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New Life Fitness will convert a vacant commercial property for use as a health and fitness resource center, for middle and lower income families.
Joseph Woodley
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Small Business
Columbus, Ohio
United States
3 Team Members


    What is the Building Your New Life Campaign?                                     

    Obesity levels for lower to moderate income families is double that of their wealthier counterparts. Thank you for taking the time to consider this proposal. My name is Joseph B. Woodley. I have been active in the health and fitness industry in various capacities for over thirteen years. I am also the CEO of New Life Fitness, Inc. New Life Fitness is a health and fitness company that provides quality services for improved health and wellness. Our mission is to help families and individuals live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

    In this time I have unfortunately witnessed a disproportionate amount of low to moderate income families which cannot afford the expense of health clubs and gym memberships. Because of this fact, they are often ill- equipped and uneducated on the importance of good nutritional choices and exercise. Many families suffer from the onslaught of Type-2 Diabetes, hypertension and are even more prone to acquiring certain types of cancers.                                                       

    I have written numerous article on health and fitness, served as a wellness/fitness director at various organizations and have had the pleasure participating in presentations with various schools and universities. It has become a passion and a mission to share the collective expertise and experiences of my team to promote the message of health and fitness to adults and adolescence throughout the central Ohio area and various states, but more must be done if we are to truly turn the tide. 

  • The goal of New Life Fitness is effectively address these quality of life issues through providing families with quality health and fitness services. This campaign is to raise the necessary resources to purchase, renovate and furnish commercial property for use as an affordable health and fitness center where low to moderate income families who can not afford the expense of a memberships at many franchise fitness centers will have the same access to quality commercial fitness equipment and services as more the expensive fitness clubs. Obesity rates as a result of poor diet and exercise are at critical levels in these communities and have deadly consequences. 

  • Three out of every ten Ohioans are obese. That puts the state 13th in the nation for obesity rates, a place it has held for several years. 30.1 percent of Ohioans are considered obese, defined as having a body mass index of at least 30. Your contribution would provide the necessary access thousands of Central Ohioans need to help reverse the trends especially in disenfranchised communities. Not only would members have access to great equipment but my intent is to provide nutritional information to members as well, free of charge. We will provide the necessary resources to help dramatically reduce those numbers in the central Ohio area. Additionally, the facility would serve the economic interests of the community by providing much needed employment and career development opportunities. 

What We Need & What You Get

  • At this time we require $800, 000 to get this venture fully functional for opening in 2014. Purchasing the commercial property will cost $250- $350,000. The remaining funds will go toward renovations and investment in state-of-the-art equipment for the fitness center. The atmosphere of this facility will be energetic, inspiring and educational.                                                                                                     Members will "feel" as if they have entered a multi-million dollar establishment because they will have access to much of the same quality equipment as the major franchises provide. There will be daily boxing classes, aerobics, yoga and Pilates classes instructed by qualified personnel made available to members. During the warmer months of the year there will be outdoor classes available. Additionally, we look forward to offering a children's fitness section for those below the age of 16 where they can workout in a safe environment that meets their specific needs, under the direct supervision of their parents and staff.    
  • Members will have access to monthly seminars where they will have access to educational resources and information that will assist them with making good nutritional choices and preparing healthy meals for the family. You will be able to proudly proclaim that you have contributed to improving the health and quality of life for many families throughout the central Ohio community as you display a letter of recognition from New Life Fitness. 

    To keep ourselves accountable to you and the families we will serve you can keep track through progress pictures and blogs updating the progress of facility renovations which will be posted daily at the www.BuildingYourNewLife.us website where you will see campaign funds in action. Additionally, a portion of the total funds raised will be donated to benefit The American Heart Association

  • If we do not meet our financial goal through the current campaign, your investment will be added to any future campaigns to complete the vision of meeting the needs of these families. Health and fitness should not be a luxury. We would still continue to progress toward providing the services stated.
  • The Impact            
  • The increase in reported cases of hypertension, diabetes, inflammation, heart disease and even certain cancers are directly linked to the increase of obesity in populations around the world. Health care costs have skyrocketed and many are often penalized when they can not meet the health standards set by many insurance companies.                                                                                                            The financial impact can not be measured against the emotional and psychological impact on the person who is obese and families who face the burden of caring for loved ones adversely affected by the diseases associated with obesity. In the end, we all pay the tremendous cost of obesity. Your contribution is essential in fighting back and assisting those families who do not have the information and lack access to the resources that have been proven to make a difference in their lives. 
  • Wellness programs have proved to be an effective tool to use in reining in health care costs. These programs not only improve the bottom line for employers, but they also help employees feel better about themselves and more positive about the organization they work for.                                             
  • U.S. health care costs constitute some $1 trillion, about 14%, of the gross national product. This comes out to an average per employee cost of $3,900 in 1997. Costs are expected to double to about $2 trillion. But it should come as no surprise that we are spending a lot on health care because we know that health care premiums have gone up over the years. The cost to treat heart disease and cancer has escalated, emergency room treatment is expensive, and medication costs have skyrocketed. In fact, over 50% of corporate profits now go for health care costs versus only 7% three decades ago.                                                                                                                                
  • Regular exercise controls weight. Regular exercise battles disease and health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. Regular exercise improves mood and boosts an individuals energy levels. Regular exercise promotes better sleep and increases stamina. Communities that have access to recreational resources including health centers are healthier and more productive. According to the United States Department of Health, "Health centers improve public health." 
  • Do you have a loved one who is suffering from the affects of obesity? You may know first hand the devastating impact diabetes, heart disease and various other ailments and disease have on an individual and the family. The truth is that most doctors and scientists now agree that healthy exercise and nutrition is the most important thing you can do for good health and disease prevention.Unfortunately, many people in this city do not have access to state-of-the-art fitness centers and quality nutrition education because they simply can not afford memberships to health and fitness facilities. We will provide communities with a safe and affordable facility that is privately run and delivers the resources these people need to make better choices for themselves and their loved ones. 
  • In 1987, my grandfather passed away from a massive heart attack. He'd spent years not taking care of his body. I've had other family members suffer the same or similar fates who if they had chosen a different path; if they had the right kind of access they would have lived a much better quality life. Help me to make a difference in the lives of others. The epidemic of obesity has robbed too many from living a quality life and with your contribution we can make access to that available.
  • We value every dollar and realize that some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn't mean you can’t help:
  • Get the word out to your friends, your family and even your enemies and motivate them to contribute!
  •  Email them, call them, text message them and post information about what we want to accomplish through this campaign on your social media campaign. Together we can do this!
  • Remember that a portion of total funds raised will be donated to benefit The American Heart Association.
  • Remember to use the Indiegogo share tools! Every dollar counts in the race against obesity. 

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    Biggest Perk! Get your friends and family members to join in. If we can get 500 people donate at least $1000 to the campaign they will be entered into a drawing for one of them to receive 4 Carnival Cruise Line Tickets for 7 days in 2014. Receive a letter of recognition, a copy of my book 'It's My Time' and your personal or business name listed as notable contributors on our website.Portion benefits American Heart Association.

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