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Help Bring Back These Remedies: "Rick's Amazing Back Pain Remedy", "Back Relief Elite", "Amazing Arthritis Relief", "Super Sciatica Relief", "Total Tendonitis Relief", "Ultimate Bursitis Relief", "Sciatica Relief XTREME", "No More Back Pain", "Fantastic 14 Premium Pain Destroyer", and More Ready To Ship To Customers Before Thanksgiving 2015!


It was my brother Jeff Brown's dream in late 2001 to do something that had never been done before. He wanted to create natural pain remedies so effective that people who were in pain would finally be able to use something natural and be able to live a pain-free life. His vision was to manufacture the most powerful natural remedies ever created and that would help extreme pain sufferers much more than everything else they had ever tried. He wanted these remedies to be completely all-natural and 100% safe. His overall vision was to give pain sufferers the most effective natural alternative to prescription drugs like Celebrex and Hydrocodone etc.

After almost 4 years of sacrificing his social life and buying things for personal enjoyment, and basically risking everything he had ever acquired, plus in the last year Jeff was working three jobs to save up for his natural pain remedies launch, Jeff's dream started to become a reality.

In March 2005, Jeff finally launched "Amazing Arthritis Relief" and "Back Relief Elite Premium Back Pain Remedy". They were unlike any natural supplement that had ever been manufactured before. Ask anyone who used them and they will tell you. In fact, here are just a very very small handful of real "testimonials" Jeff received:

“I have never found a product that has worked this well.” Barbara K. Coulson, Kasson, MN

“I have been suffering from acute arthritis which was a side effect from having chemotherapy. I have tried everything to get rid of the pain and stiffness, and was pretty skeptical with your product as I haven't ordered things online like that before (just from reading). This amazing arthritis relief has taken away my pain. Thank you. I am recommending it to all my friends.” Teresa Thonett, Farnham, UK

“Amazing Arthritis Relief stopped having constant pain in my right thumb joint. Thank you.” Nancy Collins, Oak Harbor, WA

“Thanks so much for offering this product! Amazing Arthritis Relief provides pain relief from my rapidly progressing Lupus symptoms and allows me much greater mobility. Thanks again.” Tammie Nelson, Boise, ID

“Two nights ago I started taking the pills before bedtime - and they banished the pain I have been getting in the night. Wonderful!” Philip Waine, United Kingdom

”I am blown away by the response my body has had. In less than a half bottle, three quarters of my pain has subsided. Thanks.”JT Hastings, Orlando, FL

“I ordered for my father who was using a walking stick to get around and unable to work driving coaches. He has commenced deep tissue massage therapy and using your Arthritis Relief has provided him increased mobility and no longer uses the walking stick and was able to assist driving athletes and volunteers for the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. I am reordering at my father's request.” Cindy Dodemaide, Australia

“I am very satisfied with this product! Keep up the good work!” Paul Barker, Oroville, CA

“It has helped me maintain a normal life style without pain.” Barbara Hewett, Bossier City  LA

“I can really notice the difference. I just can not believe how much of a difference it makes. I do not take any other arthritis medicine. I am a believer of this product and recommend it.” Vicki Hartlaub, Littlestown  PA

“Amazing Arthritis Relief has been a God send to me in taking care of my pain.” John W. Smith, Honolulu  HI

“I have used Amazing Arthritis Relief and I feel better now. The pain in my knee has completely disappeared. Thank you so much!” Olive Sheckells, Pasadena, CA

"I have the back pain tablets and they have helped a great deal. I have had a bad back for many years and could not believe that a pill could be so much more effective than the chiropractor but it is!!!”
David Forman, Brooklyn, NY

"I have tried everything to obtain a pain free lifestyle with very little reward. After taking Back Relief Elite within 1 week I am feeling better. I can now play squash, golf, horseriding, you name it. Thanks a million and don't stop selling Back Relief Elite because I enjoy my active sports too much. There is nothing like being pain free. Thanks!" 
Gregory Smith, Bunbury, Australia

“I have given your amazing back product to a few friends and they could not believe it. It works when you don’t realize then the pain is gone. Amazing!” KaeCee Nicholson, Snohomish, WA

“I am now pain free and able to care for myself. Praise God and Back Relief Elite!”
Jayne Mote, Caro, MI

“I have noticed a huge reduction in my back pain as well as relief from stiffness in my knee when I wake in the morning.” 
Yolanda Pancamo, Tampa, FL

"I still don’t believe it! I have degenerative disk disease related to many years in the military. Osteopaths and chiropractors did little to help the pain and I was looking at drugs and surgery. I tried back relief elite in a fit of desperation and as I said, I still don’t believe it - but I had significant relief within 24 hours of starting them! Now, a month later, I’m back to doing my full Army PT program that includes my running two miles in just over 19 minutes with minimal discomfort. That may not sound impressive but I’m 58 years old and was considering retiring from my Army Reserve Career as prior to taking your product I couldn’t have run more than ½ a mile without the pain being so bad that I had to stop. Thanks to the makers of Back Relief Elite for changing my life.”
Reginald Dobolek, New Orleans, LA

"Back Relief Elite has provided me with much improvement for my SI Joint and Piriformes pain. Thanks!”
Edward Nuzzaci, Bear, DE

"It took a week but I am beginning to feel my back pain is 50% better and hope that by continuing it I will be free of pain. That would be incredible as I am or was in very severe pain. I was also impressed on how quick I got the order and how you guys answered my email question within a couple of hours. Great job on matching a great product with great customer service.”
Betty Strickland, Flagler Beach, FL

"I have used one bottle and I haven’t had an episode since taking it.”
Susan Palmer, Plantation, FL

"I’ve used 2 bottles of the product and have experienced a great deal of relief. I use 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening.”
Robert Scala, Warren, NJ

"Just want to say your back relief elite is awesome!! I haven’t finished my full bottle yet, but my pain is near gone.”
Larry Tufford, Round Rock, TX

“My wife's neck has given her many problems, that pain radiating down her arm and back. Now after we got your back relief elite, her muscles are relaxed greatly so there is very much improvement and she can sleep better at night. She takes 4 tabs a day for the last 6 weeks and even her massage therapist and chiropractor noticed the difference. So we praise GOD!! And thank you for your product.”
Nelson Deshotel, Carlton South, Australia

"I have been taking your 'magic' pill for a month and I am so happy I did it! I get up in the morning with the usual backacke, take 2 pills and I LIVE AGAIN! Thank you.” 
Anna Maria Gragnani, North Bethesda, MD

Nobody ever helped him, including myself, because our family is always focused on going to college and getting a good secure job. We all thought Jeff was crazy and regretfully me and the entire family never took his vision seriously, even though he was focused and passionate about creating these. Also, our family never had much money and even when Jeff asked for a little help, it was difficult for my parents to help him. 

Jeff was so focused on these remedies being the strongest, safest, and most-effective natural pain relievers possible he put profits last.Manufacturing these specific remedies were very expensive, especially compared to the "crap" (Jeff's words) that is on the market today. It was always very difficult for Jeff to make a good profit and expand his business because he was always stubborn on never ever changing his formulas. He would always say these are expensive to produce, yes, and I could be making a lot more money if I changed the formulas, but these are what help people become pain-free, and people need these. Jeff kept his word and never changed the formulas. With advertising costs and many other business-related costs, Jeff worked day and night to be able to keep the remedies being made so that the people who needed them could have them and enjoy a pain-free life. Jeff vowed he would never put profits first. Helping people go through life without pain was first and second, always.

Unfortunately Jeff was recently in an accident and never really recovered. He tried to keep his business going so people would be able to get the remedies they wanted and needed, but it became too much for him. Jeff is currently not able to work on his natural remedy business so my friend Jason and I have been shipping the inventory he has had left in stock. We also had enough money for a new batch of inventory that finally arrived to us three weeks ago, but there were so many backorders from people waiting, that all that inventory was gone basically right when it arrived. My friend and I shipped everything out but there are still over 150 people waiting on the next batch of inventory to come in. He hopes to one day feel good and be back to normal, but these last two years have been very tough on my family and of course even more for Jeff. A group of people that most don't realize Jeff's accident has been very tough on also is the group of people who use his remedies. They haven't been able to get what they have been using and enjoying for years. These remedies changed their lives. These remedies made them be able to live their life without worrying about pain and inflammation. Jeff is very upset. This is all he thinks about and talks about for the most part. He is always depressed that his work was effected by his accident and he says that yes if he was able to not spend as much manufacturing the remedies like everyone had told him, then he would've had a lot more money to keep his business going, but then he always just says that was never an option because these are the formulas that helped so many people and that if he had to do it again he still wouldn't change the formulas.

I admire my brother so much and I know all of his customers do too. We love him. He vows to fully recover and be back one day in the near future. I believe with all my heart that he will, hopefully sooner than later. Meanwhile over this past year I have become much closer to Jeff than ever before and I told him I will help get his remedies produced again so that all of his customers can feel better again, and so that he can guide me to getting his business back on track and better than ever before. 

I am doing this IndieGoGo campaign to ask you to please fund as much as you can. All funds raised will go immediately towards bringing back all of the "life-changing" natural remedies that so many people enjoyed for so many years. As soon as the funds are raised I will be getting 2 big batches of inventory for each remedy. This means that everybody who previously used the remedies up until recently will be able to get them again and not worry about them being out of stock. I will be using the funds to make sure there is always a batch of extra inventory for each remedy. I'd like to get the remedies manufactured and ready to ship to customers around Thanksgiving (2015).

Then with funds raised over the cost of the inventory we will use them to hire two full-time customer service employees and begin new advertising / growing the business again along with Jeff helping me as much as he can. Overall I am passionate alongside Jeff for this project to bring his "life-changing" pain and inflammation relief remedies back so you and everybody else can experience a pain-free life. I am dedicated alongside Jeff to this project so after we get enough inventory hopefully before Thanksgiving, then we will launch a new beautiful easy-to-use website and have one-day shipping. Overall I am dedicated to helping Jeff bring the remedies back and creating the easiest and fastest ordering/shipping/delivery system for all of his customers and all future customers.

Please help me help Jeff and everyone who loves his remedies, and everyone who uses the remedies for the first-time in the near future. We want to help more people than ever before become pain-free without drugs or surgery. We know Jeff's remedies "work". Here is more proof (and again these are just a very small handful of feedback from people):

“This is just to thank you for your amazing arthritis product...it is indeed amazing. My Dad was bedridden for years now and he could hardly walk. Am glad to say that he has shown incredible improvement with amazing arthritis relief premium. Thank you so much.” Ahmed Niyaz, San Diego, CA

“I had immense pain in my left hand, in my left foot making it hard walking, plus both of my knees. I am now pain free and I cannot believe the relief. This has to be the greatest item on the market. It truly is amazing. Thank you, Pat Ulam” Patricia Ulam, Carnegie  PA

"I bought Amazing Arthritis Relief for my mother. The pain is gone and she has done a complete turn around. She was really in tremendous pain and on daily pain pills. She is now pain free and doing fantastic. Thanks alot!!" Tamyra Jacobs, South Jordan, UT

"I have been trying several products, but this one helps the most."
Shirley Jones, Decatur, ID

“It really takes away the pain.” Jackie Boucher, North Hollywood, CA

“I have arthritis in my knee and when it acts up i take 2 capsules of the arthritis remedy and the pain goes away. I've tried alot of products, but nothing works this good. Totally amazed how well it works!!” Stefanie Maimone, Lawrenceville, GA

“The results are gratifying. Thank you.”Howard Iverson, New Port Richey FL

"Amazing Arthritis Relief has been just that - amazing arthritis relief."
Donna Prete, Cross River, NY

"I ordered the amazing arthritis pain relief for my husband. He had knee replacements in both knees. He was having a lot of pain and stiffness in the last knee replacement. I found your website and decided to order your product. With the money back guarantee I figured there was nothing to lose. After the first day of taking the pill his knees were better then they had been for a long time. He can walk for a long period of time without pain. The pill has taken down the swelling and made his knees a lot more flexible. Your product is a God send for us. Thank You." Mary Jane David, Mound, MN

“I used to suffer from arthritis pain in my foot and pain on the inside of my knees. No more. I can even sit on the sofa with my knees under me - something I haven't been able to do in years. Arthritis Relief did the trick.” Chicca D'Agostino, Hackensack, NJ

“Amazing arthritis has reduced the pain significantly. Thank you for creating a product that is completely safe.” Shirley Fleet, Blacksburg  VA

“This product has helped me very much. It relieves the pain in a very short time. Thank you, Jean.” Jean Groundwell, Apple Valley  CA

"Your arthritis relief is helping me and my doctor approved it's use that is why I am reordering. Great stuff." Beulah Johnson, Marysville, CA

“My wife had finger pains that have completely gone away since using the Arthritis Relief.” Gordon Swan, Honolulu, HI

“This product has made a big difference.” Erika Duarte, Victorville, CA

“It is surprisingly good!” 
Allan Jones, Gloucester, UK

“Back Relief Elite has been a great deal of help. I was very skeptical when I first ordered but now I am very happy to reordering. Thank you!” Dirk Vogel, Vacaville, CA

“My wife and I have gotten great results with your back pain relief elite.” 
David Leavitt, Tully, NY

“I am pain free now.”
Marvin Floyd, Tualatin, OR

“I have used Back Relief and it really works!”
Janet Carter, Stanton, AL

“I started using your product over a year ago and it really has helped me. I was in an automobile accident and was in so much pain, day and night, that my whole life seemed to change. It was amazing to me how fast your product started to help me. Now I can go longer and longer periods of time with no medicine at all.” 
Freda Warlick, LaGrange, GA

"This order is for my friend with spinal stenosis. It seems to be working and bringing her relief.” JoAnna Munzing, Swoyersville, PA

"I am on my second bottle of this product. I have found bending over has been less painful. I can do many things that I could not do before taking this product. I can even turn over in bed now with no pain.”
Gertrude Dennis, Haines City, FL

"We have ordered before and it helps. My pain is greatly relieved. Thank you very much.” Dale Parkhurst, Spartanburg, SC

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