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"One of the fastest crowdfunding campaigns we have seen reach the mass market" -- Indiegogo
Stan Ades
Small Business
San Francisco, California
United States
1 Team Member

APRIL 7, 2014:

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Currently the #1 Indiegogo Small Business Campaign!

First Stretch Goal Reached!

All Contributors of $25 or more will now
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We're already close to stretch goal #2! See below...


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Why Caffeinated Shaving Products

Good question! Actually, when it comes to caffeine, once again the women are ahead of the men. Caffeine is already a "go-to" ingredient in everything from eye creams and anti-aging lotions to concealers and moisturizers. It just hasn't found its way into the shaving world - until now!

Which is a shame because caffeine is an effective vasoconstrictor and antioxidant that helps reduce the appearance of redness and keeps your skin looking and feeling healthy. Our products utilize the many benefits of naturally-derived caffeine from coffee beans to help liven up your morning shave routine.

Translation for shavers: say goodbye to razor rash.

And YES! - caffeine will absorb into your skin and help get you going before you even put your pants on. Will these products replace your morning coffee? Probably not. But they will help get your morning off to a great start while make shaving a whole lot more fun.

Benefits of a Caffeinated Shave

It is high in antioxidants:
Helps keep skin looking and feeling healthy.

It is a vasoconstrictor:
Helps reduce redness and soothe skin.

It can penetrate skin and absorb into your blood:
Start your morning with a kick!

Still caffeine curious?
Here are 10 more great health benefits of caffeine.

Why Pacific Shaving Company

We've got a track record of success when it comes to developing innovative, quality, affordable shaving care products for men and women - and we're just crazy enough to do it! Here are some of the products we've already developed (and you can get as part of your contribution's perks):


The truth is, almost all 'shaving innovation' over the past 50 years has gone into razors and blades and delivering a close shave. But that's only half the story.

After all, isn't the ultimate goal every morning a close and comfortable shave? Just as the closeness of a shave comes from a quality razor, we believe the comfort of your shave lies with the products you put on your skin.

For years, Pacific Shaving Company has been focusing on improving shaving comfort with safe and natural ingredients that serve a real benefit and purpose - not just to extend the shelf life or leave you smelling like 'Irish mist' or 'morning dew.' And definitely not something that will leave aluminum rust rings on your bathroom counter top. After all, your skin is your body's largest organ. What you put on it everyday should be just as important as what you put in it.

How we give back to the community

Pacific Shaving Company has always made efforts to give back. Our "every purchase plants a tree' partnership with Trees for the Future has directly resulted in hundreds of thousands of trees planted in third world countries - and continues today.


Pacific Shaving Company also strongly believes in the work of the American Red Cross. Blood is truly a renewable resource that can help those in need. Because there is no manufactured substitute for blood, the need for donations is real and recurring - every two seconds someone in America needs blood.

Pacific Shaving Company's philanthropic efforts expanded in 2009 to include ongoing support of the American Red Cross through product donations and active participation in blood drive efforts.


Ten percent of your contributions to this campaign will go directly to helping fund Pacific Shaving's product donations to the Red Cross and its blood drive efforts. After all, shaving is no way to give blood.

Your Turn: Please Contribute!

The R&D is complete. The formulas are perfected. The new products are great! (Our testers love it!) Our California-based, longtime manufacturing partner is ready to scale up and so are we.

Your support of this campaign will go directly toward the manufacturing and marketing of our innovative, caffeinated line of shaving products (and of course, our support of the American Red Cross).

The funds raised will allow us to begin an initial manufacturing run our new caffeinated shaving products. Our goal is to first get the products in your hands, and then get it on your local retail shelves. That said, your show of support here is equally as valuable. It helps us demonstrate to retailers that real innovation in shaving care is wanted - nay, needed!

Please support Pacific Shaving Company and contribute to this indiegogo campaign.

Thank you!
-Stan & CC


                                           Stan Ades & CC Sofronas.
                      Founders. Husband and wife. Not necessarily in that order.


Call Us!

Still have questions? Just want to talk about shaving? Give us a call at 888-NICK-FREE. We're a small shop, with real people. If we don't pick up, leave a message and we'll call you back!

Other Ways You Can Help:

You know how it works. Spread the word - please!
  • Share this campaign with indiegogo share tools or on your own Facebook, Twitter, etc. account! (Follow Pacific Shaving Company while you're there.)
  • Are you a blogger or journalist? Do you know a blogger or journalist? This sure seems like a fun thing to write about!
  • Don't forget, this campaign doubles as an easy gift-giving opportunity.
  • Give blood. It's easy to do.
PS: Don't forget to look at our $100 No Brainer Perk. Our best value!



  • Where are your products made? Pacific Shaving Company is based in San Francisco, CA and all of products are proudly manufactured in the USA.
  • Do you test on animals? No. Never have. Never will.
  • How much is shipping? All launch perks include FREE U.S. Shipping. Please add $10 shipping for Canadian orders and $15 for orders to other countries.
  • I can hardly wait! When will I receive my products? We expect to have our caffeinated shaving products ready to ship to contributors in March, 2014. Bonus perks of percent/dollar discounts at pacificshaving.com can be used - and will be fulfilled - IMMEDIATELY!
  • How long will the products last? Our concentrated formulas mean our 3 oz. tube goes a long way - each tube should last approx. three months. It also means that they are TSA-approved for carry-on. Road warriors rejoice!
  • Do they smell like coffee? No, that would be disgusting. The products carry a light, minty scent that fades quickly.
  • How can you offer such great perks? As the product manufacturer, we were going to offer specific product pack bonuses, but then thought it would be more fun to let you choose yourself exactly which products you want. That flexibility allowed us to be a bit more generous, so we're paying it forward to you. (We also hope while you're shopping, you'll choose to spend even a little bit more!)
  • What is the retail price of the caffeinated shaving products? $7.99/tube (approx. three month supply.)
  • Yes - all of our products are vegan!

Check out our stretch goals at the top of the page!

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Original campaign was 233% funded on January 31, 2014
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    NEW: Pre-Order Promo- Save 37%

    VALUE: $40 You get: 2x - Caffeinated Shaving Cream 2x - Caffeinated After Shave Moisturizer 1x - Nick Stick SHIPPED FREE (U.S. only: see FAQs), before anyone else. (Expected: March, 2014) PLUS: 10% of contribution helps us provide product donations to the Red Cross (details in campaign).

    150 out of 150 claimed

    NEW: No-Brainer Jr.

    VALUE: $55 You get: 1x - Caffeinated Shaving Cream 1x - Caffeinated Aftershave SHIPPED FREE (U.S. only: see FAQs), before anyone else. (Expected: March, 2014) BONUS: *$35* to spend RIGHT NOW on any products at pacificshaving.com. (Code emailed within 24 hrs of contribution.) PLUS: 10% of contribution helps us provide product donations to the Red Cross. (details in campaign).

    48 out of 48 claimed

    The No-Brainer

    VALUE: $150 3x - Caffeinated Shaving Cream 3x - Caffeinated After Shave Moisturizer SHIPPED FREE (U.S. only: see FAQs), before anyone else. (Expected: March, 2014) BONUS: *$100* to spend RIGHT NOW on any products at pacificshaving.com. (Code emailed within 24 hrs of contribution.) PLUS: 10% of contribution helps us provide product donations to the Red Cross. (details in campaign).

    45 out of 45 claimed

    Corporate/Party Favor Special

    VALUE: Huge Corporate gifts? Wedding party favors? Military unit thank yous? 12 - Caffeinated Shaving Cream 12 - Caffeinated After Shave Moisturizer SHIPPED FREE (U.S. only: see FAQs), before anyone else. (Expected: March, 2014) *$220 value.* BONUS: 50% discount code to use RIGHT NOW on any products at pacificshaving.com (Code emailed within 24 hrs of contribution.) PLUS: 10% of contribution helps us provide product donations to the Red Cross. (details in campaign).

    4 out of 4 claimed

    Caffeinated NYC Man Date

    VALUE: $500 4x - Caffeinated Shaving Cream 4x - Caffeinated After Shave Moisturizer SHIPPED FREE (U.S. only) before anyone else. (March, 2014) BONUS #1: A Man Date for you +3 friends c/o our friends at Truman's (121 Madison Ave). Includes: shave, manicure, shoe shine, hair wash, scalp massage. BONUS #2: *$115* to spend RIGHT NOW at pacificshaving.com. (Code emailed within 24 hrs.) PLUS: 10% of contribution helps us provide product donations to the Red Cross. (details in campaign),

    3 out of 3 claimed
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