Brouwer Pouwer Nation

This campaign is all about showing your Brouwer Pouwer pride!


New Perk - VIP

We're less than two days from the end of the campaign, and we can't tell you how excited we are about the response. To celebrate, we've decided to add one additional last-minute perk, and there's only one available

There is one Brouwer Pouwer t-shirt in existence (a prototype print), and it belongs to Ranger Nathan. Ranger Ryan doesn’t even have one yet! If you take advantage of this last-minute perk, you'll get the first new one ... when Ranger Nathan delivers it to you at the Caps season ticket holder party, where you’ll be his guest*.

This perk does not include transportation! You'll get your ticket electronically ahead of time, and you’ll need to get yourself to (and from) Six Flags America in Mitchellville, MD, on Tuesday, Oct. 8. The party starts at 6:00 p.m. (4:30 if you want to try to get in Ovi’s autograph line) and goes until 9:00 p.m. Tickets cover parking, park admission (including access to most of the rides), and even some food. Plus, access to tons of player autographs.

Please only claim this perk if you can use it. If you claim this perk and can’t make it to the party, there are no refunds!

*Being Ranger Nathan’s guest doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hang out with him. Once you've met up with him to get your Brouwer Pouwer shirt, you’re free to venture out on your own!

About the Brouwer Pouwer Gear Campaign

You've already got the Brouwer Pouwer passion, but you need a way to show it. In our minds, a big part of Brouwer Pouwer is helping others - whether it's helping your team out on the ice or helping others in our communities. 

By supporting this campaign between International Brouwer Pouwer Day (Aug. 17) and the Oct. 3 home opener, you'll add your voice to the Brouwer Pouwer Nation and get a sweet shirt (and/or other goodies) in the process. More importantly, you'll help us help those in need.

What We Need

We want to make cool-looking Brouwer Pouwer gear in a way that helps your dollar go farther. But printing these shirts ourselves, we can accomplish both goals by producing a unique and handmade (well, hand-printed) product at a cost that means more money goes to charity.

Your humble Brouwer Rangers have already invested in the setup (equipment like screen printing frames, emulsion, lights, etc.) required to print at home. We need your help to get the last - and arguably most important - of the supplies: the blank shirts (and rally towels, etc.) and ink!


The Impact

In return for your support of Brouwer Pouwer Nation, you'll be among the very first to get this classy, and dare we say, sexy, Brouwer Pouwer t-shirt (and other awesome perks as outlined on the right side of this page). It'll make all your friends super jealous, and will help spread the good word about Brouwer Pouwer far and wide.

But that only accounts for a fraction of the money raised. The rest of it - each and every penny that isn't spend on creating the perks or getting them to you - will go to charity. "Which charity?" you may ask. Actually, it's two - the Friends of Fort Dupont Ice Arena and the USA Warriors Ice Hockey Program. Find out more about these two worthy causes in the Updates section

But wait, there's more! At the end of the fundraising period, a generous anonymous benefactor* will match the Brouwer Pouwer Nation's charitable donation, doubling the final contribution.

 *It's Troy Brouwer!

About the Perks:

Here's a little bit more information about the various items listed in the perks for various donation amounts.

Twitter Shout-out: We'll follow up with supporters at the $5 level (and all levels above) to get your twitter handle so we can properly thank you in a shout-out. In the meantime, make sure you're following us @brouwerrangers! (While you're at it, follow @tbrouwer20 too.)

Brouwer Pouwer Rally Towel: This will be a red rally towel with the Brouwer Pouwer logo screen printed on one side. 

The Brouwer Pouwer T-shirt: This will be a red, standard-cut t-shirt in your preferred size (we'll follow up with contributors to gather information about your size). It will feature the Brouwer Pouwer logo screen printed on the chest. 

Limited Edition Rally Towel: This will be a red towel with a secondary design to be determined by us. The limited-edited towel will only be available to backers at the $40 level or higher as part of the rally towel set. 

Brouwer Pouwer Jersey: The polyester flo-knit jersey will feature colors and design reminiscent of the "home" jerseys most other people wear to games, but will come emblazoned (that is, screen printed) with the Brouwer Pouwer logo. (We'll follow up with contributors to gather information about what size you want.)

Game Sign: Up to five donors at the $250 (Oppan Brouwer Style) level will have their likeness featured on an official game sign during the upcoming season. Each donor will be incorporated into their own sign at our discretion. After we've used your sign at a game, it will be yours to keep. You'll need to be ready to provide a reasonably high-quality image.

Game-Worn Brouwer Pouwer Fanny Pack: The fanny pack is a defining element in the Brouwer Ranger wardrobe. Up to two donors at the $250 (MVP) level will receive one of the fanny packs worn during the 2012-2013 season - they're great for carrying your tickets, wallets, phones, etc. if your skin-tight body suit doesn't have pockets. 

Game Tickets: Donors at the $500 level will receive our tickets (2 seats) to one regular season home game of your choice in the 2013-2014 season. The tickets will be delivered electronically. The first donor at this level will receive first pick of games. The schedule is available here.


One Closing Note

We have already consulted with some experienced home printers and spent several weeks testing and refining our own process, but we'd be remiss if we didn't point out that this whole craft is new to us.

We're not going to send you crappy stuff, but at the end of the day these will be homemade ("artisanal," even) shirts, rally towels, etc. We tend to think the potential for little imperfections or variations from item to item is part of the charm, but wanted to be sure you're aware that each and every item will be printed by hand, by one of us.


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