Bromsgrove's Digital Shoebox

Creating a digitized archive for my hometown at the time of my early teens drawing on crowdsourced material from people's shoeboxes, cupboards and attics.
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  • £2GBP
    Lloyd's Darkest Days Digitized

    A downloadable pack of as many of my school photographs as I can find, including the most dire and embarrassing and some that haven't found their way onto the internet yet.

    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: Januar 2013

    3 angefordert

  • £10GBP
    Your name everywhere

    Your name on the website supporters page and up on the wall at any screenings or shows.

    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: Januar 2013

    5 angefordert

  • £15GBP
    Weekly Update

    Sign up here for a weekly e-mailed behind-the-scenes update on progress.

    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: Januar 2013

    2 angefordert

  • £30GBP
    Special Funders Screening

    There will be two of these in March 2013, one in Bromsgrove and one in London (please tell me which you prefer) showing off the most interesting media we find. £30 gets you the £2, £10 & £15 perks plus admission to one of these shows for two people.

    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: März 2013

    3 von 40 angefordert

  • £50GBP
    End of Project One-Man Show

    At the end of April 2013 I'll be creating an evening's entertainment drawing on the material we find and the most amusing and interesting stories that come out of the project. £50 gets you the £2, £10 & £15 perks plus admission to this extravaganza for two people.

    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: April 2013

    1 von 40 angefordert

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