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A hidden treasure sits in East Portland: 38 acres of unused, partially wooded land. We have the opportunity to transform this public asset into Gateway Green.
Build Gateway Green
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Thanks to you, we made it!

Together, we made our goal of $100,000 and even surpassed it by over $20,000.  The $100,000 raised will go to the final design work that needs to be completed in order to seek out construction funding from public and private institutions.  The additional funds we raised will go to permitting fees and construction costs - moving us closer to getting shovels in the ground. Thanks to all of our supporters!  We're well on our way with the design work, but you can still continue to give to Gateway Green as we move towards permitting and construction work! Visit the Portland Park's Foundation page

Build Gateway Green

A hidden treasure sits in East Portland: 38 acres of unused, partially wooded land in a part of our region that needs open, green space for recreation.  After years of grassroots support and partnerships with local, regional, and state governments, as well as the private and non-profit sectors, we have the opportunity to transform this asset into Gateway Green, a multi-use off road bike park that enhances this exciting, vibrant part of the city. 

Help reclaim this public land for the public!

Coca-Cola challenge met!

During the last week of the raise, we had an exciting two-to-one match from Coca-Cola, up to $25,000, and you all met that challenge in just two days!

Friends of Gateway Green, Portland Parks Foundation and Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) joined forces with Coca-Cola to help build Gateway Green through a $25,000 challenge.

For each donation made starting  October 1 towards building Gateway Green, Coca-Cola provided a two-to-one match, up to a total of $25,000.  Thanks for your support on this project, Coca-Cola!

Where is Gateway Green? 

Gateway Green is located between I-205 (to the west) and I-84 (to the east) in East Portland's Gateway area (NE Halsey Street is at the southern edge). If you've ever taken the MAX from the airport towards downtown Portland, you've passed right by this area. Or if you've ever gone rock climbing on Rocky Butte, it's just across the highway to the east.  It was once part of Multnomah County's Rocky Butte Jail property and now lies fallow and unused. 

What We Need 

We asked you what features you wanted to see in the park this summer through Oregon's Kitchen Table and now we need to fund the final phase of the design work - turning the existing master plan into the schematic designs needed to obtain building permits and construction financing.  We'll be using local Portland landscape and bike park designers, all of whom are donating some of their time to this project.  This work will require $100,000, so we're turning to you to help get us through this next stage of the project. 

Gateway Green Will Be a Dream Come True

“Gateway Green is about a vision of a community place for people of all ages to come together to enjoy nature, to play, and to meet their neighbors. Gateway Green is about hope, love, and place." - Rex Burkholder, former Metro Councilor and co-convener of the Gateway Green Oregon Solutions project

The design and use of Gateway Green is intended to provide much-needed open space in a part of Portland documented to be very park deficient. We also believe this park will aid in developing a strong sense of place and identity for East Portland and help spur economic development in the area. The neighborhoods surrounding Gateway Green are some of the most diverse in the region (over 65 languages are spoken in the local school district) and the fastest growing, with little space left to develop a large park like Gateway Green.  Gateway Green would provide this dynamic part of the region much needed green space for a variety of recreational activities.

"It's a unique feature for the Portland area- we have parks, and we have bicyclists, but this combines the two in a very interesting and fun way." - Portland area resident during our Oregon's Kitchen Table public consultation 
Portland is known as a bicycling hub, but we're missing a major component of that designation: an outdoor area for off-road bicycling. Unlike other cities known for biking, you have to drive an hour or more to get to an area for off-road biking.  Gateway Green aims to fill that hole, providing a variety of features for biking and skill building; in fact, some of the most talented bike park designers in the country happen to live in Portland and have already donated some of their time to this project! Thanks to the International Mountain Bicycling Association for sharing this example of what the bike park elements of Gateway Green might look like (and providing renderings for the video).

Here's what a feature like a children's natural play area could look like from Greenworks, a landscape architecture and urban design firm based in Portland, which is part of the Gateway Green design team:

Early concept plans for Gateway Green


Some amazing people and organizations have contributed rewards for this crowdfunding campaign: Mike Klay (you can see his awesome work at Powerslide Design Co), Columbia Sportswear, the Lumberyard (go visit them at 2700 NE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97220), and the Friends of Gateway Green who contributed to the "25 Greats from Gateway Green".  

We'll follow up with everyone who claims the t-shirt perk to get your requested size (both unisex and women's sizing will be available). Thanks so much, Mike Klay and Christopher Masciocchi, for your design work!

The Lumberyard will be hosting HellTrack on November 23rd, including a VIP party that evening for those who give $500 or more to Build Gateway Green!  You'll get a chance to ride with some pro athletes. Stay tuned for more details.

Thanks as well to the generous folks who've contributed a variety of referral contest prizes: Portlandia, Portland Timbers, Chinook Book, DC Vegetarian, Mike Klay, Audubon Society of Portland, and Frame Central!

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you can’t contribute, you can still help.

  • Help us Build Gateway Green by telling people about this campaign. Share our video with them and send them to this page. 
  • Use the tools here on Indiegogo to share with your friends, families, neighbors, coworkers - anyone you think is interested in supporting great public places like Gateway Green! 

To learn more about the efforts to date to make Gateway Green a reality, visit the Friends of Gateway Green website at  The FOGG Board occasionally holds work parties to help improve the site and help pulling invasive plants or clearing out trash is always much appreciated during these events.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've provided a catalog of potential questions you may have. Click here for a complete list of FAQs. Some of the most popular questions:

1.  I'm ready to dig in and start building the park now.  When do we start? 

We don’t have a “groundbreaking” date for Gateway Green yet!  Our immediate goal is to finish the design work, which we need to complete before we can start applying for public, private, and philanthropic funds to pay for construction.  We’ll definitely be asking for volunteer help once we get to that point.  We hope that will be in 2014.

2. How will you pay for the rest of the park - construction, operations, ongoing maintenance?

The City of Portland has already committed to operate and maintain the park once we come together to raise the funds to build it. We'll leverage public, private, and philanthropic funds to fully develop and construct the park - and we're grateful for the number of folks who've already stepped forward to say they're ready to volunteer their time!

3. I don't bike so I'm more interested in what else will be at this park.

Gateway Green will definitely have opportunities for other types of recreation - both passive and active.  We asked Oregonians through Oregon's Kitchen Table in the counties closest to Gateway Green what they prioritized for design elements in the park last month and people weighed in on elements like a children's nature play area, water features, park benches, and more.  We're tabulating the results and you can take a look at the initial report at Oregon's Kitchen Table.

Press Coverage

We've collected several years of press clippings covering Gateway Green.  Click here for the those.

Recent pieces 

Portland Tribune: Project Gives 'Green' a Chance in Gateway and Gateway Green Project Raises Cash over Internet for Park Design

BikePortland: A Crowdfunding Test for Gateway Green Bike Park Project and Coca-Cola will match donations to Gateway Green crowdfunding campaign and Gateway Green Hits Crowdfunding Goal

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Blue Oregon: Building a New Crowdfunding Model for Public Projects

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ABOUT FACE Magazine: Help Build Gateway Green in East Portland

Portland Mercury: East Portland's "Gateway Green" Cruises to Crowdfunded Success

Daily Journal of Commerce: Nonprofit gets head start on fundraising for park construction 

The Oregonian: Gateway Green fundraising effort tops $120,000

East PDX News: 'Crowdfunding' for 'Gateway Green' Called a Success

Oregon Jewish Life: Ted Gilbert Envisions Gateway Green's Future as A Destination Park

Thank you!

So many people have already put in a lot of time, energy, and talent into making Gateway Green a reality.  We'd like to thank all of you who have done so.  You're helping build Gateway Green for all of us!  

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    25 Greats from Gateway Green

    You'll get a compilation of "25 Greats from Gateway Green" from Friends of Gateway Green Board members: Ted Gilbert's "5 Great off-road Running Paths"; Linda Robinson's "5 Great Ways to Build a Backyard Habitat"; Jim Labbe's "5 Great Bird Watching Spots"; Jeff Schindler's "5 Great Places in the Gateway Area"; and Tom Archer's "5 Great Biking Trails in Oregon and Southern Washington" (+ thank you e-card and the Columbia Sportswear 30% discount).

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    Mobile Chinook Book + T-shirt

    Put Chinook Book (mobile app) and Gateway Green together! Visit to find out about the local businesses participating in Chinook Book and then go use your coupons while wearing your Gateway Green T-shirt (+ Columbia Sportswear 30% discount + "40 Greats from Gateway Green")

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    Thank You Sign

    Your name on the big Thank You Sign which will be displayed at Gateway Green (+ t-shirt + "25 Greats" + Columbia Sportswear store discount)

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    Illustrated PDX Playing Cards

    IPC produces art-centric playing cards ("a Gallery in a Box") for a growing roster of great cities, including Portland! Each deck showcases 52 Portland landmarks and neighborhood places in sketches by Portland artist Aaron Trotter. (+ t-shirt + "25 Greats" + Columbia Sportswear 30% store discount)

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    PDX Playing Cards + Thank You

    Locally produced Portland art-centric playing cards ("a Gallery in a Box") showcasing 52 Portland landmarks and neighborhood places AND Your name on the Thank You Sign which will be installed adjacent to Gateway Green. (+ t-shirt + "25 Greats" + Columbia Sportswear store discount)

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    Lumberyard Fall Celebration

    1 VIP Pass to the Lumberyard Fall Celebration. The Lumberyard, Portland’s unique indoor bike park, includes jump lines, pump tracks, skill sections and technical trail riding for beginners to experts. (+ t-shirt + "25 Greats" + Columbia Sportswear 30% store discount)

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    Lumberyard Fall Celebration

    2 VIP Passes to Lumberyard Fall Celebration for you and a guest. The Lumberyard, Portland’s unique indoor bike park, includes jump lines, pump tracks, skill sections and technical trail riding for beginners to experts. (+ PDX Playing cards + Thank You Sign + t-shirt + "25 Greats" + Columbia Sportswear 30% store discount)

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    Gateway Green Builder

    Let's talk about how we can thank you and acknowledge your support in a significant way!

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