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Helping to bring my brother back to Canada after having a serious fall in Japan leaving him with a traumatic brain injury and a broken back.
jess schneider
Vancouver, British Columbia
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My name is Jess Schneider, sister of Jyoti Tronson. I live and work in Vancouver,BC. On May 5th, 2013, my brother fell from a four story balcony in Japan where he was working. My brother suffers from pre-existing mental health issues, which lead to his fall.

Jyoti was in a coma for 5 days and is still in the hospital there. My brother suffered a tramatic head injury and a broken back. My mom is also in Japan at his side, who does not speak the language, and cannot communicate with the medical staff. All we want is for him to come home.

My brother has no health coverage for medi-vac or any transportation home, and although my brother is a Canadian citizen, BC med will not start to cover his medical expenses until he has been in Canada for 3 months. He will have to wait at home until his medical coverage starts (3 month wait period) where me and my mom will have to take care of him during this period and rent any items he will need during this time.

 The money raised in this campaign will help pay for a ticket home for my brother, my mom, and for a doctor to fly with him and provide all medical needs throughout the flight. Due to my brother’s injury, he needs to be seated in a first class seat, which is about $5000 dollars. In total for the two of them to fly to Vancouver, it would cost $10,000. Any additional money raised will go towards paying for the doctor to fly with him ($5000), and renting/buying a wheelchair, hospital bed, ramps, diapers, and other medical supplies during the 3 month wait period for BC medical coverage.

This money will be vital in order to provide adequate and safe care for my brother. If we do not reach our entire goal with the campaign, my mom and I will have to take out a loan from the bank in order to pay for these expenses.

There are no words to express how grateful my family and I would be if you helped with our campaign. In order to get things progressing, my brother needs to come home so he can enter a rehab facility and begin working hard at learning what he has lost. By helping with any funding for my campaign you should feel that you have really made a huge difference in someone's life by being part of his road to recovery.




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