Brotherly Love

Hannah has got a secret...Her brother is a zombie and she kills to feed him.
Tyler Dixon
Dayton, Tennessee
United States
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Short Summary

My name is Tyler Dixon and I am a writer/director.  I am currently a senior at Bryan College and part of the film program there.  I have a deep passion for watching and making films and it is my dream to be able to make movies for a living.  I don’t need the fame or money; I just want to make art.  I feel like I have a lot of good stories to tell and film is the best way I am able to express myself.  I have already worked on a lot of projects, including one that I directed last year called “Anonymous Alcoholics.” Here is the youtube link to it:

I have written a script titled “Brotherly Love,” which I plan to direct in April as my senior project.  “Brotherly Love” tells the story of a little girl, Hannah, who has lost everything to the zombie apocalypse.  She watched everything she loved die including her parents.  Now the zombie apocalypse has passed and mankind has eradicated almost all of the zombies.  Everyone is moving on with their lives and the population is beginning to grow again.  Hannah now carries a secret.  Her brother was infected, but is still alive.  She keeps him chained up in the basement and goes out at night to get “meat” for him.  Hannah will do whatever it takes to keep him alive and hidden away just so she doesn’t have to be alone.  Eventually people get suspicious and Hannah has to decide just how far she is willing to go to keep her brother safe from the outside world.

As a contributor, you will give me something I’ve never had to work with before…a budget!  In the past I have been able to accomplish a lot without a budget, and I’m excited to see what I can do now with one.  I plan on having professional actors, a professional make-up artist, a professional special effects artist, and high quality equipment (A RED camera).  Making this film will carry me one step closer to my dreams and help me gain more valuable experience in the film industry.  Without your help, making this film will be nearly impossible. 

What We Need & What You Get

I need $1500 to make this film happen.  No matter how much money is raised or not raised, everything will go into making this film as good as it can be.  Specifically, the money will be used to pay actors and crew, rent equipment, buy special effects items, pay for catering, and anything else that comes up.  EVERYTHING will go into the film.

All of the perks for this campaign are designed to include you in this project and to thank you for all of the support you give.  The thank you card will include a piece of concept art custom made for this film, the DVD-R will be packed with as many extras I can throw in, the “thank you” credit will be displayed at the end of the film, and all of the producer credits will be featured at the end of the film.

The Impact

Plain and simple, YOU will be helping me make my dreams come true and a good emotional story will come out of it.  I am a very competent director and I have so many great things planned to make this film amazing.  With all of the people I have in place, I have no doubt that the end product will impress.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t contribute, then please spread the word by sharing the facebook page and this Indiegogo campaign with everyone you know!

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    "Movie Night" Perk

    I will personally watch a movie of your choice with you! ANY movie. Even chick flicks and such.

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    "You Care" Perk

    This perk will get you a special personalized "Thank You" card from me in the mail! Very rare!!!

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    "Need That DVD" Perk

    This perk will get you a DVD-R copy of "Brotherly Love" with any extras I can cram on it! You'll have it forever!

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    "I Want To See My Name" Perk

    This perk will get you a "Thank You" credit in the film. You will be immortalized for all to see!

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    "I Really Care" Perk

    This perk will get you an "Associate Producer" credit in the film! Always wanted to be a producer? This is your chance!

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    This perk will get you an "Executive Producer" credit in the film. This makes you a VERY important person, trust me!

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