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Cadence: A tale of a lovely farm girl, the boyfriend she cooks waffles for, and the murders to come.
Nicolas Ayerbe Barona
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Vancouver, British Columbia
5 Team Members



20 Minutes From The Actual Feature!



Do you love a psychological thriller? With a good plot twist that you didn't see coming? I grew up loving these types of movies; films filled with mystery, suspense and no easy answers: Memento, Jacob's Ladder, The Sixth Sense, Mulholland Drive, Rosemary's Baby, Psycho.
Our day to day lives are normal enough - movies are a place where it's fun to push the boundaries, test our imagination. We want movies to transport us, to challenge us, and most of all we love it when a movie can surprise us, when we can say, 'I didn't see that coming'. My favorite films are the ones where a week later I'm still thinking about them; I'll be doing laundry or cooking dinner and it will suddenly hit me, 'Oh! That's what that meant!'.

If you're reading this and can relate, then Cadence is a film for you. It's a love story that quickly darkens into classic thriller, but underneath it all is a complex psychological mystery that satisfies and demands for repeat viewing. I want to make a film with rewatch value, loaded with secrets and layers you didn't see before. Ultimately, I want to make a mystery thriller that's fresh!

Alex Lasheras - Writer & Director

You can get this poster or the one below (Digital and print). 

Let us know which one you like best!


Cadence is taking care of her parent's farm while they're away on vacation. She invites her popstar boyfriend, Taylor Lake, to come stay with her; Taylor's just finished his first road tour with his band and invites his bandmates along to the farm, KC and JJ. Cadence can't stand KC and JJ, as their drunken games often lead to near death experiences. She bottles up her discomfort and anxieties for the boys which manifest into disturbing hallucinations and night terrors. The psychological disturbances become so real she's unable to distinguish them from reality, causing her to make some disastrous decisions. 


We've already shot and produced 20 minutes of the feature script for you to watch RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW at www.cadencethefilm.com This is meant to introduce the characters, story and mystery of Cadence, without giving away any surprises. We are planning to shoot the rest of the film this September, which is coming up super fast! This project has been entirely self funded up until now, but we need your help now more than ever to make it into a feature film. Every contribution you make will be put towards making the best movie possible, whether that's paying for equipment rentals, transporting people to set, or feeding our cast & crew a big hearty meal to get us through our long shooting days. We're farm raised, so nothing goes to waste. 

'Cadence' would cost $54,000 if were to be doing it all at once. We really are cutting all corners and pushing all buttons to make it happen. 

Why then crowdfund for just half of that–$27,000? Because 'Cadence' is a labour of love. We have been working at it for over a year and have spent all our contacts and some money at it. But after making a 20 minute demo that we are very proud of, this is as far as we can go. $27,000 would go towards the production of the film, (primarily labour, cast, food, and camera, etc.) and then begins the real work. Finding more help, partnerships, angels, etc. And shooting it! 

We are looking for an audience, and looking for partners in the adventure that is 'Cadence'. Ultimately, we believe in the crowdfunding mandate where audiences are the ones that make movies happen!

Simply, put we love making movies, and we wanna find those who love watching them. We wanna make this for you.


For each and all of our donors, a special 10-15 sec Instagram Video from one of us  @CadenceTheFilm

Your name will grace the beauty of one of our Java papercups in Instagram @CadenceTheFilm

You haven't seen our 'Cadence' Demo? Check it while it's hot: https://vimeo.com/101385901


  • Give your honest feedback on the project, share what you like about the film, or things you think we could improve on.
  • Spread the word on Cadence's campaign! Share our links online and tell your family and friends. 
  • If you're in the Vancouver region during the month of September we'd be more than welcome to hear from you, get you involved in the production behind the scenes and on set. 
  • This is our first feature and we need all hands on deck!
  • Keep the mystery alive, tell us your interpretation of the film: a lot of your questions will get answered if we're able to make the feature!

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39% funded
No time left
$27,000 CAD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on August 28, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $2CAD
    A Spoonfulla Sugar

    Team Cadence Instagram Thank You Video, Made Just For You! Our Eternal Gratitude Will Be Posted For Eternity! Plus: A Heaping Full of Indie Film Karma - Please Use Wisely Fact - Charlie Chaplin Helped Start United Artists, The First American Independent Film Studio

    3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • $5CAD
    Cuppa Joe

    During Production We Will Post a Picture of Our Crew Drinking Coffee Out of a Cup! With Your Name On It! Film Sets Run on Caffeine, Help Us Stay Happy & Alert Plus: -The Script of Everything We've Shot So Far- Read Along While You Watch! - High Res Cadence Poster Fact - 'Gone With The Wind' Was The Most Expensive Independently Produced Film of its Decade

    3 out of 400 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • $10CAD
    Potta Joe

    'No Coffee For Me', Said No Film Set Ever! Rewards For Filling Our Bellies With Liquified Beans (And Tea): - Digital Script of 20 Min Short - High Res Cadence Poster - High Res Picture of Maxine Chadburn, Star of Cadence - Social Media Shout Out - Website Thank You Credit - Exclusive Behind The Scenes Access & Videos, Incl Blooper Reel & Outtakes Fact: 'Little Fugitive' was the First Independent Film to be Nominated for Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay

    6 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • $25CAD
    Bacon, Eggs & Films

    Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day, Help Us Start Each Day of Production on a Full Stomach! In Return You Get Everything From A Potta Joe Perk, Plus: - Digital Download of Feature Film Upon Release - Credit in Feature Film - High Res Version of 20 Min Film Fact: Independent Thriller 'The Blair Witch Project' is Considered the Most Profitable Film in History, Grossing 4,000 Times its Budget

    3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2015
  • $25CAD
    Bacon, Eggs & Waffles

    According to Cadence, Waffles Are The Greatest Food of All Time. We Think She's Right In Return for Your Waffle Support You Get Everything From A Potta Joe Perk, Plus: - Digital Download of Feature Film Upon Release - Credit in Feature Film - A Waffle Instructional Video & Breakfast Prayer Featuring Writer/Director Alex Lasheras & Lead Actress Maxine Chadburn (Incl Illustrated Recipe Download!) Fact: 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' is the Highest Grossing Indie Comedy of all Time a

    4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2015
  • $50CAD
    Badass Breakfast

    Mmmmm ... Breakfast of Badasses ... Included in this Perk - The Bacon & Egg Combo, Plus: - A Personalized Postcard From Alex Lasheras (Writer/Director) & Maxine Chadburn (Cadence) Expressing Their Deepest Gratitude - Copies of All Original Music Used in the Film - Customized Poster With Your Name on the Axe Blade (High Res Version) Fact: The First Independent Film to be Oscar Nominated for Best Picture is 'Kiss of the Spider Woman'

    7 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2015
  • $75CAD
    Omellette - Chef's Creation

    Mystery Perk! What Will You Get? Dunno! Will It Be Worth It? You Bet! Fact: Documentarian Ondi Timoner is the Only Filmmaker to Win the Sundance Grand Jury Prize Twice

    3 claimed
  • $100CAD
    Full Meal Deal

    If You're Hungry, This Is The One For You Included: Badass Breakfast (And Maybe The Omelet, Depending On How Awesome It Is) Plus: - DVD or Bluray Version of Feature Film, Complete With Extras - Limited Edition Cadence T-Shirt! Fact: The Sirens Heard in the Casino Scene in 'Swingers' Were Police on Their Way to Stop the Filmmakers Who Were Shooting Without a Permit

    8 out of 400 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2015
  • $250CAD
    The Signature Dish

    When Only the Finest Will Do Includes The Full Meal Deal Plus: - Printed Cadence Poster, Signed by the Cast & Director - Signed Bluray or DVD - Indiegogo Exclusive Edition - A 30 Min Private Skype Video Chat with Producers & Director - Personalized Phone Greeting by David Kaye Fact: The Independent Spirit Awards Were Originally Known as the FINDIE or Friends of Independents Awards

    1 out of 200 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2015
  • $500CAD
    Royale With Cheese Treatment

    Give Yourself the Ultimate Treatment, By Letting Us Write One For You! Send Us Your Synopsis or Logline and We’ll Write a One-Page Story & Film Treatment Also Includes The Signature Dish PLUS: 2 Tickets to Vancouver Premiere ... Wow! Fact: Pulp Fiction is IMDB's Most Popular Independent Film, Ranking 1st out of 13,484 Titles

    3 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2015
  • $1,000CAD
    Associate Producer

    You're Done Eating, Now Let’s Make a Movie Includes The Signature Dish PLUS: - IMDB Associate Producer & Onscreen Film Credit - On-Set Visit During Production (Vancouver Region Only) - Private Brunch (Or 1 Hour Skype Video) With Writer/Director/Editor, Alex Lasheras - 2 VIP Tickets to Vancouver Premiere Fact: Indie Classic ‘Easy Rider’ Had a Budget of $1.4M, With the Bulk of it Spent on the Soundtrack

    1 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2015
  • $3,000CAD

    You Love Making Movies (And Breakfast) As Much As We Do Includes The Signature Dish PLUS: - IMDB Co-Producer & Onscreen Film Credit - On-Set Visit During Production (Vancouver Region Only) - 2 VIP Tickets to Vancouver Premiere - Brunch (Or 2 Hour Skype Video) With Writer/Director/Editor Alex Lasheras, and Maxine Chadburn aka Cadence - Rough Cut Screening & Creative Input Fact: Independent Horror ‘Night of the Living Dead’ Entered Into the Public Domain Due to a Distributor Error

    0 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2015
  • $5,000CAD
    Executive Producer

    The Master Includes: - IMDB Executive Producer & Onscreen Film Credit - All Digital Content - Cadence Memorabilia Gift Pack, Created & Signed Just For You - 2 Private Rough Cut Screenings & Creative Input - Dinner (Or 3 Hour Skype Video) With Writer/Director/Editor Alex Lasheras & Maxine Chadburn, aka Cadence - On-Set Visit During Production (Vancouver Region Only) - 2 VIP Tickets to Vancouver Premiere Fact: Indie Mogul Harvey Weinstein Was Named a Commander of the Order of the

    0 out of 3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2015
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