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If Mack goes, all money goes to the Longhorn Foundation, the fundraising arm of UT Athletics. If Mack stays, all money goes to the Texas Exes for scholarships.
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It's time.

Since there's nothing I can write that hasn't already been written on the subject, I'll simply point you to this article written shortly after the 2012 OU blowout (or was it 2011 - they all seem to run together). 

After getting embarrassed by BYU last Saturday and seeing the eyes of Texans become more and more focused on College Station, Waco, and Fort Worth, there can be no doubt - it's time for change, and since there are no more scapegoats left to take the fall, it has to come from the top.

* For questions concerning the "flexible funding," please see the FAQs below.

Who I am.

My name is John Adolph, and today I'm starting Longhorns For Change. I graduated from the University in 2004 as a Plan II / Government Major, and currently, I am an attorney in Dallas who looks back fondly at our national championship at the Rose Bowl.

Mack had done it. Despite all the complaints while I was a student, we had reached the peak. It was a great time to be a Longhorn, and even when Colt went down in 2010 and we had to watch Alabama celebrate their win, we all thought: we'll be back soon.

We were wrong.

Since then, we've gone 23-17 23-18. Instead of challenging for a Big XII title, the Longhorns have limped to an 11-15 conference record. At the same time, we as fans have continued to do our part - standing by the team, being loud at the games, buying burnt orange, and calling our service providers and asking for the Longhorn Network. And yet, even after Mack's mediocre performance, the University administration continues to fully support the coach. 

"Mack's fine. I know we didn't play well Saturday. Mack will know if he should be coaching or shouldn't be." - DeLoss Dodds

It's time for Mack to know he shouldn't be.

What We Need & What You Get.

We need a new coach, and hopefully, we'll all get a new coach.

We're Texas - the alumni, family, and friends of UT who regularly answer those dinnertime calls from the University, asking for a little bit of money for this program or that. Our contributions, on average, are small, but our numbers are large. While we might not be big cigars - the influential boosters on a first-name basis with President Powers and DeLoss Dodds - working together, we can make our voice heard in the Tower and Bellmont when we tell them: it's not "Mack Brown Texas Football" - it's "Texas Football." 

By uniting our support, crowdfunding a large donation, and attracting as much attention as possible, we can make a difference in how our University is run.

Per the terms of Mack's contract, the University will owe Mack $2,750,000 if he's fired this year.

  • If Mack Brown is no longer the coach of the Longhorns on National Signing Day (Wednesday, February 5, 2014), I will give all the money raised to the Longhorn Foundation, the fundraising arm of the Texas Athletic Department (after deducting costs for (1) Indiegogo, (2) a comically large check to be donated to the University and (3) a cheap gold watch with "...and OU still sucks!" written on the face, to be given to Mack as a sign of no hard feelings.)

  • If Mack Brown is still the coach of the Longhorns on National Signing Day, I will give all the money raised to the Texas Exes, for specific contribution to the Forty Acres Scholars Program, "the premier full-ride, merit-based scholarship to the University."

  • Notwithstanding item 1, in the event we raise over $2,750,000 and Mack Brown is no longer the coach of the Longhorns on National Signing Day, the excess will be given to the Texas Exes. 

Other Ways You Can Help

While this might sound like a huge order, together, we can make our voices heard. And with 50,000 current students and hundreds of thousands of alumni, we can make a difference and show the University that it's not "Mack Brown Texas Football" - it's Texas Football.

If you can't contribute but still want to help:

Hook 'em, and remember...

We're Texas.

* Longhorns For Change is not affiliated with The University of Texas at Austin, the Longhorn Foundation, or the Texas Exes. We are an independent group of alumni, fans, and friends of the University who want to have a positive impact on our football program. 


FAQs. (updated 9/14/13)

"Heh. That's funny. Wait, is this not a joke?"

Nope, not a joke. Boosters making large donations have strong influence in Bellmont. This is an attempt to aggregate minor donations to have a voice as well.

"But this campaign is flexible funding, which means you'll get the money whether we hit the goal or not. What are you going to do with it?"

Exactly what I promised. If Mack is no longer our coach on National Signing Day, any money collected (plus any interest generated while I'm holding it) will got to the Longhorn Foundation. If Mack is still our coach on National Signing Day, any money collected (plus any interest generated while I'm holding it) will go to the Texas Exes.

"Why the Longhorn Foundation?"

The Longhorn Foundation is the fundraising arm of the University of Texas Athletic Department. As such, it is the closest organization we can donate to to make sure our contributions go toward supporting the football program. Since the Athletic Department will be on the hook for Mack's buyout, this would be our way to reimburse the University for making the decision.

"OK, but why the Texas Exes?"

I wanted to find another University cause that we could get behind in the alternative. Supporting the alumni association's efforts to award full-ride scholarships seemed like a good option. You know, for the kids.

"Sounds like a good cause, but why isn't the money going directly to either cause?"

A few reasons. While Indiegogo supports donations to non-profit causes, there is no way to make a contingent gift to two different causes. Additionally, the Longhorn Foundation, as an arm of a government entity (the University), is a 170(c) organization and not a 501(c)(3), the only type of non-profit currently supported by Indiegogo.

"I'm still not sure. Can I contact you for more information?"

Absolutely. You can email me at We can discuss via email or, if you would like, can arrange a phone call.

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