Bungee: Virtual Lost & Found

BUNGEE links anything you own to your cellphone + email so if it is lost, it is easily returned.

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Press Updates Since the Launch of the Campaign:



"New York startup Bungee is here to save the day. Their new Virtual Lost+Found service is an innovative and simple way to retrieve your most important can’t-lose items (that you’ve lost.)"- TechnologyTell.com

"It is the simplicity, speed, and direct live conversation which makes Bungee different and innovative."- StartUpBeat.com

"The biggest difference between Bungee and an app like Find My iPhone.... is that....is directed toward the finder"- PandoDaily.com

"Bungee Virtual Lost+Found introduces innovative technology to facilitate the return of lost valuables."- Yahoo Finance

Bungee Virtual Lost+Found is can help alleviate this problem with technology and a simple sticker tag - Examiner.com


Losing Stuff Stinks!  That's why we've created Bungee.



Who are we?

We are Bryan Davis and AJ Bontempo. 

Both of us are idea guys (obviously).  We live in New York and we have been great friends since we worked on our first project together in 2004: a nightclub/performance space called The Darklight. We have been working together on one thing or another ever since.

AJ is from Toms River, NJ and is a graduate of Towson State University where he played football and majored in Business.  He is an Italian food connosieur and makes his living in the restaurant business and has co-founded 2 places in NYC (www.cottanyc.com, www.thedinernyc.com). He is working to open Carroll Place a restaurant/live music venue in the summer of 2013.

A graduate of Brown University (Psychology) where he played JV hockey, Bryan hails from St. Louis, MO.  He is a former restaurant/nightclub operator who's brush with fame came when he opened a restaurant in Miami Beach with Lil Jon, Lil Wayne, and Big Boi among others.  He currently DJ's in NYC to pay the bills and fund his projects.  In October 2012, Bryan launched Teddy Stratford: a line of fitted men's shirts handmade in NYC (www.teddystratford.com).


Protect all your stuff for LIFE for only $25?  Its crazy we know


What does Bungee do?

Bungee allows people to anonymously tag anything they own and link it to their cell phone and email.  When a lost item is found, the tag instructs the finder to send a text to Bungee.  Bungee notifies the owner (via text & email) and bridges an anonymous text conversation with the finder so that the stuff can be returned. Bungee is fully automated.  

And Bungee works!  We have tested our prototypes all over the USA and consistently have had property returned by finders.


If you would like to see a demo of how Bungee works if you had lost something,   text bungee to: 1-917-746-0333.


Why does Bungee work?

At first we were shocked at how well Bungee worked but after we thought about it, it made sense.  Most people are honest (plus what can they do with a locked iphone, random set of keys, or sunglasses that don't fit their face?) and Bungee makes it easy to do the right thing.

"There's nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come"

We have been working on Bungee for the past few years in our spare time and when we had enough money to move the project forward.  A couple of years ago we thought we had our big break when we licensed the product to a marketer who was going to sell it on TV.  The project was abandoned because because "not enough people" used text message!!! 

How times have changed.....With everyone and (literally) their grandparents using smart phones and text messaging, we think the world is ready for Bungee.

Bungee works internationally and can be easily set up to work from other country codes as well (at the moment it runs through a USA number).

Everything Bungee manufactures is Made in the USA.


What You Will Recieve:


  • Campaign Ends March 15th
  • Tag Packs will be in hand and user interface will be finished by April 1st.
  • You will receive your Bungee Perks in the mail by April 15th

Where will the funds go?

We are raising $10,000 to:

  • Finish our online user interface and round out our email and text message systems
  • Order our first shipment of Bungee tags
  • Launch Bungee into orbit.

If you can't back us, please know that sharing our idea on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc....using the share tools would help us tremendously!  Thank you for your support!


A-HA Moments:

February 2008: After designing a keychain, we wanted to add an "if found drop in the mailbox" feature.  One of us said to the other (don't remember who), "I wonder if we could figure out how to do this with text message".  The idea didn't seem too far fetched.

New Years Eve 2009:  Before Bungee had been named and put on anything other than keys, Bryan purposely lost his keys in the middle of Manhattan on the busiest and wildest night of the year.  While at a New Years Eve celebration he received a text at around 1 am and had his keys in his hand a few minutes later: "This Thing Works!"


Beta:  We sent out 400 Beta tag packs to friends and family and have had several real life losses and returns.  Some of thier testimonials are below:


Sarah Wilde, Madison, WI:  "On vacation in Maine, I left my purse at a restaurant. My phone, with a Bungee tag, was in the purse.  Because of Bungee I still have the iPhone and the purse!"

Don Braca, West Palm Beach, FL: "I forgot my Mac on a plane in Miami.  Before I even knew it was missing, I got a text telling me it had been found."

Alan Bontempo, Toms River, NJ: "Like a moron I forgot my iPhone at a wedding in Baltimore.  The next day I got an email saying I could pick it up at the front desk of the hotel."

Danielle Lacko, Fairfield, CT: "On a walk through the city, my keys fell out of my hoodie. Before I knew I had dropped them I got a text message telling me that they had been found." 

Bethanne Baker, Los Angeles:  "I left my jacket at a teachers' conference. Luckily Bungee was attached to the keys in the pocket and I got both back."                                                                              


Bungee FAQ

Where does Bungee work?
Bungee works internationally anywhere in the world were text messaging and internet/email work.

What cell phone carriers does Bungee work with?
Bungee works with all of the major cell phone carriers in the United States and in most other countries in the world as long as international texting capabilities are active. As long as you have text message capability on your phone (and who doesn't?) you are good to go.

Do I have to activate Bungee?
Yes. You must go through the activation process either via text message or on our website (here). If Bungee is not activated, it will not work.

Will you return my property?
No. Bungee is a system that allows two parties to communicate anonymously and safely in order to arrange a return.

What if I lose my cell phone?
Bungee works through text message and email so if you have lost your cell phone, you will be notified via email.

What if I change my phone number or email address?
If you change any of your information, you can update it in our account section

I lost something. What should I do?
Do what you would normally do if you lost something. Bungee works when the finder takes action and sometimes lost property ends up in lost and found departments or with the police. Make sure that you check with the appropriate parties. In other words, don’t just sit there and do nothing.

I found something. What should I do?
Follow the instructions on the tag and send a text message or you may report the find at bungeetags.com/found.

How does Bungee protect my privacy?
Bungee allows you to label your property without putting personal information on it. When the property is found, Bungee bridges an anonymous conversation (through our system) between you and the finder. Your telephone number and email are never revealed by us.

Can I link more than one account to my cell phone and email?
Yes, you may link an unlimited amount of serial numbers/accounts to your cell phone number and email.

Do I have to register separately for each piece of property?
Generally no. If the tags that you are putting on each piece of property have the same serial number on them (and they do if they came together), you only have to activate the serial number once. But for each unique serial number you have to go through the activation process.


Small print note: All people in the video gave their consent to be filmed however, some names may not be accurate.  If you see yourself in the video and we got your name wrong.....Sorry!!  We will take better notes next time. 

 For more information contact: bryan@bungeetags.com

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