Build the First Church in the World Dedicated to Satan

This has never been done before and you can be a part of history!
Tom Raspotnik
Shelby, Michigan
United States
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Our Story!

Founded in 2000 the Temples of Satan ( had established office space, but never an actual living breathing Church, we are founded in the principles of Theistic Satanism and are open to Pagans and those who practice Witchcraft.
We currently have a member base of 700-800 worldwide and expand and contract often, as economic conditions and relationship change with people and their Church, we are the second most recognized Church in Satanism, but we unlike the leader do not wish to work from a home somewhere or motel rooms.

People need to stand up and show their support for building an actual Church dedicated to Satan, as flawed ideologies are rampant in today's Occult Environment we are out to educate and work with people from our community and beyond to better understand Satanism, and remove all the media hype from the religion as most of all Satanist's actually do not practice sacrifice and racism, we come from all walks of life.

The Origin of Satan comes from Sumeria, while some people engulf themselves in blood and darkness, Satan his origin comes from a position of Neutrality, the name itself originates from Judaism but has a past we have found this past and want to share it with people, to this day we have been using the web to work with people, but we desire an actual building that we can meet people and share the Word of Satan.

We also wish to teach those interested and work with those in the Satanic Community which numbers around 100,000 U.S. estimate to end the crazy and bizarre activities that they are doing, as we can educate them on the facts and actions of Sumeria. 

The Impact

If we can build our Church somehow we will hopefully spawn other projects in the future, we have an incredible management staff and incredible base of educated Clergy who will with this tool educate and exchange knowledge in partnerships for those who are ignorant to the practice of Real Satanism!

What We Need & What You Get

We will be providing donors gifts as we like your help, we also will reward the larger donors will get time to discuss anything with our High Priest who has appeared on the History Channel and Irish Television he will present a special sword autographed as he is the known leader of Theistic Satanism and has several book projects being looked over.

We will also be sending bumper stickers, t-shirts etc, and honorary memberships to those who donate.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot donate at this time please share this with others and ask them to help create the first Church dedicated to Satan
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