Broken Wings

A man from Nigeria with a broken past struggling to make a better future for himself in England becomes the unexpected tenant of a woman and her child.
Opeyemi Fagbohungbe
United Kingdom
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This  is  a  story  about  a  man  from  Nigeria  with  a  broken  past  trying  to  move forward  and  make  a   better  future  for  himself  in  a  foreign  land  –  Great  Britain. Along  the  way  we  would  discover  his   pain  and  his  struggles.  He  would  meet new  people  in  his  life  who  would  add  new  meaning  to   who  he  is  and  help  him reflect  on  where  he  stands  as  a  person.  He  would  face  his  fears,  his   past, and come  to  realizations  that  would  force  him  to  rethink  his  entire  life.    


Here I'm going to try and (briefly) give you a better feel of what the movie is really about, and/or what it's going to be like -- without giving too much away, of course. As you're the people making this project possible it's important that you know what you're contributions will bring to life.

The story follows Akin-Joe, a man from Nigeria trying to make a living in the UK. When we're first introduced to him, he is a zombie going through a fairly routine and mundane life. He spends his days working at a woodwork shop as a carpenter, and spends his evenings usually alone, reading, or just wandering the streets. If he is not alone, he usually ends up getting drunk at the local bar with his work colleagues. Not much of a life. There is one other thing he spends his time doing: working on his wood carvings. Over the years working as a carpenter he has acquired a high level of skill, and has further self-thought himself through books as he is an avid reader. He dreams one day of maybe having a shop of his own where he can perhaps display his wood carvings or refurbish antiques. It's a small dream, but in Akin-Joe's world it is big, really big, because it's the only dream he has ever had for himself. 

In his own words:  

"I dream of a better tomorrow… I dream to be a better man… I dream to put a smile on the faces of the people I love… to make my parents proud. These images in my head are the things that keep me going. I think about them every day… they make me move forward. Some days they seem closer, some days farther away. Depending on how I’m feeling. It’s a struggle. But that’s what life is, right? A struggle. Whether it’s of the heart, the mind, or of the material world." 

His life has been always been about just doing enough to keep criticisms at bay, and maybe finding some peace. No room for aspirations. Something a lot of people can relate to.

That's one of the primary themes of the movie (among others): finding self-worth. Who hasn't felt lost at one point or another in their lives? When everything is a haze, and nothing makes sense. When getting up in the morning is a struggle, and going to sleep at night breaks your heart because all you can think of is how alone you're in the world. But are we alone in feeling alone? Certainly not. And that's exactly what Akin-Joe will discover...  

When Akin-Joe has to send a hefty amount of money back home for his mother's medical bills, resulting in him getting kicked out of his apartment, he would become the unlikely tenant of a woman (Asabi) and her child (Simon). Asabi and her son are equally as broken as Akin-Joe, but in each other's company they might just find the healing they need, and also discover things that could turn their worlds upside-down.  

Well, that's all I can tell without telling too much. There is lot more to the story. I hope that was sufficient information to give you at least a feel of what the movie is going to be like. I tried to keep it brief. Hopefully, I was able to excite your imaginations enough, and maybe touch your hearts, to make you feel as excited about this project as we do. Please help us out reach more minds and hearts if you think our project is worth it. We will work our hardest and not disappoint you, and of course we will be forever grateful to each and everyone of you.    


* We will begin shooting this film in the second week of February, all your contributions will definitely help during the shoot of this film and will help out in our search for sponsors! We believe we will reach our goals! Thanks for all your support. *


- Shine more light on the issue of child abuse &

- Lead the way by having more filmmakers & organizations focus more on the issue

- Ensure our film makes it to film festivals world wide, especially in Africa.

- Bring our story to life.


With your support, we will be able to pay for the hard work of the professionals who will be involved in this film.  They also require to be fed during the entire process.This in turn will create a great working atmosphere during intense shoots.Their skills and time are very valuable and this has to be respected as we will be working in a professional environment. We thoroughly believe in the importance of recognizing what each cast & crew member brings to the table.


All the perks that comes with your support is not justification of your contributions but merely a symbolic gesture by the entire team to you. You mean much to us and automatically any contribution at all (if its only the sharing of our campaign page) makes you a member of this awesome team and part of this project and we believe at the end of it all we can all proudly say we were/are part of an AWESOME project.


Producer & Director: Opeyemi Fagbohungbe 

Screenwriter: Sarmad Owais

Director of Photography: Samuel Pearce                                                                   

Assistant Director: Sam Robertson 

Editor: Gavin Black

Sound: Sukoluhle Tshabango

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