We are looking to raise £10,000 for a short psychological horror film called Chain
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A man winds his way home through a series of corridors. With each step, his familiar surroundings begin to twist and morph; from something cold and unwelcoming into a dangerous and life threatening labyrinth of fear.

As the corridors close in around him, the man desperately struggles to get to the safety of his apartment. Nothing, however, is more disturbing than what waits for him beyond the door.


What I want to create with CHAIN is a film set within its own hostile microcosm. The film requires a dedicated focus on art direction, in order to create a detailed and visually compelling environment in which the action takes place. The narrative is very tightly woven but allows and encourages the audience to form their own interpretations.

I love supernatural and zombie movies as much as the next horror fan but what I wanted to make with CHAIN is a short film that is more reminiscent of the early 70s - 80s style of psychological horror, using Val Lewtons "Less is more" theory. Therefore an audience watching CHAIN can expect crescendos of tension and foreboding, culminating in impactful supernatural scares.

To give you a better idea of the environment we want to create in CHAIN, we have included some stills, posters and artwork in the lower part of the page.

In order to shoot Chain, we need to raise £10,000. This is no small amount and we know there are literally thousands of campaigns out there at the moment.  But we are eager to present a different kind of horror to an enthusiastic fan base and make you proud of what you’ve invested in.

The majority of the budget will go towards achieving the detailed and immersive art direction, as well as professional production equipment including a RED EPIC Dragon camera with 35mm prime lenses and high end post production equipment with special effects to ensure a terrifying and truly mind bending experience.

We have planned a 4 day shoot with 1 day pickups. Budget will be allocated as follows:

The Set and Art Dept                  47%

Camera, Sound and Lights          19%

Expenses and food for crew        14%

Location                                        2%

Postproduction and SFX              15%

Festivals and Contingency           3%

Once post-production is complete, our focus is to get the film into as many festivals as humanly possible, such as: Cannes, Sundance, New York City Horror Film Festival, Raindance, Edinburgh, Berlin, Frightfest, Encounters, Eerie, Gorefest, Celluloid Screams and Dark Carnival.

We understand that every penny counts and we know that we're one in a million other campaigns, but we aim to impress everyone who contributes to the campaign. There are many other ways you can also support our campaign by sharing the link on your Facebook page, Twitter feed or via word of mouth.

Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and pass the campaign around via word of mouth. The more we can achieve in public awareness, the higher the chances of reaching our goal and producing a great horror film.

If you have any questions or opinions on the project so far, we’d love to hear them. To learn more about the project and the crew, visit our face book page on;

Contact Email:  paul@equilibriumfilms.co.uk

Facebook Page:  Chain facebook

Keep an eye out for updates, news and blogs on the development of Chain and a big thank you in advance.



Here is some artwork from the film.



Paul has been working in the film industry for over 10 years. Producing short films, feature films and documentaries through his companies EQ Films and Timereel. Recently he produced the feature film ''Evil Never Dies" out now on DVD and VOD. He has a degree in Theatre, Film and Television from York St John. Paul started working in features during his internship at Silver Pictures back in 2003. He has also worked on; Captain America, Ra One, The Reeds, Ill Manors, Bright Star, Gravity and The Power to name a few, in a variety of different roles. He has also received additional Producer training from the NFTS.

He currently has a number of feature films in development including Vampires of Hollywood starring Malcolm Macdowell and Daryl Hannah, and Cutter with Jason Flemyng. Paul is keen to make Chain, as he wants to establish the unique and atmospheric world of the feature film "Treatment", but told in its own self-contained and equally unnerving story.

Below is the trailer for Evil Never Dies (2013)


Chris’s knowledge and experience of the film industry ranges from being a Runner on a short film, to a Production Manager on a dual language feature.

Before he received his BA Honours degree, Christopher had already spent his adolescence volunteering on short films and advertisements at every opportunity. Now, he continues to work in the British indie film scene as an Assistant Director and Production Manager.

Credits of his work range from a Production Assistant for Syco TV (Red or Black, X Factor) Creative Development and Research for Manos Productions (Dexter, The Shield) Assistant Directing for Michael Stevenson to Production Manager for an independent feature currently in production.

In addition to his work on these productions and others, Christopher has directed his own short films, including the black comedy ‘Jumpers’.

The skills that Christopher has built up through this experience, most notably in production management and directing, make him both a highly creative and innovative story teller, and a commercially savvy film-maker. Now, drawing upon his years of involvement in film and television, Christopher is utilizing his knowledge and contacts to make his next short film ‘Chain’ and his directorial feature debut ‘Treatment’, and carve his niche in the British independent film industry.

Below is one of Chris’s earlier short films, Jumpers.


Luke’s diverse backgrounds, covering contemporary music, location sound capture and post-production for film and TV is reflected in his committed and passionate approach to soundtrack.

Luke's work is increasingly recognised in a number of award winning and world leading projects; including the Guardian’s London Shard Interactive Panorama and a number of international feature films, shorts and documentaries.



Our gratitude is immediate. You will also receive special recognition on our social media campaign. A behind the scenes and online blog will become available when production starts in early May. Copies of our artwork will be sent when the film is in post production. Electronic and physical copies of the film will be making their way to you upon completion of post production. The Imdb credit will come once we have been accepted into our first festival.


Definitely!! Any funds in excess of our target will be put back into the film and towards the development of the feature film Treatment, which is phase two of our master plan. Any people that contribute significantly towards the development will get a credit in the feature film Treatment as well as all the current perks.


Absolutely. If you can get a friend or family member to donate to our campaign and you can get this verified by the person donating. We will arrange a suitable reward for the amount donated. All help is greatly appreciated.





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