Broadcast of Ultimate at the World Games 2013

We want the host World Games TV broadcaster in Cali to video ALL of the the Ultimate competition and stream it online for free.


Typical Ultimate

It wouldn't be Ultimate without an 11th hour drive for something that wasn't organized early enough.

  • The World Games is the highest level of competition in the world for Ultimate.
  • The current coverage schedule provides for ONLY three games to be filmed out of a possible 17.
  • WFDF have managed to negotiate a deal with the host broadcaster (local TV station) to cover the remaining games LIVE and there is hope!

If our fundraiser is successful ALL 17 games will be broadcast LIVE on the World Games website for FREE for everyone to watch!!!  Every block, huck and layout!

What We Need


The host broadcaster have purchased the rights and nobody else is allowed to film. So we have to pay them to film the games.

  • We're aiming for $15,000 because that's the bill that we've been given.
  • For the money we get three camera angles and live streaming access for FREE for everyone via the official World Games Video site.
  • View On Demand will be available after the event.
  • If we do not reach our target all money donated will be refunded in full without any fees deducted.
  • If we don't pay, there will be no footage of the 15 games played that will not be filmed. These qualtiy Ultimate games that will be lost forever. Very harsh, but very simple.

The Flip Side

World Games rolls around once every four years and is the showcase of our sport. The best countries, the best players on a stage that is built for showcasing sport. Remember, the World Games are there to show the world what a sport is all about with the view of that sport eventually reaching the Olympics.

What better way to send a loud and clear message to the Olympic Organizing Committee that Ultimate is a popular sport than crowdfunding the coverage!!!

If we do raise the money, we'll have professional footage of the game that we can then use for the future.

  • You can help grow ultimate in your area by leveraging the popularity of the Olympics.
  • Ulti.tv thrives on making stuff like this happen at the 11th hour. Either we'll get the job done or we won't.
  • You'll also be able to watch your country live and support your compatriots from anywhere around the globe* (*internet connection will be required).

Other Ways You Can Help

At the end of the day, it will come down to numbers. At last count, the international Ultimate community was nudging 10 million. Throw in what you can, even if it is a single dollar. If you can't afford to contribute, find someone who can and get them to chip in for you.
But seriously, please share this around. We have a very short timeframe.. so this is URGENT!  If we don't reach the target, $0 will be funded and most of the Ultimate at the 2013 World Games will go unrecorded.

Full Disclosure

Cost of the coverage:  USD$13500

Fees:                          USD$1050

Contingency:              USD$450  (To cover any bank transfer fees etc to make the payment)

Any money left over after this will be given to the WFDF for development purposes.

The only three games that have been scheduled to be covered as part of the existing coverage arrangements are:

  • 28. Jul 17:30 Japan vs Australia - LIVE
  • 29. Jul 17:30 Canada vs Colombia - LIVE
  • 30. Jul 18:00 FINAL - LIVE

The games that will be covered only if our funding campaign is successful are:

Day 1 - 28th July

  • 08:30 - Japan vs Colombia
  • 10:00 - Canada vs Great Britain
  • 11:30 - USA vs Australia
  • 16:10 - Colombia vs Great Britain
  • 19:10 - USA vs Canada

Day 2

  • 08:30 - Great Britain vs Japan
  • 10:00 - Colombia vs USA
  • 11:30 - Australia vs Canada
  • 16:10 - Japan vs USA
  • 19:10 - Australia vs Great Britain

Day 3

  • 08:30 - Canada vs Japan
  • 10:00 - Australia vs Colombia
  • 11:30 - Great Britain vs USA
  • 16:00 - Bronze Medal Match

Team on This Campaign: