Broom Jockeys

Feature comedy mash-up of film genres about the guys in the OTHER movie business; 6 short films set in a movie theater each a comedic take on a different genre
Andrew Thing
Chicago, Illinois
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Short Summary

Short introduction of me, Andrew: Hi! I'm Andrew Thing. I'm from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I'm currently a film/video student at Columbia College, live in Chicago, and aspire to tell stories. Nutshell: achieved!
This Follow-up Campaign is to raise money for a movie we've been working on for about a year now. Broom Jockeys is my baby; last summer, Tarantino/Red Bull held a contest which I entered with a short film a few friends & I'd made in about 10 days in all. Of 200, I ended in 5th (I have a screenshot to prove it, I totally cherish that image). That short (which is currently the pitch video) inspired a mini-series that developed into Broom Jockeys, the feature screenplay.

Broom Jockeys is...hard to pitch. It's a comedy. It's about these friends working in a movie theater in Chicago. Here's the juicy part: the film is split into 6 stand-alone stories, each of a different "genre", connected by characters, location, timeline & overarching story arcs. Just as a teaser, there's an "Indiana Jones"-esque chapter, a zombie movie chapter, a documentary-style chapter, and many (three) more. Broom Jockeys is a true cinematic adventure; a huge conglomeration of movie culture as well as a compelling saga of the other people whose lives are dominated by movies.

This is a student film, because many/most of those working on it are students. BUT we are some of the most highly-performing, highly-talented, and highly-motivated students on the planet: we're film students. Important: This is not for class. We fully intend to enter festivals with this film. The funds raised here and our other methods will define what tier Broom Jockeys aligns with. In a perfect world, tier 1 (which we'll submit to anyway) but we're aiming for second tier film festivals. This campaign, however, is purely for production.

What We Need & What You Get

As transperant as I can be: This money is a portion of our PRODUCTION budget. Should we be able to spread it into post costs, we absolutely will, otherwise following wrap we'll be starting a follow-up campaign & pursuing more mediums.

Perks are more detailed down below, but as of now, lower-level donors are being offered simple, basic stuff. When you hit $50, you earn one of my personalized pop-art paintings (I'm selling them in supplement at $30 each to help fund Broom Jockeys, contact me if you're interested), higher up the totem, we're offering memorabelia & opportunities to be at premieres, copies of exclusive content, and more.

The Impact

If we can make this movie to its absolute best potential, we hope to get into higher tier film festivals. That means introducing the industry to a cell of incredibly talented young artists available and willing to do whatever necessary to make your next art project the best it can be. Personally, I hope to apply everything donated here & earned through the sale of my paintings, our fundraising events, etc; just everything raised to making Broom Jockeys the phenomenal finished product I know audiences will love. We've got the content, we've got the drive, we're collecting more and more talent every day, all that's "missing" at this point is a green light.

Other Ways You Can Help:

1) SPREAD WORD: Please help bring Broom Jockeys (this page, and the project itself) into the public's eye. This is an invaluable service and I'd appreciate it greatly.

2) PROPS, COSTUMES, MAKEUP, SET MATERIALS: All of these things are factored into our total budget, and we've been gathering what we can for the past year, but should you like to donate things like this, they'd be absolutely welcome. Our lists are shrinking as we aquire more necessary components, but if you'd like to help with this, just contact one of us!

3) FOOD: One of the biggest expenses is going to be feeding everyone involved. We've minimized everything, but I refuse to not feed my crew/cast. Any food donations you'd like to make, contact me directly & I'll organize a pick-up.

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