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Byron, the ultimate organ synth Introducing Innovative features like "one click control" system, "triple morph",advanced midi system and a lot more.
Roby Ran
Qiryat Yam
1 Team Member


OS- Windows

stand alone- runs on windows xp or later, both 32 and 64 bit.

VSTI- run on any 32bit \ 64bit (with a bridge) digital audio workstation. Tested on cubase, sonar, reaper ,studio one, FL studio and Abelton Live.

Meet Byron, an inspiring virtual organ on steroids.
Byron is presenting an advanced approach to playing a virtual instrument and brings the user experience to new heights with lots of Joy of creation and inspiring interface. This organ emulation offers 3 oscillators with 50 waveforms sound engine in each. Each sound engine has a secondary engine which gives you the ability to morph your driving waveform to another one and to combine the whole 3 oscillators together. This method can create tons of sounds and combinations and gives "Byron" an amazing power, flexibility and Versatility.

Groundbreaking sound designing
Apart from the engine, each oscillator has it's own sound engine designing section, envelope, powerful 5 states filter (low pass, high pass, band pass, band reject, peak) with it's own envelope, 2 LFO's (one for the amp, on for the filter) and 3 built-in effects: equalizer, tube and bass tube. As you see, in Byron, every oscillator can perform as a complete instrument. Now, imagine what's happens when
you combine the three together... 

Innovative "one click" approach

Byron shines in the interface section as well. It was developed specifically for those moments when speed of response is critical, like live sessions. Forget about tedious menus, boring drop-lists and endless wanderings in tons of options and Preferences. Byron built according to the "one click" approach.
Just one click, and you are there. No matter if it comes to choosing  a new preset or just leaping to other section, everything is bright and clear and done in a second.
This approach is particularly evident in the preset manager section; In addition to the traditional method, every preset gets it's own knob on the panel with it's name on it, and will help you to find your sounds easily and efficiently, with only on single click.

Let's get spicy
Byron's power is not limited to the engine
 and the interface, but also glides toward flavors and colors.
In the "effect section", you will find that these tools that give the perfect finish to your sound.
8 sophisticated effects (tube, bass tube, overdrive, phaser, chorus-flanger,reverb tremolo and delay) alongside detailed MIDI section.
The MIDI section contains some pioneering features like "octaver" effect, MIDI limiter (limits the MAX velocity gain to a specific value), Fixed velocity (plays any note with a specific velocity), superior
MONO MODE with portamento effect and "MIDI learn" possibility for every Significant knob.

Drawbars forever
As always, it's not an organ if there are no drawbars in it. Byron gives you the possibility to combine the beloved drawbars method and enjoy a fully organ experience.

Make your own banks
Byron uses small preset banks. only 24 presets per bank, to make sure you dont get lost in tones of possibilities. but on the other hand, you can create as many banks as you want and load them any time. 

Who are we (and what is all about) ?

We are a bunch of good friends, amateur musicians, and we decided to go with our dream, and create an advantageous music tools for both amateurs and pro's at very reasonable prices, and by that, to offer an affordable alternative to any musician, in any level. We would like to emphasize that Byron is an existing product. The main goal of this campaign is to improve it and add some more incredible features. Therefore, even if this campaign doesn't reach it's destination, all our funders will receive their perks, which will be based on Byron's current version. We gave all what we could to make it happen and only one last efferort is needed to take Byron to new heights and bring it to the world just as we wanted. That's why we need your valuable support. Help us to present the "Byron" of our dreams.           

What improvements are we planning?
we are planning to add some premium features like micro-tuning system, built in plaback player, "split keyboard" system, an advanced trancegate feature, "send effect" buttons, advanced overdrive effect and some more cool improvements that will make byron an ultimate music behemoth.
We are very excited thinking about the final result, and it will happen thanks to your encouraging and support. We invite you to leave a feedback and challenge us with any optimization suggestions and tips.

Thank you!

Byron's full features (so far):

1) "one click" master menu (instrumets, synthesis, midi\effects)
2) "one click" preset menu
3) traditional preset manager
4) load\save bank possibility
5)"one click" oscillator menu
6) oscillator's on-off knob
7) 1 main waveforms bank per oscillator
8) 1 secondary waveforms bank (for morphing) per oscillator
9) master volume knob
9) master pitch band range knob
10) waveform display window
11) "morph waveform 1+2" knob per oscillator
12) waveform amp per oscillator
13) waveform octave per oscillator
14) waveform fine-tune per oscillator
15) key velocity (MIDI note's velocity gain) per oscillator
16) amp envelope per oscillator
17) amp LFO per oscillator
18) 5 states filter per oscillator (low pass, high pass, band pass, band reject, peaking)
19) filter envelope per oscillator
20) filter LFO per oscillator
21) oscillator's e.q. (per oscillator)
22) oscillator's tube effect (per oscillator)
23) oscillator's bass tube effect (per oscillator)
24) MIDI "octaver" effect
25) MIDI limiter
26) MIDI fixed velocity
27) mono mode button
28) portamento knob for glide effect
29) "hold stolen note" button
30) "re-trigger stolen" button
31) "re-trigger new note" button
32) MIDI learn possibilty for every Significant knob
33) drawbars rack with 9 drawbars
34) master phaser effect
35) master chorus\flanger effect
36) master reverb effect
37) master delay effect
38)virtual MIDI keyboard
39) zoom menu (on stand alone)


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This campaign ended on March 27, 2014
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  • $5USD
    Giving a hand

    As Byron is released to the market, the funder will receive 25% discount at time of purchase.

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2014
  • $30USD
    The supporter

    The funder will receive both fully functional VSTI and standalone "Byron" versions.

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2014
  • $200USD
    The VIP supporter

    This perk is for funders that love the product and want the product to succeed. Besides our huge appreciation, the first 300 funders at this category will receive a personal special addition of Byron, with their own name, picture and a special dedication (of their own choice) on the software's interface. They will also receive the regular fully functional Byron as it comes out on may 2014.

    0 out of 300 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $500USD
    The golden supporter

    This is beyond the support, as this category is a little declaration of Trust and encouraging. Besides of a huge virtual hug, funders at this category will receive a personal special addition of Byron, with their own name, picture and a special dedication (of their own choice) on the software's interface. They will also receive the regular fully functional Byron as it comes out on may 2014 and their names will decorate Byron's credits at all the official Byron releases and updates.

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
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