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TNR groups microchip feral, free-roaming & homeless cats. We need to purchase special wand scanners for shelters and clinic so they can more easily be scanned.
Susan Hunt
Contra Costa County, California
United States
2 Team Members

Tomorrow  Sunday is the last day - understanding where we are

WE HAVE MET OUR GOAL and we will be purchasing the three life-saving wand style scanners for Antioch Shelter, Pinole Shelter and Fix Our Ferals Clinics. Any extra over the goal is appreciate for our spay and neuter fund!

Thank you so much for caring.

We are getting there but have a ways to go so PLEASE HELP US. We have raised enough money to buy two scanners for the Antioch and Pinole shelters. That leaves one more scanner we desparately need for our non-profit Fix Our Ferals clinic.

This clinic in Richmond, California supports counties within the San Francisco Bay Area but particularly Alameda and Contra Costa. This clinic is the "go to" place for the public and rescue groups to have the free-roaming cats sterized and ear-tipped.  

Fix Our Feral clinic scans for microchips so that free-roaming cats can be returned to their colony or caregiver when they get lost. It is imperative we get this clinic a wand scanner. Please help.

What We Need & What You Get

We need a total of $2,400 to buy three AVID wand style microchip scanners that cost $800 each (including tax and shipping):

  • One scanner for the Antioch, CA Shelter for $800
  • One scanner for the Pinole, CA shelter for $800
  • One scanner for the Fix Our Ferals Spay/Neuter Clinic for $800

Your perk is very special. You will contribute to saving many cat's lives and re-uniting them with their caretaker.

If we receive less than $2,400 - then we will puchase as many scanners as we can. If we can only purchase one, then it will go to the Antioch Shelter. If we get enough for two scanners then it will go to Antioch and Pinole Shelters. Any let over funds will be used for the Cat Support Network spay and neuter fund.

The Impact

As the video shows, the typical hand-held style scanner does not work well for an aggressive cat especially in a trap or carrier. The wand style scanner is perfect for these situations. If we can detect a microchip in cats being turned into the shelter or at the clinic - we will be notified and can return the cat to it's neighborhood just like Kola was. If the cat cannot be scanned effectively, the chip will be missed and the cat will be euthanized at the shelter. For almost all aggressive cats, the shelter is the end of the line. But many of these cats are actually friendly but just scared to death. It is likely they belong to someone or at the least, being fed by someone. That is why as we help t spay/neuter them, we also microchip them.

True Story from Fix Our Ferals in Richmond, CA

On April 9th, 2013 FOF reunited a black cat with his owner after being lost for 15 months.  Kola was lost in El Sobrante on October 28th, 2011 at 7 months old.  The windows in the house were being replaced and Kola slipped out.  Kola was trapped in Pinole and brought into the Fix Our Ferals Center on April 9th to be neutered/spayed.  Because he had a microchip and the owners had registered him--we were able to reunite Kola with his family.  According to the letter sent to us by his extremely grateful and happy family--he behaves as if he was only away for a few days and not 15 months!

FOF Clinic was able to scan Kola with a hand-held scanner but if he had been too aggressive, this would have been very difficult. READ ABOUT OUR SOLUTION:


Cat Support Network and Fix Our Ferals (both non-profits) provide Trap-Neuter-Return support in Conta Costa County* to help community cats** live a healthy and safe life in our neighborhoods. Most have caretakers that provide food and medical oversight at varying levels.

* (Contra Costa County is part of the San Francisco Bay Area in CA) **(Community cats that are free-roaming, feral and homeless)

To ensure these TNR cats can be returned to their neighborhood, our organizations microchip these community cats so that if they are trapped and turned into the shelter or taken to a clinic for spay/neuter surgery then they can be returned. BUT this only works if they can be scanned and the microchip found.

With a conventioanl hand-help scanner this can be problematic (watch our video). AVID has developed a "wand" microchip scanner that provides the ease for the staff to scan the cat for a chip. The technician can easily and safely check all animals confined in a trap or cage without fear of bites, scratches or escapes. If a chip is located, the cat is returned to the caretaker. If no microchip is detected, it is likely for these cats in the shelter to be euthanized. 

A donation was received for the first scanner we are now using at the Martinez Animal Shelter (used in the video) and the staff RAVES about it. IT IS SAVING LIVES. 


Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot make a monetary donation but you care about cats, here are some more ideas to make a difference for community cats:

  1. Make sure all your neighborhood cats are spayed and neutered. At the time of surgery have the vet notch or tip one of the cat’s ears. A notch or a tip removed from the ear is a universal designation that indicates a cat has been altered.                                                                                                                                            
  2. Get female cats spayed to prevent them from having litters. It is a hard life for the un-spayed mama cat and compounds the problem of keeping kittens alive in the outdoors.
  3. Get male cats neutered so they do not fight with other neighborhood cats. Fighting promotes injury and disease.
  4. Provide food and clean water for free-roaming cats. Remove food dishes at night to avoid raccoons.
  5. Foster a homeless cat or litter of kittens abandoned in your neighborhood. Contact your local rescue group for help finding homes for socialized kittens. Notify your local rescue group if you find a mama and kittens to coordinate the best time to spay the mama. Female cats can get pregnant while they are still nursing the litter. 
  6. Help elderly and/or low-income residents get their pets and back-yard cats to the vet for altering.
  7. Set up a donation jar at neighborhood garage sales and use the proceeds to fix your neighborhood homeless cats.
  8. Sponsor a food and litter drive for your low-income and elderly neighbors.
  9. Visit websites for more information www.catsupport.net and fixourferals.org for more ideas. 

AND PLEASE ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about your campaign! 

AND OF COURSE remind them to use the Indiegogo share tools!

Thank you so much for reading through to this point - thank you for caring!

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