Bring BACK The Rejection Hotline - and our other Humor Hotlines!

After 10+ years and millions of laughs (400 MILLION CALLS!), The Rejection Hotline and HumorHotlines.com has closed. BUT, with your help, we can bring it back!


Short Story:

The Rejection Hotline (and our 200+ other “Humor Hotlines”) were shut down in September of 2013. But, with your help, we can (and will!) bring them back in 2014!

[Please consider contributing to our Re-Launch campaign via one of these Perks --> And please spread the word to your friends too! 
NOTE: The biggest part of ALL of those perks is that you will be helping us to RE-LAUNCH The Rejection Hotline and our other Humor Hotlines. That's right - new phone numbers will be back up and ready for you to call very soon!!!]

Longer Story:

After 10+ years of entertaining millions of people with our Humor Hotlines (The Original "Rejection Hotline" and 200+ other/unrelated "Humor Hotlines", which have collectively received more than 450 Million calls over the years), 2012 was a very bad year for our company. Our costs went up, our advertising revenue went down (way too much detail, but Verizon and ATT decided to kill the "Mobile Content Industry" which is where 98% of our revenue came from), we had to lay off most of our employees, and the business was no longer profitable. Despite the fact that our content was still popular with our fans (our Humor Hotlines were still receiving MILLIONS of calls), we unfortunately had to make the difficult business decision to shut down all 1000+ of our phone numbers – and the entire company (RH Brands, LLC). 

BUT, while it is no longer the viable BUSINESS it once was, the popularity of our Humor Hotlines never died (they were still receiving MILLIONS of calls!) and we received so many emails from disappointed fans that I decided to give it a shot to RE-LAUNCH the Rejection Hotline (and many of our most popular Humor Hotlines), via crowd-funding contributions from our fans... 

[Note: If I'm doing this right, below an image depicting a small sample of reactions to our announcement in September that we were closing]

We also received countless emails (many of them kind/appreciative and thanking us for the years of laughs - and others, well, let's just say there were a few that contained some F-bombs from some emotional people who were pretty angry that our phone numbers were gone). 

Anyway, this is probably too long already, so I'll wrap up with a quick summary:
The business has closed, we've moved on to other things, BUT, we can still bring back the Rejection Hotline (and our most popular other Humor Hotlines) if we get enough support through this crowd-funding campaign. I'd love to do it, but I need your help - both for the funding part and to help spread the word to your friends, family, classmates, coworkers, Facebook/Twitter followers, etc. So if you’ve ever called The Rejection Hotline or any of our other Humor Hotlines, if you’ve ever been entertained by what you heard, if you want to thank us for the laughs and/or just help be a part of our Re-Launch, any/all contributions (and help to spread the word about this campaign) would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

- Jeff Goldblatt,
The Rejection Hotline & HumorHotlines.com

P.S. If you can help spread the word to your friends, that would be great. If you can help spread the word to media outlets or celebrities, that would be even better!  Here is a small sample of some of the celebrity-love our Humor Hotlines have gotten over the years (but, note, these phone numbers are no longer active)...

P.P.S. For those not familiar, here is a sample of the Humor Hotlines we hope to bring back with your help:

(The Top 10)
The Original Rejection Hotline
How To Keep An Idiot Entertained
Bad Breath Notification Number
It Could Always Suck More
Santa Hotline (NOT for kids!)
STD Notification Scare
Jury Duty Notification Prank
Psychiatric Hotline
Sex-Addiction Intervention Line
Outsource A Friendship To India

(Some of the rest)
Automated Sobriety Test
Beer Goggles Hotline
Bible In 60 Seconds
Breakup Bitch
Crank & Yank Spank Bank
Daily Life Check
Desperate For Friends Hotline
Dial-in Doctor
ivorce Hotline
F.A.R.T.S. Hotline
Get Over It Hotline
High Gas Prices Explained
Holiday Hotlines (20+ varieties)
Human Resources Department
IRS Help Line
Relationship Lifecycle Hotline
Stop Complaining Hotline
Tooth Fairy Hotline
The Vodka Hotline
And 100+ others!

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    Jeff Goldblatt

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