Bungajungle for Apple iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows Devices

Anodized Aluminium, Universal, versatile, and minimal stands for your iPads (tablets), iPhones, laptops, and cameras. Simply stands Apple should have made!

Tablets, laptops, phones are meant to be mobile, yet the stands that I have come across just didn't offer that mobility.  I didn't want to be stuck in one position or place. With other stands I found secure attaching, and  removal of devices was an issue.  This is why I made these stands.  


Cutting edge patent pending magnetic shielding technology offers instant secure attachment and fast easy detachment

Original patent pending biflex bipod design brings together the right flexibilty and geometrics, offer unparalleled versatility

Simple, minimal,  and light wieght

Compatible with Apple iPad, iPhone, Macbook, Android, Windows, Blackberry

Standard camera mounting screw for DSLR, Camcorders, GoPro

Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet 

Neodymium rare earth magnets comprise the attachment system.  They are strong enough to secure your device while simultaneously allowing you to detach it from the stand with ease.

CNC Machining/Anodized Aluminum

To create a strong product we precision machined high grade aluminum. The final product will be bead blasted and anodized.

3M adhesiveWe use innovative 3M VHB tape to ensure your attachment disks stay in place. To safely remove the tape, swab rubbing alcohol between the device and tape and the bond will dissolve and easily come off residue free.

Our Team

  Ananda Svarupa - Founder and Inventor

 Dan Martinez -  Industrial Designer

 Karni Kahlon - Co-founder


Our Team

Ananda Svarupa Das - Founder and inventor of Bungajungle products.  So far he has introduced 4 products and more are coming.  His creativity is harnessed in having an unusual background of education, lifestyle and pursuit of spiritual consciousness.  The products presented by Ananda show that simplicity is the key to function - that can be applied in any field from product design to how we eat, sleep and live.

Dan Martinez – Our industrial engineering specialist out of Los Angeles- Dan has been working with us since we first began preliminary designs. With his help and 25 years of experience of bringing products to life from concept to product. Dan has been indispensable in his knowledge and manufacturing connections in Asia, North America and his home town of LA where our first batch of Bungajungle’s are being assembled.

Karni Kahlon – Has been an integral part of Bungajungle's success. From his financial support, to marketing and manufacturing knowledge, without Karni we would not be here. For 20 years he has owned several companies, and has diverse knowledge in running small businesses and delivering quality service to customers.

Risks and Challenges

Although our prototype exceeded our expectations and was a great working product, we knew that we wanted to really have the latest technology to provide the greatest benefit to the end users. The addition of magnetic shielding helped us to be on the on the cutting edge.  This allowed the us to include hard disk laptops, Macbooks and take away the worry for any long term damage to devices from the association with magnets. Changes like these can be challenging, but in the end they help to create a better product.

We have secured an assembly house and suppliers here in the United States, so our first assembly will take place here in the USA supplying our batch that is already committed to our first round of pledgers.  With that, it will allow us keep track of quality control more closely.  With, changes, supplier lead time, and shipping time, unforeseen issues can always arise, and that is why we have chosen to expedite our manufacturing by doing ourselves here in the USA for 2013..

We however need more capital to finalize our product and secure large orders in Asia. Our initial startup costs have been covered by our investors, but we are seeking capital so that we can fulfill larger orders and have a more reasonable operating budget, and of course fulfill the orders of our Indiegogo contributors.  Our supporters on Crwodfunding are our number one priority and they will be the first to receive our next batch of stands/mounts.  Many of our interested parties are located in booming economies like Brazil, Russia, India and Turkey and we are eager to supply our partners with our amazing product line as soon as possible.

Please help us make this a reality sooner.  

Every pledge counts, every share and click helps.  

Thank You All For Your Support

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