BULLYPROOF! The real Christmas Story

Raising money for Bully Prevention programs.


Hi, I'm Zack Ward and I am Scut Farkus. (Yup, it's Scut, not Scott)

I've been fortunate enough to perform in some amazing projects, but my most cherished is "A Christmas Story". It's been incredible sharing Christmas with every family in America for the last 29 years, and with the 30th anniversary of ACS this holiday season I wanted to show my appreciation by giving back, so I'm raising money for Bully Prevention and After School Programs.

The idea of Bullying has changed. Society has gotten smarter and more aware of the short and long term damage it causes. It effects all races, sexes, religions and ages. It's time for us to end it. And we can.

You can help us create programs for kids in underserved schools and communities. We can show them that there is a choice for both the victim AND the bully, to change and enrich their lives, and then pay it forward. We envision a world of young, kind hearted mentors, that find inner strength and gain confidence by helping their peers succeed. A true synergy for our children and our country. 

What We Need & What You Get

We want to raise $10k and donate it to the community program that can use it the most. 

Some incredible artists have donated their time and talent to make some awesome stuff for you wonderful people. I take my big furry hat off to Adam Ostegard and Ryan Tinnerman. Thank you gentlemen! 


So take a look at the cool posters and t-shirt ideas and tell me which one is your favorite. Your votes decide which ones we make so have fun!

Aside from making kids smile and just being awesome, you will receive:

$5-$15 = A big hug and download any of the art you like to print out. I can't send stuff at this price point or I'd be losing more money than I'm raising and that would be dumb. 

$20-$30 = A signed mini-poster of your choice mailed inside the continental U.S.A. Sorry Europe, that postage is CRAZY!

$35-$50 = Same as above plus autographed Scut Farkus picture.

$60-$80 = Same as above and the script cover page of "A Christmas Story" signed by me.

$100 = Same as above and pick a T-SHIRT!! We've got lots of designs and based on which one you vote for will be the one we roll with. This is gonna be hard as they are all amazing. 

$200 = The above and the limited edition Scut Farkus action figure. Only 1100 left in the world.

$1000.  Now we're serious. All the above and we'll do it up right by making it a  movie night! Invite your friends and we'll screen your favorite Christmas movie in your house. I'll answer all your questions and promise to be nice to all your guest. We'll have so much fun I promise your neighbors will be crazy jealous. My private jet is still in the shop, so we've got to be close enough or you fly to me. Either way, you are the official KING and QUEEN of awesomeness.  

The Impact

We can make a HUGE difference and all it takes is somebody caring enough to listen. I was the new kid in at least 6 different schools before Junior High. I came from a single parent family. My mom did the best she could while she was working two jobs, but honestly, I was mad…a lot. I got into a lot of fights because I didn't  know how to handle all my anger and frustration.  

When I was 10, I studied fencing (fancy sword fighting) at the local Boys & Girls Club. It  turned my rage into creative action and, very quickly, my anger started to dissipate. Fencing isn't about being stronger or being angrier, you can't use "The Dark side" to win a match. It was the physical training, sharpening my intellect and learning techniques that not only helped me win matches, but prepared me for winning at life. It was the PATIENCE and LISTENING of my coach that changed my self image. That's all it takes. And we can give it to them.

Kids don't BULLY when they believe in themselves. 

Kids don't get BULLIED when they believe in themselves.

We can help kids open the door to what’s already inside them, their own amazing positive potential. 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't make a donation, don't despair! You can still be AWESOME! Social media the snot out of this page and get the word out! Just look at the Indiegogo share tools on this page, they're pretty clever and easy to use. Make as much noise about this campaign as possible and I promise you'll get a warm happy feeling in your belly where frustration used to sit. And that's the best Christmas present ever : )


Zack Ward

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