Brooklyn Djangology Festival and Benefit for HHC

A celebration of the music of Django Reinhardt. Proceeds will be donated to the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation Fund for Hurricane Relief.

Why Django? Why a Benefit? Why Now?

Guitarist Django Reinhardt was a Gypsy born in Belgium, who spent most of his adult life in France. While in Paris, in the thirties, Django heard the music of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington, and set out to emulate it. He ended up creating a uniquely beautiful, rhythmically driven genre of music that has been emulated all of the world. Today, Django's style of playing is known as Gypsy Jazz.

The Brooklyn Djangology Festival was created to celebrate to celebrate Django's Legacy. We have hosted 4 of these festivals in the past. All have sold out. This year, though, it has an additional calling.

Coney Island Hospital and Bellevue Hospital, two of New York City's major public hospitals, were evacuated as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Bellevue is New York City's oldest full-service hospital, and the oldest continuously operating hospital in America. Coney Island Hospital services South Brooklyn, much of which was damaged by flooding from the storm. Extensive work needs to be done to repair the damage done by the hurricane, and make both hospitals safe for patients.

HHC's mission is to provide high quality care to all patients regardless of ability to pay, and as such, services patients from all over the city and from all backgrounds, ranging from artists and musicians to victims of torture. Brooklyn Djangology will be combining music's powers of healing and celebration in service of Hurricane Sandy's victims all over New York City.

Your contribution would ensure that we are able to cover the expenses of hosting this event, thus maximizing our contribution the city's public hospitals, and to families in need. Our goal is to donate all of the money from ticket sales to HHC. Our wish is to support both the musicians and to alleviate the strain on New York City.

Please contribute, attend the festival if you can, and spread the word. For details, visit our web page at <http://www.brooklyndjangology.com>, and "like" our facebook page at <http://www.facebook.com/BrooklynDjangologyFesti...>

Created By:

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    Eve Seltzer

    Performer and Liaison with HHC