Build a Direct Action Network for Gender Justice in Media

Help WAM! build a grassroots network so we can all take creative, organized action together toward the media ecosystem we deserve.


Over 200 of you have already become superheroes and got WAM! our $10K match. We're going to start building the Direct Action Network NOW, so stay tuned for updates. We can never thank you enough, so we're just going to say: can't wait to get WAM!ming with you!

But let's not stop here! This campaign runs until midnight on the 22nd, and we still need funds for a talented, dedicated staff person to run this project. Our plan has been to approach foundations for that money, but the more we can raise before Wednesday, the less we have to rely on scarce, competitive foundation money to pay for our dream staffer.

Plus: even if you can only give a dollar, every person who gives to this project before our deadline makes our case stronger when we apply for grants. Every person who gives to this grassroots campaign shows the foundations that we are many and we are already taking strong action together.

Thank you SO MUCH. Let's get WAM!ming!


With your help, Women, Action & the Media (WAM!) is raising funds to build a grassroots direct-action network dedicated to creating gender justice in media at all levels, including ownership, employment, representation and access.

When you back this project, you're creating a network that will connect you with people around the country and the world who share your concern about the state of our media. You'll join activists, media professionals, artists, performers, academics, and people from all walks of life in taking action to create the media ecosystem we deserve.

And when you back this project, you’re backing an organization with a solid track record.  Since 2004, WAM! has been bringing people together to organize, educate and and agitate for gender justice in media. With volunteer-run chapters in cities across North America, and a passionate, broad and connected online community, we believe that the time is now to join with you to take it to the next level.

With your help, together we can:

  • Call an international Night Out at the Movies to support the next Pariah or The Whistleblower.
  • Use viral humor and social media -- like this community did successfully when their library was under threat -- to influence public conversation and public policy.
  • Stage "pitch-ins" at publications with big byline gaps, so they can no longer claim they don't get as many pitches from women and gender non-conforming people.
  • Make stars out of feminist comedians who know that rape jokes should be at the expense of the rapist, not the victim.
  • Flood the New York Times with letters until they stop blaming poor single women for being poor and single.
  • Throw our might behind existing actions, like SPARK's efforts to get teen magazines to stop photoshopping models.
  • And almost anything else we can dream up together!

Together we can become a force that media owners, producers, participants and policy-makers can't ignore.


Here's what happens if you become a part of this campaign:

  • Your support will build a state of the art website with all the tools we need to take action together, from instant social sharing to letter-writing campaign and petition functionalities, to easy ways to plan simultaneous live events in many places, to instantly shareable images and videos we can turn into viral campaigns, to dedicated areas where you can suggest actions, discuss other people’s ideas and promote your own – and more! Building this site will cost $20,000.

 But wait…if it costs $20,000, why is our goal only $10,000?

  • Because our first Superhero has already stepped forward!  If we hit our $10,000 goal, it will be matched in full by the Morningstar/Krueger family. So, if you donate $25, WAM! gets $50 for this project. If you give $100, we get $200. If we succeed, with your help, in making our $10,000 goal here at Indiegogo, together we'll have raised $20,000 to build the Direct Action Network!

 When we succeed, you win

  • If you’re reading this, you care about gender justice in the media.  When we launch, you’ll be part of an amazing community with an online gathering place and real world impact.
  • Plus, you can show the world you're a superhero with our awesome thank-you gifts, from temporary tattoos to WAM!mers books, music and DVDs, to an actual custom-made cape to call your own.


Once you join us, here's what we'll do together:

  • We'll spend the fall designing and building our dream activist website, with input from activists and media professionals with a broad range of perspectives.
  • We'll create an Activist Advisory Board, a rotating group of proven activists (maybe you?), to help us select which issue to focus on, and to design creative and effective actions on those issues. Sometimes the actions will be web-based, sometimes they'll happen on the literal ground. Sometimes they'll be fun or funny, other times they'll be serious as kryptonite. But they'll always be something you can do to create more gender justice in media, no matter who or where you are.
  • Once a month, we'll send out the WAM! Signal and we'll all take action together. Sometimes we'll collaborate on these actions with other organizations that share our values, sometimes we'll take the lead solo. Between official actions, we'll promote and support some of your independent actions for gender justice in media, and facilitate new activist collaborations.


We're not just asking for your support. We're asking you to join us. Whether or not you can donate, here are other ways to be a WAM! Direct Action Superhero:

  • Get the word out and make some noise about the campaign on your social networks and beyond! Indiegogo makes it easy with their share tools, right under the video, above.
  • Take the pledge that you'll be a superhero with WAM! and take action for gender justice in media throughout 2013.
  • Send us your ideas for actions we should take, and activists and organizations we should connect with. Feel free to suggest yourself! Just email action at womenactionmedia dot org.

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