Brothers of A Boston Fraternity - FTM: Top Surgery

Brothers of a Frat in Boston are raising $ for our prospective brother to receive top surgery. He was denied funds from insurance; we are looking to cover cost.

UPDATES as of 3/06 at 9:30 PM

*This Friday Donnie received some very unexpected news regarding his insurance claim. We had to wait until everything was confirmed before sharing it.

After working with Aetna Insurance, Emerson realized that even though the college’s insurance plan covers top surgery, the language never made it into the official policy, resulting in the rejection. All documentation has been quickly revised, and this week Donnie has confirmed with his surgeon’s office that insurance will cover the procedure.

This is very surprising news, and means that he only needs to pay copay instead of the full $8125. As promised, all excess funds have been pledged to the Jim Collins Foundation.

We are all thrilled that things have worked out for Donnie, and the college’s insurance policy has been updated with the correct language.

Check out the full explanation in Donnie’s most recent video:


UPDATES as of 2/27 at 10:00 AM

*We are HAPPY to announce that ALL excess money will be given to the Jim Collins Foundation. Official Announcment to come soon!


*Featured on Huffington Post/Huff Post Live



*Featured on FRONT PAGE of Herald


UPDATES as of 2/26 at 12:50 PM

*We are currently discussing as a brotherhood what we will do if we are able to raise more than $8,100

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*Featured on Queerty.com

 http://www.queerty.com/boston-fraternity-raises-funds-for-transgender-brothers-surgery-20130226/*Featured on Out.com (the #1 gay magazine in US): 


UPDATES as of 2/25 

*Featured on OutMagazine.com


*NEW GOAL: $8,100. 

*Response from Donnie Collins himself: 


Short Summary

We are a group of individuals brought together through our fraternity and we are here for one reason: to support the brothers of our organization. Yesterday we were informed that one of our active brothers, a transgender female to male, was denied the opportunity to recieve financial support from his insurance for top surgery.

We are now trying to raise that money for him. We are doing this as individuals in an organization rallying around another individual. This endeavor is not being sponsored by the organization as a whole, rather the active members within it. 

We care deeply about each and everyone, and rely on the entire active brotherhood to stand behind any one individual when they are in need.   

What We Need & What You Get

Our brother's top surgery is already scheduled for May 2013. This money would allow him to keep that appointment, and would cover what his insurance did not. 

We as an organization are told from day one to use our resources. You may not know this gentleman like we do, and we might not even know you, but if it speaks to you then we want to present you with an opportunity to give. 

We would much rather recieve $10 from 100 people than recieve $100 from 10 people. 

We are here less to raise money, and more to tell a story. The story of transformation, and story of self-discovery, and the story of brotherhood. 

The Impact

It is small. But it is meaningful. If you are on this page, it is most likely because an active brother has reached out to you. If you stumbled upon this page, even better. We want this to be a conversation, rather than a donation. Please don't hesitate to communicate with us. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

Share our campaign

Reach out to those you know who are personally connected to this issue

Make noise around the world 


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