Brothers Dube - 3 kids helping kids

After losing our Mom to cancer, we raised $150K for orphans playing music in the streets. Now we're sharing our story in schools to inspire kids to help others


We're three brothers, Quinn (11), Jan (13), and Liam (15) and we are a professional rock band... but it wasn't always that way. When we were 7, 8 and 10 we played covers of our Mom's favorite bands to keep her spirits up while she was fighting cancer. After she passed away, we played in the streets and people gave us money... lots of it. We used it to help the orphans of Haiti after the earthquake because like us, they also lost parents. Since then, we raised over $150,000 playing hundreds of shows, festivals, and TV performances along the way. 

People thought that was cool, so they gave us lots of awards, had us on TV and wrote stories about us in newspapers. Our friends asked us why we did it... so we went to Haiti to make a film (yes, we ran the camera, sound, and lights) to share with students in schools to help them understand how other kids in the world live and how we can help to improve their lives using our creativity, art and music.

Then, we took that film, put it to live music and played a bunch of shows in schools, kinda like Pink Floyd The Wall... except we answer questions after the show. After a few performances, some kids in one school decided to do something on their own and raised money to help underpriviledged kids get an education. THAT is so cool!

That's when we realized something. Kids raising money to help others through art and creativity makes a difference, but inspiring others to do the same makes an even bigger difference. We call it ART-IVISM... artists who are activists, and we think KIDS are the most effective Artivists. You can read more about us in this recent article

Brothers Dube


We want to take our Rock and Roll message to schools everywhere to educate, inspire and empower kids to become artivists too. We play around our own city and are being asked to play farther and farther away, as far away as Texas, California, Florida, Mexico and even Europe. So we want to Rock 30 schools in 2013... but we're out of money because... well, we gave it all away to charity.

We DO have a STORY though, and we think our story is worth way more when others like YOU can become part of the story. With your pledge, this story can continue with us Rocking Schools in 2013 to inspire kids to change the world through their art and creativity.


We need our own entertainment system because we have to rent one each show. That's $500 a month, so $6000. If we had extra money we'd buy one for $10K.

We need a trailer to carry the extra equipment since everything used to fit into the back of our truck, and with the extra video and lighting equipment, no longer does. That's $4000. 

We need to make changes to the video because after the Haitian ambassador attended a show, he offered us a bunch more free footage to improve it, footage that would cost us a lot to get. So we need someone to make those changes. That will cost $9000.

Finally, we need to promote our message to kids everywhere, which means mostly on the internet. We have mobile apps, websites, and online subscriptions to make sure that our message is out there and available to kids even after shows. That costs $9000 for the year. If we had extra money, not only would we increase promotion for our message but we would create even more ways to get our message out to more kids in more places.

Liam teaching kids guitar

WHY are we asking YOU?

We looked at other ways to raise money. With artist grants we are "too young" to qualify. Playing bars is harder for us because bars don't make as much money from our all-ages shows because kids don't buy alcohol. Sometimes, we even have to pay to play! We can't play in the streets (guerilla busk) anymore because of busking rules and noise bylaws (we can't afford the fine$$$). In Battle of the Bands contests with prize money, we'd give adult bands a run for their money, but organizers don't think we can tour, so they don't let us participate. "Canada's Got Talent" was cancelled) and we can't compete on "America's Got Talent."

That leaves YOU. By pledging, you help us THREE kids to contribute to our community AND you help THOUSANDS of kids find their art and creativity with a purpose. Don't make us wait "until we grow up."  Let's do it now!

If we get MORE money than we need, we will just use it find even more ways to get our message out to even more kids in even more places... and that message is "YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE DOING WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO RIGHT NOW". If that means having our Dad help us with this mission full-time, then that's what we'll do!!! If we don't reach 100% of our goal then we will just do our best to find other ways. Our promise to YOU and to ourselves is that we WILL succeed!

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Here's a DEMO of what one of our online dedications will look like.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHARE OUR STORY on FACEBOOK and spread the word with #Dubers on Twitter. Ask them to share it too. You might think you can do nothing to help, but sharing OUR STORY is one of the biggest things you can do. Because of others, we raised over $150,000 for charity and and it is only because of others that we will do more. You can ALSO follow these steps on our website.

Rockin' a school


Some people ask us if we three kids do all this totally on our own. NO, like every successful band, we have help ("is that REALLY U2 doing all that???"). Dad helped us with this. Dad helps us with EVERYTHING just because he's our Dad and he believes in us, like all Dads should. He's a project manager so he's teaching us about how to do all of this because he thinks we need it whether we're gonna be rock stars or not and we won't learn it in school. 

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