BRIGHT Solar Lamp & Phone charger

This solar lamp and phone charger can improve the lives of millons living without electricity - and your camping trip!

The ultimate solar lamp and phone charger - for the world

BELL - in Norwegian Woods

BRIGHT Products is a start-up company on a mission to turn the world on to smart, simple and sustainable power solutions. Our first product - The BELL solar lamp and mobile phone charger can replace weak and polluting kerosene lamps in developing countries - but also serve the needs of campers and hikers across the world.

It has been developed over 3 years by K8 Industrial Design in Norway, and is already awarded with the International Design Award and as winner of the Common Pitch in Colorado US 2011.

The unique design lets you turn the product into a reading light, a ceiling light or a portable light - depending on what you need. It takes 8-10 hours of good sunlight to charge the batteries full. It can also be charged with a wall adaptor or 12V car adaptor. The light can be regulated from low (50 hours) to medium (8 hours) to high (4 hours). You can also use it to charge mobile phones, and on top of that the bell lampshade works as a great sound amplifier when you insert your mobile phone into it for music or radio.  It´s like the Swiss Army Knife of solar lamps!

Over the last 4 months we have travelled the world to test 10 prototypes. In the deep Norwegian woods and rural villages in Kenya, Tanzania and Bangladesh.  And people really love it! CARE Norway and CARE local field workers in Tanzania and Bangladesh has helped us out with the prototype testing. THANKS!


NOW we need your help to fund the production tools needed for mass production. The cost for this is $50.000.

Rural women of Bangladesh

By supporting our project you can contribute to improved education, health, income and prosperity of millions of people. Through our close collaboration with CARE Norway, we will reach out through women groups and local entrepreneurs for long term, sustainable distribution models in East Africa and Asia. Even if you just want one of the very first models for yourself, you will contribute to this goal.

«The lamps from Bright Products give poor women, who do not have access to ordinary electricity, the opportunity to study or work well after the sun has gone down. The fact that it can also be used as a flash light allows women to move more freely around after dark, without compromising their safety. We are excited about our partnership with Bright and the opportunities and improved quality of life these lamps bring to poor women and girls.» Torild Skogsholm - Country Director, CARE Norway

What We Need & What You Get

Up to this stage, we have funded the development, prototyping and travels with the help of families and friends. The next big investment is production tools for injection molding of all the plastic parts of the product. We have quoted this in both Europe and China, and our best bid at this stage is $50.000 for single cavity tools that will last for up to 1 million units produced. Tooling will start as soon as the funding is in place.

If you help us out - you can become one of the first in the world to get this amazing product. And if you wish to support our efforts to reach the people who need it the most - you can order products that will be distributed through our partnership with CARE. A global Non Governmental Organization, specializing in helping and empowering women.

IF YOU FIND THE PRICE A LITTLE HIGH considering the income level in parts of Africa and Asia, remember that this is a fundraising campaign for production tools and that future price in developing countries will be lower.

Proven impact for every Kerosene lamp replaced

Child doing homework after dark.

  • ONE kerosene lamp replaced with a BELL will have these positive effects:
  • BIG improvements in light quality for studies and work after 6 PM.
  • Increased time for studies and home businesses by 4-6 hours every day!
  • Reduction in toxic fumes from the kerosene lamp, equal to two packs of cigarettes a day for woman and children in a small hut.
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions of about 200-250 kg per year
  • Increased safety for the owner. Reduced fire hazard indoors. A portable light to be safe in traffic, against assaults/rape and from poison snakes.
  • Reduction in money spent on charging phones. To fully charge a phone in Africa will often cost USD 0,2 - 0,3. And charged phones really drive local economy!
  • Through our partnership with CARE Norway, we aim to support hundreds of local woman entrepreneurs with a "Solar Shop Start-up kit", making every donation support a sustainable, local way of building competence and distribution for solar energy.

If you just wish to buy one for yourself, it´s good to know that this will also help us in our ambitions to reach the whole world!

Help us share this with relevant connectors!

If you have a wide network, or know someone who does - PLEASE help us spread the word about our product and campaign. We will also be happy to receive tips and ideas about relevant communities, bloggers or media to contact directly to bring the story out to as many as possible. Big love and thanks!


We plan to launch different colors of the BELL lamp. Any preferences?

Team on This Campaign: