Buy the Rob Ford drug tape

Simple as this, we want to buy the tape of Rob Ford smoking crack. I mean, who wouldn't? If we don't get it, the funds will go to the CAMH Addiction Center.


The people must know the truth. Before Rob Ford gets his sweaty mitts on this we need to buy it. 

if you haven't heard. @gawker purportedly has a tape of Rob Ford smoking crack. A reporter @johncook was shown a preview and says it is absolutely our mayor. 

If we do manage to get the tape, it will immediately go to the CBC offices in Toronto. If by chance we raise a bunch of money and don't get the tape, all money...every single dollar, will go to the Addiction Center at CAMH. 


Toronto Star Story: http://www.thestar.com/news/city_hall/2013/05/16/toronto_mayor_rob_ford_in_crack_cocaine_video_scandal.html



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