Butcher: Sausages & Charcuterie

Sausage and charcuterie business using all local products!


Welcome to the wurst idea!  The Butcher will be a sausage & charcuterie shop making everything from scratch with local ingredients, headed by Chef Joshua Boyd of Carmon's Bistro fame.  He has decided to stay in Urbana to partake in this project!  We promise to keep everything as local as humanly possible, as we believe that this is the only way to assure quality, reduce our carbon foot print, & support our local economy.


After many years of traveling & cooking in different cities, Josh has concluded that this is the best city in America with a great art & cultural scene that is normally impossible to find in a smaller community.  He wants The Butcher to be his gift to Champaign-Urbana, providing a wide array of sausages, house cured bacon, smoked hams, and much much more.


The goal at first is to sell our products to local restaurants, Common Ground Food Co-op, & at the farmers market.  Our production kitchen will be based in downtown Urbana in hopes to help the Downtown Urbana revitilization movement.  As The Butcher grows, we plan to expand our production kitchen to a store front that we can sell our products out of along with a small dine in menu that will also be completely local.


The money we are asking for will be for equipment, licensing, and cushion money to assure that this project stays affloat.  What we are asking for is just what we need to get us over that financial hump!

We realize that not everyone can help financially, so for those who can't, we ask you to spread the word & help get people excited about this project.  Help us help Champaign-Urbana become ever cooler!

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