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Doglandia's Mission:

Reunion Rescue has been saving pit bulls and other animals for over 15 years. We've done our work completely dependent on private donations.

We currently run the world's only truly no-kill raw feeding holistic pit bull refuge and wish to build a world class iconic facility. Doglandia!

Doglandia will be constructed of shipping containers and house our refuge and boarding facility, 7-day a week training and behavior center, holistic pet care shop and raw feeding station, doggy daycare and DIY dog wash. 

Doglandia will lead the way for other communities searching for an answer to overwhelming pet population and euthanasia. We have a solid three-step plan ready to implement, but need your support.

Doglandia needs land and a structure:

With the initial funds, we need to purchase the land to set our plan in motion. A Berkeley architecture firm with experience building with shipping containers will help us realize this vision.

We can build a strong, substantial and ostentatious structure which will demand attention cheaply and effectively with shipping containers. 

The world has too many dogs:

This week the 2014 Olympics opens in Sochi and expects to make over 50 billion dollars. The events start with a stray dogs are being shot in the streets.

What kind of world do we live in that condones mass animal slaughter?

In a climate of shooting dogs, shelters which still practice cruel methods like heartstick and gassing, Reunion Rescue is advocating for a huge change.

Reunion Rescue No-Kill Refuge currently operates on a shoestring saving lives and rehabbing successfully with diet and herbal support. Imagine the outreach from a world-class splashy one-stop dog center on the beach?

Doglandia has plans for an on-site behavior and training certification program so that visitors from around the world can implement the Reunion Rescue program in their own zip codes. Imagine every community with a Doglandia!

We received hundreds and hundreds of pleas each week to help animals in distress. No one is equipped to handle these epidemic proportions, but we've seen success in our outreach when individuals will implement Reunion Rescue's simple program.

We Need Your Help:

This is going to be a hard journey to raise enough money to build Doglandia, but we can do it. Years ago, when Reunion Rescue was only a dream, the shelter director told us we couldn't do it. He said we'd just have a yard full of pit bulls.

Well, it's 15 years later and we have saved hundreds and hundreds of animals. We do have a yard full of pit bulls, but they are 'the friendliest pit bulls in the world' and we need your help to show the rest of the world our solution.

Join us on Facebook and please help us spread the word. Make Doglandia a reality!

We can do it, but we can't do it alone.

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    Reunion Rescue calendar

    For your generous $25 donation, you'll receive the 2014 Reunion Rescue 'day late dollar short' calendar where 50 plus dogs contributed to help our Reunion Rescue 'refugees'.

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    Pit Bull Nation

    Pit Bull Nation is the story of Reunion Rescue's history saving pit bulls from death row one dog at a time. Pit Bull Nation is part pot boiler, part rant and part how to complete with our program implementing homeopathy and herbal support to treat just about any malady...with pictures!

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    Estimated delivery: March 2014
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    Reunion Rescue hoody

    Gorgeous heavy duty Reunion Rescue hoodies with the notorious big red tongue...soft and cuddly and never wear out..just like our pitties!

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    Rescue Pack

    Reunion Rescue 2014 'day late dollar short' calendar with a soft cuddly hoody and Reunion Rescue tee.

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