Bus Art Project

To transform our buses into iconic mobile pieces of art that inspire people to appreciate craft beer.

Bringing Art + Beer Together

Goal: To transform our buses into iconic mobile pieces of art that inspire people to appreciate craft beer.

What Is The Project All About?

Our mission is raise enough funds to so that we can get two full decal wraps as well as the necessary mechanical repairs for our two short buses, Angel & Rosie.  The project will require a collaboration of many people working together to make it happen. Our vision is to have these buses embody the spirit of craft beer and the environment of Portland by being cultural landmarks for both visitors and locals. 

We have already begun the process. A local photographer, Deborah Jutz (BluView Photography) and a bunch of volunteers got together on a sunny Friday afternoon for a photoshoot. The idea is to show REAL people enjoying the BREWVANA experience in color, on top of the background.  The people are all wearing nametags and pretzel necklaces and holding beer with happy faces. BREWVANA is not just about the beer, it's really about the people. The plan is to have the images of the people in color, along with the BREWVANA logo on top of the collage of the environment of beer in Portland in the background. Here are the people we shot:

Next, we need to create the background, the environment. Photographer Aaron Filipowsky (ASF Shoots) has taken photos for us to use in the design including hops, barley, water, mountains, water, benson bubblers, bikes, bridges,  kegs, etc- any images he could find to build the environment of craft beer in Portland and the Northwest.  Next, our bus art designer, Cassandra Stemler is responsible for the design portion. First, she had to measure the buses to know what her canvas looked like. 

Whoa- thats a HUGE canvas! The next step is to take the photos as well as other images and collage them together to create the art.

And that’s how far we’ve gotten with the project. We are currently working on finalizing the design. The next step is to fix the repairs on the vehicles,  produce the wraps, apply them, and start rolling!

Just as water is to beer, our buses are to our business- we couldn’t make it without them! Our buses safely transport beer enthusiasts to and from breweries while providing the Ultimate Craft Beer Tour Experience. Now it’s time to show them some love with mechanical repairs as well as full decal wraps so they’re up to snuff with a brand spankin’ new look. These buses will truly represent the BREWVANA experience and our brand.

What Is the Cost Of This Project?

Our goal of $10,000 will pay for the following:

          -Creation of the bus art design

          -Repairs to the vehicle

          -Production and application of the wraps

Our stretch goal of $25,000 will pay for the following:  

          -An additional vehicle  

          -Permits and licenses to extend tours to Washington

Why Should YOU Donate?

Just as beer can unite anyone and everyone, so can art. Through art we are reminded why craft beer is so vital to the happiness and livelihood of the local community. BREWVANA’s mission is to support and promote the history, culture and community of the craft beer industry. These buses serve as champions for the craft beer community, rallying all levels of beer lovers both near and far, from eager newbies to seasoned vets, to enjoy Portland’s many breweries. By donating to our cause, you’ll allow us to complete our bus art project,  transport beer lovers both safely AND in style and allow us to expand to reach more Northwest beer destinations. More importantly, you will be helping to promote other local businesses, the toursim industry, the economy in Oregon AND craft beer everywhere! Did we mention our super sweet perks?

Our Perks

Since our project is all about combining art and beer, so do our gifts! With all of our $25+ perks, you will get an awesome Art Poster designed and designed by the bus artist!!  Other perks include hand-crafted beer koozies, beer art coasters, wall mounted bottle openers, and even beer soap! Higher perk levels include joyrides on the newly transformed buses with your friends.  All of our perks are created with love. 

We always try to support our friends in the community so supplies used to craft our gifts were specifically chosen from local businesses. By choosing local we're able to support and promote the wonderful small businesses of the Pacific Northwest. All rewards are made with love. Check out our perks page for more pics and to see what local businesses we partnered with to create your gifts!

11x17 poster designed and signed by the bus design artist, Cassandra Stemler.

We love ART and BEER!

What YOU can do to help:

A donation of ANY amount will get us closer to reaching our goal.  We would also appreciate you sharing this page with your friends, family, loved ones and enemies, anyone who you think would appreciate our cause and support us in reaching our goal. 


Team on This Campaign: