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Find our first 200 beta test customers; have them tell us what to build first & what they want most; & raise the money to build our initial launch site.
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2-18-2013 to 4-19-2013

Overview and summary       We have great news!

There ARE a set of things that cause permanent fat loss.  
Each one is tested to work!
Each one is sustainable so the fat stays off!
(We know this because of people doing each thing successfully or by studies at universities, medical schools, or research institutes.)
Not only that but people in studies of programs to lose fat weight that just use some of these methods, found that having support while losing fat DOUBLED the number of people who succeed.
And those people lost more fat than people who didn't have that ongoing support.
What if there was a support site that systematically taught ALL those methods?  
What if it helped people get started right at first?  What if it helped people overcome problems doing those things?  
What if it helped them get really good at each one?
We think that means over 90% of people who are willing to make an effort to lose fat, can lose their fat AND keep it off -- IF there was a support site that did all that.
Though there are many partial efforts that do help people lose fat, such a support site that is good at EACH part does not now exist.
So, we are building one!
1.  So if you have fat you want to get rid of and never have it come back,
feel free to skip ahead to the Perks section and read just before it what 10 of these methods are and become a charter and beta member!
YOU are who we are doing this for!
2.  And, if enough people learn and follow that lifestyle, thousands of people now getting expensive to treat diseases and becoming less able to work from avoidable diseases, will stay healthy instead.  Your health care coverage will stop going up so fast AND our economy will improve.
Those are our two missions.  Help lots of people lose fat they keep off.  And help enough people do so, we make a real difference and remove the drag on our economy caused by these avoidable health care costs and lowered productivity.
If you support either of our two missions, please contribute to our efforts here!
If you do support our missions, feel free to skip to the Perks section and do so!  
Sure, $5,000 or even $70 would be nice -- GREAT actually.
But even $5 will help!

 (For either one, scan down until the part just  after the:



Here's more detail if you'd like:

Good Day,

Why I’m doing this is simple. It has two parts.

1.  First, I’m a fellow struggler in trying to lose fat and keep it off.

a) Despite my not being overweight my belly is too fat. I'm finally getting rid of it!

b) I've long known how people with horrible lifestyles can easily lose from 40 to well over 400 pounds and keep it off with health oriented lifestyle upgrades. It's even easy if you do it because you don't get more hungry.

c) I now know how to lose my belly fat and my last 24 pounds of excess fat & my efforts are now working. This set of techniques also speeds fat loss for everyone.

d) There are not now really usable and effective fat loss support sites. Some sites are useful for some people; but none are as good as what I now know how to build. They also offer only parts of what people need to know & do. To succeed, people need a more compete solution with all the needed parts!

I know what works, how to teach it, and how to help people solve problems and keep going long enough to make their fat loss permanent.

So I'm now building that fat loss support site and am beginning to build a strong team.

So I'm asking your help.  And, if you want to have that help yourself you get a real deal and extra help, become a founding member at a discount at the $50 level.  

(Our planned monthly fee of $10 a month for a year is $120. And, we will give our founding members 18 months from when we launch plus immediate information.)

Losing fat that never returns is a challenge that many people don't master.

We show you how to do it in small bits using methods proven to work that you CAN do.  

And we give you an unfair advantage to make it likely doing each one will work for you!

e) Once it is launched and fully developed, I know enough about internet marketing to make it the world's biggest weight loss site.

The longer more complete version:

I’m middle aged.  I have a very sedentary job.  My favorite recreations like reading and watching movies and eating at restaurants all are sedentary too.

Worse, I love food and love to eat.  I have a sweet tooth and really like many kinds of sweets. Our daughter noticed when she visited her grandparents that her grandfather almost always finished his dessert first and sometimes had seconds.  And, I find I’m my father’s son. 

But I still managed to find methods I could do to lose 30 pounds and have kept off 28.  And, each of those things I still do!

More recently, I’ve finally learned enough things and tried them that worked that I’m finally beginning to be in real control of my own fat loss process.

I’m well on my way to losing my last 24 pounds of excess fat which is mostly in my belly.

I’ve finally found a kind of strength training that adds muscle that I CAN do.  And I can already feel it’s working.

And, I’ve found two things preventing my fat loss beyond what I’d done. So by taking some steps to remove those hidden road blocks, I could lose a bit more fat too!  I’ve just begun that and it IS working!

The very good news for our upcoming fat loss support site is this.  I’ve found what I’ve learned to do, I can teach other people to do that thing effectively too. 

I know how I learned it.  I often know why it works.  And, many of my family members growing up were superb teachers and coaches.  And, I saw first hand what they did. 

You show you know your students can succeed and you make it easy to take the steps to begin the process.  Then they try it that way and DO succeed.  It’s quite literally empowering to be taught that way.  I KNOW it is!

So, I now have the beginning of the knowledge base needed to teach people how to lose fat and keep it off.

Plus I’ve studied how to help people do these things and recover if they don’t do them perfectly at first.  I didn’t know many things to do at first or do the things I did know to do perfectly at first either.

But our customers will start at the in-control level I’ve reached now.

So, I have real confidence that our fat loss support site will be the most effective for its members that has yet been seen because of this.

Yet there is even more.  We now know how to give people several kinds of extra leverage on their fat loss.  By using those extra levers, you get great staying power.  No matter what problems try to derail you or do cause you set backs, you’re still doing well with some of those levers!

One of the most important of these strategies is to focus on effective methods that produce fat loss with minimum extra hunger and are doable enough to keep as permanent lifestyle upgrades.  This is because temporary cutbacks of too many calories do make people hungry all the time.  Often this triggers the failsafe famine response that slashes your energy level and makes you hungry and stops your fat loss.  

That leads to not losing all your excess fat and not keeping any of it off!

Our solution, by contrast, delivers permanent results.

To master these strategies and keep doing them long enough DOES become dramatically more likely with good and ongoing support.

Therefore, our fat loss support site will teach these effective methods and provide that support!

We really do expect to get to an 80 to 95% success rate or better!

So, if you have fat you’d like to get rid off, keep off, and be in control of the process, we’d love to have you as a beta customer and help you do just that.

But more than that, as a beta customer, we will build the parts first that you want most or think would help you most.

We’ll do our best to include solutions to the problems you’ve had and want to solve and do that first also.

Our first version will literally be custom built to deliver what YOU want!

We have many parts already to start with. Everyone who signs up as a beta customer at the $50 level will get those articles by email.

Losing fat that never returns is a challenge that many people don't master.

We show you how to do it in small bits you CAN do and give you an unfair advantage to make it likely doing each one will work for you!

So, if that appeals to you, see our $50 beta customer section and sign up.

2. In terms of the good we can do if we reach our larger goals, this is a very high impact project!

The second reason is we hope to help our economy avoid the huge & excessive drag from avoidable health care costs!

Out of control obesity kills people and makes them suffer too.

 Michael Bloomberg stated that out of control obesity kills 5,000 people every day!  

The study his comment is based on is quite accurate by the way.  The fattening foods and drinks ARE known to cause the diseases producing these deaths!

That's in addition to the billions of dollars a month obesity costs in avoidable health care costs.

In the process it makes many people sick and less able.  It even hurts -- because obese people have more joint damage and pain and other minor pains than people who aren't.

If we are as successful as we intend and plan to be, we will change the way the majority of people live and eat from harmful and fattening to the reverse.

The solutions are simple but getting enough people to use them is not easy to fix and without a change agent like the one we are building it may not be fixed!

Completely avoidable health care costs, or very nearly so, are now so high they are beginning to brake our economy. 

This fact is enough to keep us in recessionary times BY ITSELF.  These problems are wasting BILLIONS of dollars a week!

Right now, almost everyone has limited health coverage and it costs three times what it used to cost for better coverage.

So people can’t buy other products with the money that costs them and our economy stagnates.

YOU may be poorer yourself because of these endless health care coverage increases!

The underlying costs of fighting these avoidable diseases are rapidly going up.  Worse, they are mostly ineffective and even cause other more expensive and harmful problems as side effects.

The methods that produce permanent fat loss include switching from foods and drinks which cause that health harm and fatten those who consume them -- TO foods and drinks that support health and a body free of excess fat instead.

Our socially beneficial mission is to cause the majority of our people to switch from doing it all wrong to doing it all right.

The evidence suggests that can cut our health care costs by up to 75% and help avoid any further increases.

Even better, the people who do these things right will be more productive and effective than they otherwise would have been.

And, they will do it for many more years!  They will do it decades longer in many cases.

So, our economy will produce more value at far lower cost once that happens!

We’ll still have other problems to be sure.  But healthcare costs will no longer tie one hand behind our backs in solving those other problems and be one of the worst problems in the list too!

Imagine a world where things like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart attacks and strokes and mental decline have become rare and most people avoid having those problems slow them down or stop them from working or enjoying their lives

So, if you are one who’d like to join us in that fight, go to our $5,000 level or our $1,000 level or our $500 level or our $100 level and help us get to it!

In fact, even $5 will help.  (We have that level too!)

What We Need & What You Get

What we need and what it will enable us to do.

The $35,000 (or the smaller or larger amount we raise) will go to three main places--and for the needed legal work and paperwork and tracking also.  

1.  The most important of these at first is to build the technical parts of the support site.  I'm not technical and short on time even if I was.

Each part needs to be easy to use and understand.  Some people in our market won't guess where things might be hidden that an easy to use site would simply show directly.

Each part from sign up to renewal to using each feature on the site needs to operate error free 100% of the time.  And, it needs to be able to go seemlessly from a few users a day to over 10,000 users a day and then to more than that with short notice.

People who can do this kind of work exist.  But to get one who will build it quickly for us and who also speaks regular English and not just be able to talk to other web developers etc and do excellent work and repair any glitches found very quickly will cause us to need to budget as much as possible to do this.  I'm hoping this will cost $10,000 or less.  But I'd be unsurprised if it costs more.

2. I'll need some money to defray my personal expenses as we build the site.  $9,000 will likely be enough; but $15,000 would be better.

3.  We will form a legal entity, and LLC at first, most likely; and set up books to keep track of our funds for taxes and to keep us profitable and in business.  We'll need $2500 to start and $5,000 or more would be better.

4.  ALL of the balance will be spent to do the marketing to get new members for the site. The more new members we get and keep, the more succesful we will be both as a business and in helping more people succeed with fat loss.

$5,000 might well be enough to start the ball rolling downhill.  But $25,000  would bring faster results.  And, $50,000 would be faster still.



What kinds of people will support us and what will they get:

1.  The most important are those who want the service we are creating for themselves and who will sign up at the $50 level to be charter and beta customers.

 We are building the initial service to include giving you exactly what you most want and need!  
So besides the $50, answering a few short questions to let us know a bit about that,  and then more if you'd like, will be very nearly as important as the $50.  Then, we'll build the site that will help YOU fastest and best!
If you can also contribute more whether $5 or $5,000 to help us succeed and be able to keep serving you as long as you'd like, that would help. 
And, so would helping us get more people here who might be a fit for who we need to find us.
Permanent fat loss is a considerable challenge that many people don't manage to overcome.
But by breaking it down to its parts and using proven methods for each part we can help you succeed and master each part.
We'll give you an unfair advantage that will make each part doable for you and often even easy!  You can join the people who beat these challenges!
We'll show you several ways that work for each one.
Here's some details:
Calories do count.  But what kinds of calories you eat and what else you do counts more!  
Here are 10 ways we will give you an unfair advantage in losing fat!
1.  For example, people who do no exercise get fatter and heavier -- and move less!  Research has been done showing both of those effects!
The right kind of exercise stops that totally.
In fact, you can use the right kind of exercise as a very powerful lever to help CAUSE hunger free fat loss. You can quickly become able to move more.  You also quickly get many of the benefits you are losing fat to get -- even before all the fat comes off.  Best of all, it's very time efficient.  You likely DO have enough time to get good results!
2.  Some things make you fat and harm you and make you hungrier too!  Guess what?  STOP ingesting them at all, ever, and you get hunger free fat loss. For some people that's a LOT of hunger free fat loss.!
3.  Some things you eat make fat loss easy and automatic and you can eat MORE of them!
4.  Two foods tend to make you fat even more than their calories would suggest.  We tell  you how to avoid the worst one and when the other one is actually OK and when to never have it.
5.  Some people try to cut too many calories every day and wind up very hungry every day.  Most of these people quit and gain all the fat back.  But there are many ways to lower net calories a week that avoid making you hungry all the time.  You can even eat well most days of every week!  That's doable AND sustainable and leads to permanent fat loss.
6.  We'll also tell you of new ways to succeed at fat loss as they become known to us and available to you.  For example, did you know you can make it likely you'll triple your fat loss and get paid a bit for it too?  There is.  That research was just in the news!
7.  Some things that work are hard for most people to do.  And some will be much harder for you to do.  Why not belong to a support site that shows you solutions that enable you to succeed anyway!  Ours will do exactly that.
8.  Some things block fat loss.  But most of them can be eliminated or worked around.  We already have about 10 of those in our solutions library and just found a separate expert who has successfully helped his clients to overcome them we plan to contact for you also.
9.  A health orientation can be a huge and effective lever for your success.  Fattening stuff you used to like can be MUCH easier  to pass up if you find out why you should be afraid to eat it! As a member, you'll get updates every time a study on that makes the news. Our health blog has hundreds of posts on every aspect of this.  Join and you'll get the URL
10.  You actually lose fat and keep it off by starting to use these methods, get good at doing them, and keep doing them!
A support site that is effective for you in making that happen for you as ours will be, will give you an enormous boost in your fat loss success! 
If you want permanent fat loss, why not fight those battles with the know how and support to win them all?
Join us and you'll get an article on each of these 10 topics and an updated list of what people do who have already lost fat they've succeeded in keeping off for years.
Not only will you get a year from when we fully roll out our upgraded site. For being a $50 charter and beta customer, you'll get access to our information and early beta launch site for several months before that too.
See our first perk below to join us!
2.  Some of you know of family members who needed our help and not having it caused them pain or worse.  Or you have family members you hope you can talk into trying us.  Or you have friends or colleagues or neighbors like this and would like to help us serve people like them, by all means contribute to our campaign.  Of course, $5,000 or $500 or $100 would be nice.  But even $5 would help!
Reverend Robert Schuler once said that his rule was if a project would help people who were hurting and no one else was doing it as well as he thought possible, he said to decide to do it -- and find a way to do it well.
We are taking his advice!
3.  If we are not only successful in creating an effective service that gets results for people and we can reach our growth goals to serve hundreds of thousands of people and influence millions more, we'll help lower health care costs by billions of dollars a year.
And we'll help make the working people in our country be more effective at work and less likely to lose time to doctor visits and worse things that keep them from working.
If you'd like to help us do that, consider supporting us at the $5,000 or the $500 or the $100 level.  
And even $5 would help!
4.  We see the potential to grow to over 2,000,000 members.  But even at 200,000 members we will be a significant business.  
To make the best service possible and one that I can take a few vacations from and that will survive me, I also plan to have a real business with people doing each part of it as well or better than I can.
So, if that growth happens and we are to build that business, we will need further investment.
If you'd like to be one of the early official investors and support us now at the $70 to $5,000 level and say so, you will then qualify as having a pre-existing relationship and able to invest. To be sure this works, include your email address and phone.  Or, if you save your own record of your contribution to us and follow our news on our website that will also do it.  We will announce future funding round in our news section that even nonmembers have access to.
So, if that's you, when you sign up at that level, let us know to contact you when that happens.

 But it all starts with launching our site, shaping it to deliver what people want most, and building it to the first 2,000 members.  To get there we have to start first!

Help us do that and everyone wins!

EVERYONE who contributes and asks to be, will be listed in our founding sponsors section.  (That's so people who want to contribute but not be listed can do it also! Just let us know that when we email you.) But if you want that credit, just ask and you'll have it.

"Every perk selected (regardless of whether the shipping address is required) will require an email address from the contributor."

Our health blog has hundreds of posts on every aspect of preventing diseases and slowing aging to give you your best shot an many more years of healthy life.  

Forty more years of healthy life than the average American gets are indeed possible.

Contribute at any level and we will email you the URL for our health blog.

That Perk is not listed each time but for anyone who contributes, you'll get the email with the URL of our blog with that information.

If you possibly can, contribute to support us helping people who need and want it -- and help us begin to reverse the obesity epidemic.

Even $5 will help!  

But even better, every time someone contributes even that little, it will help create buzz and more help from Indiegogo.

So your $5 may help us get 6 $50 charter members and a $100 from other contributors!

Also, if you support us at all, 

Please get the word out and make some noise about our campaign. Share our URL on Facebook or post it and say why you support us in a comment.

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