Bucket Brewery Upgrade

Bucket Brewery is looking to expand. After an amazing response to our small first step, we are planning an expansion to produce much more of our great beer.

Thanks for checking out Bucket Brewery!




We had a great suggestion on Facebook to share beer from the new brewery with everyone who helped build it.  Anyone who contributes or has contributed will be invited to an exclusive grand opening party at the new brewery.  Bucket will brew up something special for the occasion, which will only be available at the party.  Things are still being finalized, so the exact time and location are TBD, but it will be Pawtucket and probably late summer/early fall.


Who we are:

Bucket Brewery is a nano-scale brewery located in Pawtucket, RI.  Co-founders Nate, Erik, Drew, Ron and T.J. are all close friends who had a lot of fun getting together to home brew.  The beer we made was great and we decided to make the leap to starting a professional brewery.

In 2011 we formed a legal business and spent a year designing equipment and perfecting our recipes.  In late 2012 we signed a contract with Sage Cellars to distribute our beer in Rhode Island and our first kegs went out to local bars and restaurants.  The reception was fantastic and within a couple of months we were getting more orders than we could fill. 

We responded by refining our operations and modifying our equipment to handle the increased demand.  Still, with our one barrel brewhouse and limited fermentation capacity, our maximum output is about 16 barrels per month, or about 96 five gallon kegs.  Everyone at Bucket is proud of what we've built, but it is time for a big upgrade!


Where we are heading:

With demand increasing and some new, high profile customers coming on board, we need to expand.  Bucket is planning an upgrade to a 10 barrel brewhouse with even more room for fermentation.  In addition to added capacity, new equipment will allow us to make better, more consistent beer.

Bucket will become available in many more locations within the markets we already serve, mostly in Pawtucket and Providence.  We will also expand into Newport and South County.  We know the demand is out there for locally brewed, high quality beers and we mean to fill it.  We believe that even this upgrade will be just the start of something big!


How you can help:

A new location, new equipment and a greater dedication of our time costs money.  The current operation was funded entirely from our own savings, but this expansion will cost far more.  Most of this will come from loans from banks, family and friends.  Every dollar we can raise through this campaign will offset a dollar we'd eventually have to pay back.  This is a huge help for a small startup.  Money that we don't have to pay translates into more reinvestment for future growth and more community involvement.

All donations will get you some great Bucket swag or perks.  All swag will be sent out at the conclusion of the fundraining campaign.

If you are interested in making a larger financial contribution, please get in touch with us to set up an appointment to discuss our generous loan offer.

We at Bucket would all appreciate your help.  Help us to bring a proven, popular, high quality beer to more people in more places.


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