Bring Robocoin, The First Bitcoin ATM, To Los Angeles and San Francisco

We're a group of well educated, highly motivated, techno-oriented college grads, helping stimulate the growing Bitcoin economy by bringing Robocoin to LA and SF
California Cryptocoin
Los Angeles, California
United States
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What is Bitcoin?

What is Robocoin?

Who We Are:

Where We Stand:

California Cryptocoin has taken the necessary regulatory steps in becoming legitimate operators of Robocoin Kiosks here in the State of California. Our goal, with your help, is to bring liquidity and legitimacy to a rapidly expanding Bitcoin market. Currently, this is where we stand:

  • We have purchased 2 Robocoin Kiosks -- They will be placed in Los Angeles and/or San Francisco. We will provide updates of where our machines will be specifically located once leasing has been confirmed.
  • We have applied for Money Transmission License -- This is a rigorous vetting process from the Department of Business Oversight which requires us to have a net worth of over $250k.
  • We have additional licensing in order to preempt any Bitcoin regulatory stance the US government may take.
  • We have scraped together $150k in startup from friends and family.

What this means is that we are roughly $50k short of having a $250k net worth as a company. This is the minimum for us to obtain the correct licenses, so we need YOUR HELP!

Where Does Your Donation Go?

The $50,000 that we are looking to raise from you all will give us the necessary company net worth and will be allocated to two places specifically:

  1. $10,000 cash will go in each Robocoin kiosk. This is so that there is cash in the machines for you guys to withdraw!! -- This adds up to $20k
  2. The remainder $30,000 will be deposited directly into our gateway exchange account (Bitstamp). This is so that when you place your order at CA Cryptocoin's Robocoin Kiosks, we can immediately place market orders on your Bitcoin. This allows for the seamless transactions of turning fiat currency into Bitcoin. (Please refer to "Robocoin's Operation Scale" infograph above for an easier understanding)

Donate With Bitcoin Below !!!

We here at California Cryptocoin would like to thank you for all of your support! Thanks to you, Bitcoin can reach a higher level of liquidity and legitimacy in this world.

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Or visit us at The California Cryptocoin Website

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  • $5USD
    The Good Samaritan

    Be “The Good Samaritan” and we’ll send you a personal thank you certificate signed by the entire CA Crytpocoin Team. Every dollar counts!

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  • $30USD
    The Supporter

    Be “The Supporter” and receive a custom T-shirt to wear and show off your support for Robocoin and CA Cryptocoin. Be part of the Bitcoin movement and be the advocate of a new technology. Includes previous perks.

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  • $50USD
    The Advocate

    Be “The Advocate” and receive a 2GB brushed metal custom business card USB drive that shows your support for the Bitcoin community as well as being a supporter a radically new technology. All previous perks included.

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  • $100USD
    The Contributor

    Be “The Contributer” and we'll send you the custom 2GB USB stick, Robocoin/ CA Cryptocoin supporter T-Shirt, AND a custom pair of Bitcoin socks! Certificate included.

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  • $500USD
    The Game Changer

    Be “The Game Changer” and receive a custom RC/CA Cryptocoin backpack filled with perks, the previous three perks, custom bluetooth speakers, and a REBATE OF KIOSK FEES ON UP TO 2 BTC/YEAR for 5 years at CA Cryptocoin's Robocoin machines. Combine transactions with friends, up to the 2 BTC/year limit. This perk can pay for itself!

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  • $1,000USD
    The Winklevoss

    Be "The Winklevoss" and receive ALL previous perks, a custom 8GB encrypted flash drive (preloaded with BTC wallet), and a REBATE OF KIOSK FEES ON UP TO 5 BTC/YEAR for 5 years at CA Cryptocoin's Robocoin machines. Combine transactions with friends, up to the 5 BTC/year limit. This perk can pay for itself!

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    The Keiser

    Be “The Keiser” and receive ALL previous perks, REBATE OF KIOSK FEES ON UP TO 10 BTC/YEAR FOR 5 years at CA Cryptocoin's Robocoin machines, a night out on the town with the CA Cryptocoin team, custom encrypted flash drive, and a GOLD PLATED BITCOIN. Rebate may be combined among multiple users up to the 10 BTC/year limit.

    1 out of 1 claimed

    The Satoshi

    Be “The Satoshi” and receive ALL previous perks (rebate on 10 BTC/year limit), free 2 night stay at the Ritz Carlton LA (domestic airfare included), and be the FIRST person to use CA Cryptocoin’s Robocoin machine (press coverage included)

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