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $999USD
    Caihong City Tour

    A special Caihong City tour given by the director + one of the members of the cast/crew from NYC (your choice) taking you through all shooting locations in NYC + full digi kit + "thank you" credit

    0 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $2,499USD
    Associate Producer + Tattoo

    An Associate Producer credit in the feature film (and on IMDb) + the Director gets a tattoo of your name on her body (or a dinner date with any cast/crew member of your choice) + full digital kit

    0 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $4,999USD
    Executive Producer + Hip Hop

    An Executive Producer Credit in the feature film (and on IMDb) + the Director and a mystifying lovely lady/gentleman will make a music video for your birthday (including a private dance and the director rapping in Romanian!) - delivered on your birthday AFTER July 2013 + full digital kit

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