Bringing 'Five Broken Cameras' to Israeli youth

Bringing Oscar award nominated “Five Broken Cameras” that tells the inspiring and engaging story of a Palestinian non-violent movement to Israeli youth.

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Bringing 'Five Broken Cameras' to Israeli youth is a sponsored project of Sheffield Doc/Fest

The award-winning documentary “Five Broken Cameras” tells the story of Emad Burnat, a Palestinian farmer, who in 2005 picks up a camera to film the nonviolent movement that erupted in his village, Bil’in, to stop the confiscation of their lands. For the next 6 years, Emad documented the growing movement, which was joined by Israeli and international peace activists. He also filmed his private life, his family and especially his son Gibreel who was growing up in this violent reality. Emad partnered with Israeli filmmaker and activist Guy Davidi to create this inspiring and engaging film.

“Five Broken Cameras” achieved major worldwide success due to its sensitive tone and sincere storytelling. It is nominated for the 2013 Oscars; won 30 awards worldwide including Sundance Film Festival 2012 Directing Award, International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam (IDFA) Audience Award and Jury Mention and Best Documentary in Michael Moore’s Documentary Festival in Traverse City.

In Israel, the film won Best Documentary in Jerusalem Film Festival; was shown in one of the two Israeli documentary channel (Channel 8) and in cinemas across the country.  Despite international and local acclaim, Five Broken Cameras will not be screened as part of the educational cultural program in Israel.

This powerful story can impact a new generation of Israelis, just before they are recruited to their mandatory military service. Engaging Israeli youth with this intimate, personal story of Palestinian nonviolent resistance offers a critical intervention before many of them find themselves stationed in a village like Bil’in, facing unarmed demonstrators. This generation offers a new opportunity for political change, in the face of diplomatic stalemate, growing extremism and escalated settlement expansion.

With your support, we will create an extensive database of teachers willing to organize screenings in schools and in after-school centers, independently bringing Five Broken Cameras to Israeli youth.

In the coming academic year, we will:

·         Research and build a database of educational partners who are willing to organize screenings on their campuses or in related after-school programs.

·         Provide logistical and technical support for the screenings

·         Attend screenings for Q&As or find activists or journalists who were present in the nonviolent struggle in Bil’in to speak with the youth.

·         Document screenings as tools for future educational events.

·         Create an online forum where students can continue the discussion with each other.

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